Todd Gurley’s comments about Odell Beckham aren’t tampering

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With Rams running back Todd Gurley making known his desire to see Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. come to L.A., some are suggesting that Gurley has committed tampering. He hasn’t.

“Not an issue here with a player saying he’d like to play with another player,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email.

The tampering rule simply doesn’t apply to players. Unless a player is actively recruited by the club to become a “third-party intermediary” under Section 3(b)(10) of the anti-tampering policy, the player can say or do anything when it comes to privately or publicly recruiting a player under contract with another team.

So Gurley can say whatever he wants, as can any player with the Rams or any other team. And the things being said by players throughout the league will surely continue, until the Giants sign Beckham to a long-term deal.

7 responses to “Todd Gurley’s comments about Odell Beckham aren’t tampering

  1. Odell Beckham Jr. coming to LA would be ‘another nail in the coffin’ for the Chargers attempt to build a fan base there. The Rams have already got LA locked up with a winning organization, a history with LA and a newly owned stadium in the mix. Any residual fans in LA are Raider Nation and they won’t be coming to see games in Carson. The Chargers have a mountain to climb.

  2. OBJ isn’t going anywhere.
    Maybe not this year, but whether he leaves will eventually be his choice unless the Giants move him first. Do they want a year of disgruntled Beckham and a third round comp pick, or a first rounder and another piece before then?

  3. … something something something Spanos is a bad owner. A good example of a bad example. Are we supposed to watch the Charger lose it up for the next 10 years to build a deck of dreams (Draft Picks) only to be mediocre? If I was ol’Phil Rivers, I would sue Spanos for defamation. That kid coulda been a household name….

  4. .
    there is way too much whining about Odell, yall need to cut ties with your momma.
    every single player loves Odell. so what exactly is the problem?
    Watching Hard Knocks you see players mention him, you see kids mention him all idolizing him… so what exactly is the problem?
    yall whine too much. worse than Odell.

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