Report: Texans, Jadeveon Clowney making progress toward an extension

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Texans pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney is heading into the final year of his rookie contract, with a salary this season of $12.3 million. But even that salary may be dwarfed by what Clowney will make soon.

Clowney and the Texans are making a lot of progress on negotiations for what’s described as “a mega-extension,” according to Albert Breer of

The first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Clowney got off to a slow start but is coming off the best year of his career. He started all 16 games last season and had a career-high 9.5 sacks. Clowney just turned 25 years old and is entering his prime, and he could become one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL.

Two first-round picks from 2014, Blake Bortles and Mike Evans, have already signed contract extensions. Clowney is among several members of that draft class who could sign big contracts this offseason. Others include Khalil Mack, Taylor Lewan, Odell Beckham and Aaron Donald.

15 responses to “Report: Texans, Jadeveon Clowney making progress toward an extension

  1. He has one of the greatest college football highlights of all-time. You know the one I’m talking about. That poor running-back.

  2. They’ll give him big publicity money. if Watt comes back healthy Clowney will go back to Outside LB and be totally unproductive like his first two years. Reminds me of when they moved Mario WIlliams to OLB… totally LOST!!!!!!!!

  3. There is no way I would sign Clowney to a Mega-Deal as he has YET TO PROVE HE IS WORTH IT. Last year he posted A CAREER HIGH 9.5 sacks, the year before that he had just 6.0 sacks & to top it off he’s already had micro-fracture surgery on his knee which is a big time red flag. Clowney just hasn’t shown he is worth elite caliber OLB/DE money, he doesn’t get home to the QB enough to warrant that type money. Clowney has unreal explosion off the snap & an unreal first step but that doesn’t much when you still haven’t hit 10.0 sacks in a season as a former #1 overall pick, I were the Texans I’d let him walk I would not pay him. Guys like Elite All-Pro Chandler Jones who lead the NFL in sacks (17.0) and TFL’s (28) in 2017 and leads NFL in sacks since 2013 along with Elite All-Pro Von Miller are both worth the market re-defining money they make because they show up on Sunday’s, Clowney does not.

  4. No doubt about his talent, but the Texans better take out a mega insurance policy too. He’s fragile and they are also paying Watt big $$$$.

  5. This dude is know for one hit in college. Has never lived up to the #1 pick.
    Please H-town don’t do it.

  6. He’s totally worth it. He has been a force for us over the past two seasons, and is well deserving of the money he is about to make. To put up those statistics last season, with how many injuries we had on our defense, was incredible. I was in Seattle to watch the Seahawks game and he was the only one we had that was making any plays on defense, and this was despite being double-teamed for most of the game.

    He’s definitely one of the cornerstones of our team and is deserving of his money.

  7. What a dumb decision for the Texans to draft a DE when they had the worst record because their starting quarterback melt down, and none of their other quarterbacks played well. They had to trade up to finally pick a quarterback in the first round last season. Now they are stuck with a player who had one more sack than Michael Bennett last season but he will be paid at least twice as much as Bennett is paid this season.

  8. I hope Clowney continues to improve and reaches his full potential – which athletically seems unlimited.

    That being said those who keep acting like that hit ( where he was COMPLETELY UNBLOCKED on the play) proved that he was a superstar are total dummies.

  9. I’m sure he does a ton of immeasurable’s that stat sheets will never show. How he might open up things for other guys, garnering dbl teams, pressures and hurries, maybe flexibility to lineup anywhere. I think in the end fans prefer to see those sexy sack and tackles for loss stats.

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