Mike Singletary gets a new head-coaching job, at a high school

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The Alliance of American Football could hire Mike Singletary to coach one of its teams in 2019. Until then, Singletary will be coaching at a much lower level of the sport.

Via multiple reports the Hall of Fame linebacker has become the head coach at Trinity Christian-Addison, a private school located in a suburb of Dallas.

Trinity Christian-Addison has played in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools state championship game 13 times. In the past five years, however, the program has slumped to 26-32.

It’s a significant step back for Singletary, who got into coaching more than a decade after his playing career ended, quickly became head coach of the 49ers, and flamed out even more quickly. He spent three years as an assistant with the Vikings and one as an assistant with the Rams before being out of football in 2017.

Singletary compiled a record of 18-22 during his time as head coach of the 49ers, before being fired during the 2010 season.

38 responses to “Mike Singletary gets a new head-coaching job, at a high school

  1. Might be a step back, but I’m sure he’s set for life. Probably wants to get back to coaching without all the other drama and bs that goes with it.

  2. He was part of one of my favorite non field memories. Watching Vernon Davis become a Diva, and then watching Singletary, bench then send him to the showers, DURING THE GAME… Davis got his head right after that. I think alot of the success Harb’s had, had some thing to do with the discipline instilled by Sing.

  3. I’m sure a lot of parents are thinking of moving into a new school zone just so their kid can be coached by a HoF player

  4. Well, if he drops trou now, he’ll be going to jail.

    There is something weird about hiring such a guy to be the coach of kids.

  5. This is a big get for Addison, and I have an office close by, will for sure check out some of their games this upcoming season. Singletary will have those boys in shape and ready.

  6. I guess a cynic obsessed with the NFL could criticize this as a big step back, but I choose to see it as a guy without a financial care in the world doing what he loves for virtually nothing.

    Good for him

  7. He will probably enjoy it more. Ask Mike Sherman about getting back to the purity of the sport. Although some of these H.S. aren’t far off being professionals.

  8. He did okay until he fired Mike Martz, instituted a run-oriented offense that ran almost exclusively on first and second down. It was easy to defend against because it was so predictable. His offense so overworked Frank Gore that Gore could not finish the season. He changed quarterbacks and offensive coordinators but the real problem was his offensive scheme. It was truly offensive and dull.

  9. Well he ain’t doing it for the paycheck that is for sure…good for him…he is teaching young kids the game of football. Congrats…

  10. Yeah I don’t look at it as a step back. We’re so consumed with titles and money that we forget some people actually do this for the love of the game. If he is doing this for the love of the game, I wish him nothing but the best. There’s a lot of reasons why he didn’t do well in San Fran, and not all of it was due to him. If he’s teaching kids the love of football? I am all in. Good luck Coach!

  11. Well good luck Mike Singletary. That stated I’m sure the parents of the H.S. Students feel better about having Security Surveillance Cameras in the locker room in case Coach Singletary still uses unconventional symbolic means to make his educational points. Keep your pants up Mike and things should work out.

  12. Singletary couldn’t head coach his way out of a wet paper bag.
    The guy had no clue in SF
    Texas high school football is more intense than his Niners gig.
    Good luck to him.

  13. Notice how often these comments attack black players and coaches? Mike Singletary is a HOF. He was clearly one of the best LB’s the NFL has ever seen. Show some respect. Clearly these commenters don’t respect former players.

  14. skawh says:
    March 31, 2018 at 7:38 pm
    Notice how often these comments attack black players and coaches? Mike Singletary is a HOF. He was clearly one of the best LB’s the NFL has ever seen. Show some respect. Clearly these commenters don’t respect former players.
    Look, the majority of players happen to be black and EVERY coach is criticized. You almost exclusively post comments with a racial angle as the main point and that tells people that you view race as an important factor in EVERYTHING. You know who else sees race as vastly important? Racists.

  15. Samurai Mike the guy who invented: “All day!” As in “I’ll be here all day, baby”. And who can forget, “This is my kind of party!”

  16. Love this guy. A true NFL warrior. To bad today’s NFL doesn’t have anybody left like Mike.

  17. Singletary was overmatched as an NFL head coach, I think that’s pretty obvious. So what? It’s not an easy job. These kids will benefit from his teaching and hopefully will retain some of the life lessons he will teach.

  18. Singletary is a good guy and he knows football. He’s actually such a good human being, he should be around younger men who he can help mentor. Most people have never been around a guy who cares about them as much as Singletary will. Mike got involved with that San Francisco franchise that was in complete disarray. Jed had no idea which end was up, and Baalke took advantage of that lack of knowledge. Harbaugh was able to go in there and have some degree of success, but as soon as their stadium deal was signed, they stripped him of power too. The whole thing was a mess. Singletary had more class than everyone else put together. He was a misfit out there.

  19. Having suffered through the Singletary HC years… I think that might be too advanced for him. He was one of the most clueless coaches I’ve ever seen.

    And having been a 49er fan since 1966… I’ve seen a LOT of clueless coaches. Especially in the mid-1970s when the 49ers went through 4 head coaches in 3 years. And he was right down there with worst of them.

  20. Reminds me of when former Patriots HOF guard John Hannah became the head coach at Somerville high, just outside Boston. Don’t know what his record is, but you can imagine all the little tips and tricks he could pass on to his kids, especially the linemen. Singletary will do the same. I think a lot more former players should coach high school ball, the experience will benefit both the kids and the coach.

  21. Jerry Jones may hire Singletary to coach the Cowpies. Jones is still trying to prove that he did not need Jimmy Johnson, and that any coach can win a Super Bowl if he accumulates enough talent as he did in the 1990s. But Jones would only do that if the current coach Jason Garrett wins a Super Bowl, so Mike Singletary would have to be very patient.

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