Lawyer: Michael Bennett will plead not guilty

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The felony charge on which Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett has been indicted means that, absent a dismissal of the case or a plea deal, Bennett will stand trial. Not surprisingly, Bennett’s lawyer says that, if there’s a trial, Bennett won’t be admitting to anything.

“The only two possible outcomes for this case is the DA’s office [saying] they don’t have a case and dismissing, or a trial — one or the other,” Rusty Hardin said, via “If and whenever they ask for a plea, it will be not guilty.”

Of course it will be not guilty. There are two options when it’s time to enter a plea, as Vincent LaGuardia Gambini learned the hard way. If Bennett claims he didn’t do it, he’ll plead not guilty.

Bennett’s next court appearance comes on April 23. Hardin doesn’t anticipate an arraignment at that time.

The former Seahawk, traded to Philadelphia earlier this month, faces up to 10 years in prison for intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury to a person 65 years or older. Bennett allegedly shoved an elderly woman while trying to get to the field after Super Bowl LI in Houston. She claims to have suffered a shoulder injury.

Both the Seahawks and Eagles contend they didn’t know about the situation before last Friday, when the indictment occurred. It’s unclear whether Bennett knew he was facing this type of scrutiny before being indicted; if so, he may have separately violated the Personal Conduct Policy by failing to disclose the situation to the Seahawks or the NFL sooner.

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  1. I’m not an attorney but I thought th defendant had to enter a plea at the bond hearing when the judge reads the charges to the defendant. Thanks for any clarity on that

  2. The pundits always recite the maximum sentence possible whenever with somebody is charged with a crime. They almost always omit mentioning that the charge very likely carries a significantly lesser sentence even if convicted or pleads guilty, and no sentence whatsoever if acquitted.

  3. Blatant money grab. There will be a civil trial & Bennet will have to pay Hardin twice and this lady who’s looking to retire once. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems Michael….SMH.

  4. I wonder if the alleged victim was an hired by the NFL to work in the Super Bowl, or whether she was an employee of the stadium or the Texans. It is weird that a 65 year old paraplegic woman would work as stadium security. How could she stop anyone from getting onto the field if her arms are paralyzed? Weird to the max.

  5. eljefedelmundo says:

    Leave Mike alone. Hes one of the good guys
    suuuuuuuuuuure he is…………..NOT!

  6. He didn’t plow that old lady on purpose. He did it on accident when he was running from the police who were after him only because he’s a black guy.

  7. This whole thing is based on hearsay unless you have video footage of the most heavily filmed event of the year. I mean if true he should have been charged 14 months ago. It’s not like NFL players are protected. Things get leaked within hours. Sealed files are even leaked. The timeline makes no sense other than to show how incompetent that police department is.

  8. This case needs to be moved to a different jurisdiction. There seems to be a lot of biased comments made already by the local people in power there. No way he gets a fair trial there if it comes to that.

  9. There have been cases, like the Duke LaCrosse Players, where the accused were innocent. The media convicted those guys right out of the box. Maybe it’s a case of mistaken identity. Maybe there’s a political agenda. The burden of proof is on the prosecutor and Bennett’s attorney seems convinced he’s innocent.

  10. That 43 score was a different michael bennett from the 2015 NFL draft.

    therealtrenches says:
    March 30, 2018 at 8:36 pm
    crappygovernment says:
    March 30, 2018 at 5:28 pm
    What were Michael Bennett and Malcolm Jenkins Wonderlic scores?


    Jenkins: 23
    Bennett: 43

  11. I think the point of the attorney’s comment was to state the Bennett would not be agreeable to a plea deal on lesser charges. His point was that the DA could drop the charges or move forward with an arrangement hearing, but that Bennett wasn’t going to admit to any guilt, even for a lesser charge.

  12. @ – omeimontis says:
    March 30, 2018 at 4:26 pm
    “. . . How could she stop anyone from getting onto the field if her arms are paralyzed? Weird to the max.”

    A paraplegic typically has lost movement in their lower body and has two (para = 2) paralyzed limbs. What you would be referencing is a quadriplegic which would be arms and legs (quad = 4).

  13. I am not a Bennett fan by any means, but please some of you trolls need to stop acting like a person is guilty before proven so. This story has more holes then Swiss cheese, and listening to that press conference with all the personal attacks on Mike’s character struck me as very unprofessional and immediately made me doubt Mike’s guilt. I need to see proof because it seems like this whole thing is personal.

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