Shaquem Griffin invited to the draft, plans to attend

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Initially, the football-industrial complex didn’t know if Shaquem Griffin was good enough to be worth an invite to the Scouting Combine.

Now, the NFL has realized he’s certainly a good draw, and has made up for that mistake.

According to Albert Breer of, Griffin has been invited to the 2018 NFL Draft and plans to attend.

The Central Florida linebacker was already one of the best stories in this year’s talent pool, after he overcame a birth defect which cost him a hand to become one of the top players in college football.

But after initially not getting an invite to Indianapolis, he proceeded to take the combine by storm. He registered 20 repetitions of the 225-pound bench press (again, with one hand), and ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash.

His ability to overcome obstacles has made him an inspiration to many, and having him around the draft broadcast will benefit the league, as the NFL works to highlight such stories (for their own ratings, as well as the greater good of society which is of course their first priority).

28 responses to “Shaquem Griffin invited to the draft, plans to attend

  1. The greater good of society? Does there come a point where special treatment is looked down upon?

    If he is supposed to go in the 1st or 2nd round, he would fit the tradition of attending. If not, it would be special treatment.

  2. Ballsy move for someone who plays out as a Special Teamer and is highly likely to go undrafted. Wish him luck though. Dude’s got heart for sure.

  3. I hope the Vikings take him in the first round with the 30th overall pick!

  4. albanyhawker says:
    March 29, 2018 at 3:45 pm
    Ballsy move for someone who plays out as a Special Teamer and is highly likely to go undrafted. Wish him luck though. Dude’s got heart for sure.

    Players are only invited to the draft if they are graded in the first two rounds. He’s definitely not going undrafted lol

  5. Quietly strikes down the game altering rule of eliminating the helmet from game action……follow it up with a cute feel good story of having Griffith be the on camera darling for this new safe flag football league at the draft. Wish we could look ahead 10 years and see just how far this league will soon drop off and if the dreaded NBA will be more popular by 2028.

  6. Whatever he’s worth as a player (I’m hearing 5th-6th), I’d draft him one round earlier. He’ll bring locker room presence, he’ll sell jerseys, he’ll be great in the community, and I honestly think he’s far more than a special teamer. I wouldn’t be upset if my team got him in the 2nd or 3rd.

    All that said, I hope he’s not sitting there day one with cameras on him. I don’t see anyone taking him day 1.

  7. I hope my team takes him, not because of his heart or story but because he’s faster and a better tackler then most of the LBs on the squad.

  8. I gotta look up that video of him lifting with one hand. That had to be one heck of a balancing with the bar. Then to lift it that many times is amazing.

  9. Dude ran a 4.38… Not many folks in the world can do that. And he did it at 225lbs. Even more rare.

    He pushed 2 plates a side, 20 times – that is the equivalent of a 400lb max bench. And with one hand.


    Oh, and he was actually a great College player. Team’s take flyers on players all the time, why not him?

  10. After a lot of off-field turmoil, Jerry Jones should grab this guy to learn under Sean Lee. A heart that size deserves grooming, and I believe the man can play!

  11. You just can’t help yourself from rooting on this guy. He could open the world to a lot of players dreams that believe they are limited (insert reason) in some way. He is only a gold jacket,a book, or a movie away from being considered a legendary inspiration.

    He could eclipse Blind Side. I want him on my team.

  12. Inviting him to the Draft to create more buzz and attempt to gain more viewers is BS. If he gets drafted in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round I’ll eat my words, but I believe it’s highly unlikely that he shoots up the draft boards from his original 5th-7th round projection. So to force this kid who has worked unbelievably hard to get where he’s at to sit through those first three rounds without hearing his name called is a garbage move by NFL Network, FOX & ESPN. The Green room has embarrassed many players over the years, enough so that you would assume they’d axe it entirely.
    I guess not.

  13. I am an amputee. Lost my leg to cancer. I love this kid. My wife and kids watched stories on him and they love him too. But….we want him to make it on the merits, nothing less.

    I can tell you with confidence there is an entire community of amputees who want him to be a good pro to remind everyone that the amputation can’t stop you from living the life you want. Let me tell you, the physical issues associated with amputation was the easy part. The mental issues are the hard part. His success will help MANY, MANY others deal with the mental aspect of losing a limb.

  14. I hope the NFL has a good idea of where he is being drafted otherwise this story could turn sour and have people start pointing fingers. Wish the kid the best but the NFL is tough for guys with his ability and two hands.

  15. Personally, I hope my team The Saints draft him. A linebacker who can cover a receiver is something where we were deficient

  16. Just watched the video with Griffin used a prosthetic hand, not one-handed during the bench press. Very impressive! He will surprise the whole world with his awesome skill set

  17. JPP basically plays with one hand after blowing off his fingers. And he is making good money. This kid will be a steal for anyone who takes him.

  18. So happy for him, he deserves it. With a 4.38 40 and a motor that never stops, he should be there.

  19. Love his heart and story, but got a feeling he is only being used by the network.

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