Report: Geno Smith visiting Seahawks

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Geno Smith already visited the Chargers. Now, the quarterback is on his way to Seattle, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports.

Smith, 27, made his only start in Week 13 last season, breaking Eli Manning‘s consecutive games played streak. Smith has not played anywhere other than New York in his career.

He spent four seasons with the Jets after they made him a second-round pick and last season with the Giants. Smith has played 35 games with 31 starts, going 12-19.

Smith has completed 57.9 percent of his passes for 6,174 yards with 29 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Russell Wilson is the only quarterback on Seattle’s roster after the Seahawks cut backup Trevone Boykin earlier this week.

18 responses to “Report: Geno Smith visiting Seahawks

  1. HARD PASS. I’d take any other QB who’s looking for a job right now, over Geno Smith. Give me Kaepernick, or Manziel, or re-signing Austin Davis before I’d take Geno Smith.

  2. Geno is like Bridgewater … The year they both were supposed to elevate/evaluated to Franchise, or Bust level, they both got derailed by injuries. I still think Teddy can be a Franchise QB. Glass Jaw Geno could be a really good backup (IMO).

  3. I would pass on Geno and look more at Kap or Manziel. Not that I want a distraction in locker, but one solid year as a quality backup and the team would have trade material. The upside is much higher by giving them a chance to show they should get another shot at a starting slot. If it doesn’t work out, you aren’t out much.

  4. Geno is a better passer than Kaep and J-Football.

    And no drama with Geno, as long as he doesn’t owe anyone any money.
    Even if Our Earth were truly flat, it still would not be an issue.

  5. There’s no reason for the Seahawks to spend ANY money on a backup QB.
    The Seahawks’ offensive roster is so weak that if Russel Wilson goes down, their season is over. They should simply draft a QB in the last couple of rounds or sign an UDFA and give him the backup role.

  6. When will Geno recognize his true calling as a Martin Lawrence impersonator touring with Sinbad to low-level clubs across the country? At least he will be used to being booed

  7. He is going to end Russell Wilson’s streak of consecutive games next, in 2018, and not because there is any problem with Wilson’s health. LOL

  8. Geno makes a perfect backup: he is experienced, still young and has a live arm. he is mobile. he has actually won games in this league.

    Thank God for Pete Carroll. He is not a racist.

  9. geno has the arm..his problem is he holds onto the ball too long…that’s fixable…id take a flyer on him.

  10. John Schneider/Pete Carroll seem to have lost their minds. Their free agent/draft moves over the last couple of years are all over the place. Seeing they have had very little success in player acquisition in that time, could anyone actually argue against that?

  11. Snide and Petey signed Luke Joeckel for $8 million for 1 year. What a move! In order to afford Joeckel, they dumped Steven Hauschka and signed Blair Walsh to save cap space. Do these moves prove that Petey and Snide have lost their minds? Probably not. Trading Michael Bennett for a draft pick and a backup wide receiver is perhaps more evidence they have lost their minds. Renting Sheldon Richardson for 1 year by trading Jermaine Kearse and a draft pick for him may be further evidence they have gone nuts.

  12. Signing Eddie Lacey to a contract, making Lacey lose weight, while releasing Beat Mode are two more bad moves for Petey and Snide.

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