Andy Reid: A year with Alex Smith will help Patrick Mahomes greatly

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Alex Smith is gone and Patrick Mahomes takes over as the quarterback in Kansas City, after one year of Mahomes sitting on the bench. That time waiting, watching, and learning could be very useful to Mahomes.

“Patrick couldn’t have paid Alex Smith enough to have been in that room with him,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid told PFT Live during the league meetings in Orlando. “The amount of knowledge that he absorbed last year, not so much the X’s and O’s, but how you go about your day-to-day business. I think we’ll allow Patrick to take a step forward this year. Greater than what he would’ve coming in just as a rookie and playing. We’re not going to cut back a bunch. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re going to start off where we left off and expect him to jump in and go.”

The expectations will be high for Mahomes as a first-year starter, even as he remains a work in progress.

“I’m going to teach him,” Reid said. “That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to do that. We did that with Alex. And then expect him to go out and be himself. He’ll do it different than Alex, just like Alex did it different than the other guys that have been in the offense. They all put their personality on it. . . . . We’re teachers. But the expectations are always high. He’s coming into a situation where it’s not a losing franchise right now or a losing situation. It’s a team that expects to continue to win and do well. That’s where the pressure will come in and then the pressure that he puts on himself to be great. That’s one thing we love about him is that that’s what he strives to be.”

It was clear last April when the Chiefs moved from No. 27 to No. 10 in order to get Mahomes that the Chiefs view Mahomes as the future. The future is definitely right now for Mahomes, and the Chiefs could end up having an even better offense in 2018 than they had in 2017.

13 responses to “Andy Reid: A year with Alex Smith will help Patrick Mahomes greatly

  1. Ya, right, Andy “taught” Alex Smith everything he knows, even though Alex came to the team as a proven 30 year old vet coming off a couple of great seasons under Jim Harbough and was a former first overall draft pick. Maybe he didn’t notice that Alex had ear buds in when Reid was imparting all that precious wisdom to him.

  2. If more rookie QBs were given the time to learn and adjust to the game at this level I think there would be a lot more franchise quality QB’s out there. If Mahomes is as talented as everyone says, and he’s capable of making some of those crazy good throws on a regular basis like he did against Denver, he could really be something special. Smith is a great QB and the Skins should be happy to have him. Mahomes learning from a guy like him is only good. To many young guys are thrown in the fire right out of school and very few make it out the other end.

  3. Brady sat behind Bledsoe for a year and couple games. Rodgers behind Favre for 3 or 4 years. It’s probably not a bad strategy.

    On the flip side, Manning was thrown to the wolves and look his stats up…he was HORRENDOUS in the early years. He obviously turned into a HOF because he’s Payton Manning, but many QBs couldn’t have survived struggling badly on a terrible team.

    Even Jimmy G. Sat behind TB for 3 1/2 years, learned from him and BB. You telling me he’s not more prepared than the very best option out of college? Don’t be shocked when this kid drags an average 49ers team to 10-6 or 11-5 this year.

  4. Mahomes is Reid’s job security blanket, now he has basically a rookie QB, that he has to teach, mold etc. So he can teach him how to choke in the playoffs, this will extend Andy’s career a few more years, and he will continue to be overpaid.

  5. What really matters is how quickly a guy learns to read defenses. It’s about knowing what those 11 defenders are going to do once the ball is snapped, and how they’re going to react to what you’re about to do. It’s about learning the skills of the opposing defenders. It’s easy to learn your own offensive system and look good running it in practice, but it takes experience to learn about reading defenses. Then you have to keep making adjustments as defenses try to trick you and disguise the coverages, etc. It takes a lot of film study and time. When you join a team with a good defense, you get to learn these things with a lot less pressure. When you get behind early, you’re facing a lot more blitzes, and the defense pretty much knows what you’re going to do. When your team is ahead or the score is close, then the defense has to react to you. You don’t have to force balls. So once Mahomes learns to read defenses, then his other talents will kick in and help take the Chiefs to a level they couldn’t reach with Alex Smith. So I guess Brady probably learned a lot from Drew Bledsoe, and Montana learned from Steve DeBerg, but they had to learn how to win from themselves. The Chiefs are hoping Alex Smith goes down in history beside Bledsoe and DeBerg.

  6. Andy took a 2-14 team and transformed them in a perennial playoff team. 4 of 5 years in the playoffs for the Chiefs and absolutely man handling the AFC West.

    Now the 1-5 playoff record sucks, should be 3-5 with those 2 losses where they were up 20, but it’s still light years better than going 2-14 or having just one winning season in 15 years… Right Raiders?

  7. Andy Reid is great at developing and getting the most out of Quarterbacks and if he feels Mahomes is ready then Chiefs fans should trust him on it. Andy Reid is the best coach the Chiefs organization has had since the days of Super Bowl IV so you should be grateful. As an Eagles fan I was always grateful for Reid and was overjoyed when the Eagles hired a Reid disciple in Doug Pederson. The usual malcontents complained but the Eagles just won the Super Bowl and they all act like they loved Pederson all along!

  8. Andy Reid, whom I respect, earned even more respect from me in the handling of the Alex Smith trade. He could have gotten more for him but only traded him to a team that was also willing to offer Smith an extension. Respect for looking out for your guys.

  9. Another brilliant take from joetoronto. Joe, pray tell, what makes Mahomes an airhead? But then again, most of your takes are all crap.

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