Report: Odell Beckham told two Rams players he wants to play with them

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If the Giants trade wide receiver Odell Beckham to the Rams, he’ll be happy about it.

That’s the word from the New York Daily News, which reports that Beckham told two Rams players he wants in.

A key element of a Beckham trade would be an assurance to the team trading for him that he wants to go. Although Beckham can’t block a trade, he has made noises about holding out for a new contract, and any team trading for him would want either to work out a new contract, or at least for Beckham to vow that he’ll show up to work on the last year of his rookie contract while they continue to work toward an extension.

So what would it take for Beckham to become a Ram? It seems unlikely that the Rams would give up two first-round picks, as the Giants are reportedly demanding, but it’s possible they’d give up their first-round pick this year and something more. If Beckham wants to go, the Giants want to build for the future and the Rams want to put together a roster that can win the Super Bowl, that trade could make sense.

75 responses to “Report: Odell Beckham told two Rams players he wants to play with them

  1. As an Eagles fan, this does not make me happy . Our division rival will make the smart choice in getting rid of this basket case and our biggest competition will add another elite talent .

  2. I’m surprised he’d be so eager to leave Greenwich Village so soon. Must be going through a bad breakup. Oh well the boys in West Hollywood will help him get over it.

  3. They can have the Slide Show Bob look-a-like side show. The sooner he is gone, the quicker we can get back to football around here.

  4. Oddly enough, the Rams have a crap load of salary cap left to make this move happen…

  5. I don’t even consider him if I’m a GM. When a guy says that he wants to be paid more than anyone else in the league, it’s no longer about the money to him; it’s about the need for others to reassure his fragile ego. That same ego that will (and already has) caused issues on and off the field–and will eventually tear apart a locker room. Be very wary, LA.

  6. The Rams are playing with fire. They’ve put together a lot of talented players but many come with big personalities. Team chemistry is difficult to predict but this thing could blow up on them.

  7. That would be amazing if he goes to the Rams. It would help the Rams to be the main event in a town with heavy competition. Those are some huge marquee names and no other team wants to see it especially the Eagles.Im a Dolphin fan I say go for it Rams. Pull the trigger. Put that fear in the whole NFC!!

  8. Why Wouldn’t the Rams give up 2 first round picks for OBJ …they get OBJ with the 23rd pick in the draft and next years #1 round pick as compensation …it’s a no brainier years #1 will probably be around 28-32 ..You do that deal in a heart beat.

  9. yg2091

    How EXACTLY are the Rams your “Biggest competition”?

    Not in your division
    Didn’t meet you in playoffs
    Lost in 1st Round of playoffs

  10. I would take Michael Bennett any day of the week and twice on Sundays over this guy at this point !

  11. As a niner’s fan I’d say it’s a sobering move for this season but long term a promising one. It will mean the RAMS are one of ‘those’ teams. They’ll be scary good but that locker room and their salary cap will both blow the whole thing up.

  12. Someone tell the man-child that he doesn’t get to decide where he gets traded. That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.

  13. That’s cute that he wants to play with his buddies.

    This would destroy Goff and the Rams aren’t that dumb.

    There’s no WR these days worth a number 1 as proven by the last several Super Bowls.

  14. Why would anyone trade for him? Two first round picks? That’s selling the farm for someone with major character issues and someone who is coming off of a major injury. Not only that he might be suspended for drug use.

    If New York wants to get rid of this guy, and they should, they need to lower the asking price.

  15. Beyond this year how are the Rams going to be able to afford him and still pay Donald, Gurley and Goff? Probably Peters too.

  16. What would a team give for a WR coming off a major injury, having his attitude, along with “Johnny Football-Ish” Pictures of Coke and Garden tools? ……….. ………….. …………… a 3rd rounder?

  17. As an Eagles fan, this does not make me happy . Our division rival will make the smart choice in getting rid of this basket case and our biggest competition will add another elite talent .

    Biggest competition?? That’s laughable, the Vikes will over take you this year.

  18. wow, his mind has already left the Giants, time to cut bait Gettleman, maybe the Rams can send you a set of new white teeth included in the trade.

  19. I hope that these Rams players realize that along with the talent comes the drama queen diva behavior and the off-field issues. Good luck with all of that…he will destroy the locker room in no time.

  20. He can kiss that dream goodbye, after signing Suh and Aaron Donald about to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL they simply will not have the cap space nor want to give up 2 #1s.

  21. .
    The Rams and Giants could do a deal with Beckham and Aaron Donald as principlals. We know from history that Gettleman likes DTs. And Beckham might be better off with a fresh start elsewhere.

  22. This is like middle school gossip. Odell said he likes you. Oooh, will he talk to me at recess? Give it a rest. Players say stuff all the time and they are less likely to keep their word than the team GMs are. Didn’t Suh say he would play in Philly for free? See how that worked out the second he was released?

  23. If the Rams pull this off, I’d imagine it would make them the odds on favorite to win the super bowl. However, as an eagles fan myself, I can tell you that you can’t buy super bowls. It’s not just about buying talent. Team chemistry matters. Having the right kind of locker room, the right kind of culture, matters. I hope the Rams do land him. It weakens a division rivals offense yet at the same time adds a cancer to a potential playoff opponent. Good luck to ya LA, but I’ve seen this movie before…

  24. @jam11163,

    “Thank god he’s not in philly’s locker room.”

    Right, because Philly doesn’t need another headache WR (see:MeSean Jackson), and Philly already has its hands full with Mr. class himself, Michael Bennett.

    Most other fanbase’s have said the same thing as you about Beckham, but it is looking more likely that he does get traded. A change of coast won’t change the antics or immaturity he displays. He is very talented, yes, but at what point is it too much of a distraction?

  25. Stu Bidaciou says:
    March 29, 2018 at 5:40 am
    OBJ on a one year prove it deal would be a great trade. If the rams bite they are favorites going into next year.


    The Eagles are the reigning champs. Until proven otherwise on the football field they should and will remain the favorites.

  26. As an Eagles fan I’m hoping Odell stays in NY and continues to distract them.

    Meanwhile, the Rams are really assembling Dream Team 2018. All that talent on paper and just praying all the personalities mesh.

  27. nfcleast says:
    March 29, 2018 at 9:51 am
    As an Eagles fan I’m hoping Odell stays in NY and continues to distract them.

    Meanwhile, the Rams are really assembling Dream Team 2018. All that talent on paper and just praying all the personalities mesh.

    As an Eagles fan, you better relish the fluke that was 2017, because you will be clinging to it for years to come.

    Odell doesn’t “distract” anything or anyone. Just because the media says it does not make it so.

  28. Any Giants fans who are saying good riddance must not have watched that hot mess last year without Odell. He is the only player on the roster who makes the Giants offense the least bit scary. If you want to start over without him you are looking at 2-3 years of 2-14, and maybe THEN you can get back to Giants football…

  29. Wow, he told Rams players he wants to play with them but doesn’t express wanting to play with his best friend Jarvis in Cleveland. Guess they aint as close as Jarvis thinks. Lmao…

  30. I don’t see how things go a whole lot better for him somewhere else. Unless the Rams or some other team totally lose their minds and pay him whatever ridiculous amount he thinks he deserves he still will feel underpaid and he will still be prone to the emotional meltdowns he has become known for. None of his issues seem to be Giants-centric so they’ll follow him wherever he goes.

  31. They have the cap room even after all the moves they made. If whiteworth retires it frees up another huge chunk of cash.

    The nice thing about being horrible since 2002 is that none of your players are good and none have huge contracts. So the rams are just finally spending money. Just like the jags. Soon to be the browns. Eventually, you’ll get good if you spend the money. Then you’ll be in cap hell and have no young talent ready to replace the old guys or guys you can’t afford.

  32. The Rams are hosting the Super Bowl in 2020. They want to win and be the first team to win in their home stadium. That said, would be fools to make this trade. To blow that much of the cap on a WR is foolish. They are not building for the future, but to be a flash in the pan, win now. They’ll be in cap hell in 4-5 years.

  33. Please, oh please somebody give the Giants ‘The Herschel Walker’ trade 2.0. Gettlemen, although I think he is saying to much to the media is doing the right thing. If you can get the kings ransom for Beckham and build a multi-Super Bowl dynasty with the return than by all means take the calls!

  34. nannymcsack says:
    March 29, 2018 at 12:25 pm
    4 catches on 7 targets for 28 yards in his lone playoff game. seems legit.

    Jerry Rice’s first three playoff games (all losses)
    4 rec, 45 yds
    3 rec, 48 yds
    3 rec, 28 yds

    And Rice didn’t even take a boat trip with rappers before those games.

  35. goodellhasabutthamster says:
    March 29, 2018 at 5:48 am
    Does he want to play for free? They’ve got no cap space.
    Do your homework before commenting. They have over 20 million in cap space.

  36. This is happening people…hate it or love it. I happen to love it, because I think it can better both teams, in the short and long term. And faces in new places keeps the league interesting and intriguing from season to season.

    Idc who you are or how you think this will all play out in LA w/ Peters, Talib, Suh and now likely, OBJ (quite the collection of attitudes, and it’s a double-edged sword w/ pros and cons to it)…but if you love the NFL (you’re here so I assume you do)…how could you not wanna watch??

    Whether you’re a fan of an NFC West division rival and hope this goes up in flames…or a fan who strongly dislikes one of those players (used to play for your favorite team’s rival, used to play for your fav team but now you salty, you don’t like their swag, or “look of em”[dog whistle!], or their “big mouth”, “immaturity” or “dirty play”, whatever) who believe/hope it implodes.

    Or just an impartial observer who’d love to see it be a smashing success OR a complete train wreck, like me.

    We’ll be watching with rapt attention and bated breath. And so will the 2nd largest media market in the U.S.

  37. “Mr. Wright 212 says:

    March 29, 2018 at 10:10 am

    Eagles win ONE Super Bowl and their fans act like they are one of the teams who have won four or more.


    WTF are you talking about? Eagles fans are just happy their team won the super bowl. Most of the comments in here from them has been about being afraid of the Rams. What is it like living in your world of bitterness? What a sad and pathetic little man you are.

  38. LOL Giants win 4 SBs and act like 3 of them werent because the other team sh!t the bed.

    Mr. Wright – turn that frown upside down. A little touch of butthurt in your rebuttal. No matter whatever you say the Eagles are the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS.

  39. Clara fans now chime in on every conversation like they are super bowl contenders again. It’s unreal how some media love like a grain of sand turns into a pearl within 6 months.

  40. If there was no salary cap who would be the big spenders.
    Dallas would probably top the list.
    It all depends on the extra revenue each team generates. The money over and above the shared National Broadcast revenue.
    In GB they are developing property (40 acres) across from Lambeau Field.
    Hotels, Condos, Restaurants, a Sports Medicine Center, Public Recreation Areas, etc.
    And more to come. It's only about 1/3rd completed. All Packers money, no public funds.
    That's what it's going to take along with endorsement and sports apparel monies.

  41. Someday when OBJ grows up he’s going to realize what an idiot he’s made of himself and the distractions he’s caused that has hurt his career goals and teammates.

  42. Jerry Rice’s first three playoff games (all losses)
    4 rec, 45 yds
    3 rec, 48 yds
    3 rec, 28 yds

    And Rice didn’t even take a boat trip with rappers before those games.


    Jerry Rice wasn’t asking to be the highest paid player in the league before his rookie deal was up.

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