Su’a Cravens: I never quit on football, missing a year tore me up


Su'a Cravens was drafted by Washington in 2016, contemplated retirement after concussion symptoms and missed all of 2017, and has now been traded to Denver in 2018. But Cravens says he always wanted to play football, if he was healthy enough to do so.

“A lot of people have the perception that I quit,” Cravens told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I don’t look at it that way. I look at it as I took care of what I needed to do. My health is most important. Once I handled that, then I could come back. I didn’t really have the option to return, even when I did get cleared. I’m just ready to get back out on the field and play.”

As Cravens missed the 2017 season, he says, he was devastated not to be out there.

“Whenever the NFL would come on, it would really make my skin crawl. It would just burn me up on the inside, seeing guys that I competed against, seeing my teammates out there and I couldn’t be out there. It hurt me. It hurt me bad,” he said.

Now Cravens is ready to get back on the field for the first time since 2016.

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  1. Su’a quit not once BUT TWICE.
    He was named Starting safety and right before the first game in Washington he Quit the team.
    At USC he left the team for 3 days and had to be begged and reasoned back to coming back.
    He is not only a quitter but he has a track record of quitting

  2. “I didn’t really have the option to return, even when I did get cleared”

    I believe Su’a is back playing football so he will not lose, or have to payback, the signing bonus he received from Washington.
    He is all yours Denver. A talented guy but it is going to be interesting how the Super Bowl veterans accept a quitter in the locker room

  3. “I didn’t quit on that paycheck. I quickly realized how hard the rest of America works for a fraction of the price.”

  4. You can say that all you want but it doesnt make it true. Did you step away bc u got a concussion, got scared, and wanted to figure your health situation out? Yes, but every player in the league gets concussions and makes the decision to get back on the field as soon as possible. That is the standard. You were not willing to meet that standard. So in comparison to every other player in the league you quit.

  5. This guys a chump. Just check his twitter. It’s not that you quit, it’s how you quit. Although the brief amount of time he was on the field you could tell he was obviously talented, you can’t compete with someone that you’re not sure will be there day to day, no matter how talented. Take your drama elsewhere Sua…

  6. Oh come on! Cravens totally quit on football, and more importantly on his teammates. He left his team hanging with a big roster hole to try to fill at the last minute.

    Good luck with this one, Elway. Of course, it’s already starting to look like Elway was a genius only because Manning was the QB. Post-Manning the Broncos have been pretty mediocre.

  7. “A lot of people have the perception that I quit,” Cravens told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I don’t look at it that way.

    Really? Not only is he a quitter but he’s a liar too. He’s only saying that because he wants money, not because he wants to play football.

  8. “A lot of people have the perception that I quit.” Well, yes, we do. It is because you quit.

  9. This would make more sense if the first we heard about a concussion being the issue was near the end of the season.

    If it was a health problem, there are now league mandated protocols in place, handled by independent doctors. It’s not as though the Redskins could have prevented you from getting independent confirmation of a concussion, nor would there have been any need for the air of mystery that developed around his reasons for leaving.

    If it was concussion he could have got himself on injured reserve, and returned later in the season, if he was medically cleared. That didn’t happen and was never even mentioned as an option by the player, his agent or the Redskins.

    So, even if he left because he was suffering from a severe concussion, he and his representatives handled it in the weirdest, most disruptive way possible.

    He might love the game but I don’t think he finds football players and coaches easy to be around.

  10. Based upon the Washington front office decisions it certainly appears,that the team quit on the fan base about two and a half decades ago.

  11. truevision21 says:
    March 31, 2018 at 10:23 am
    This is why it will be difficult to give these guys guaranteed money in 99% of contract negotiations.

    If the player quits, he doesn’t get paid. That’s the case even in sports that have guaranteed contracts, so I don’t see how this situation would make teams more reluctant to guarantee money.

  12. You gotta be all in to play this game effectively, and the other players will wonder if Cravens fits that description. I don’t see this ending well for Denver. I’m just glad that the Redskins got some draft pick compensation for him.

  13. Nice try dude… He played hybrid LB in 2016. The Skins wanted him to play safety in 2017. He got mad and quit. Dude realised he’s was going broke so he came back. Quitter

  14. I’d like to to hope it was about his health as more and more for NFL players, good ones, respected ones are coming regretting their choice to play the game, or doing things differently as they’re now in the 40’s/50’s and can’t function as normal human beings anymore as the wear and tear took its toll.. And they carry themselves like they are not more detriments to their families than assets..

    I really do hope that was Cravens story… In the end, football is just a fraction of their career, its the 30-50 years after your career is over with that you really have to think about.

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