Concussion lawyer says “the settlement is broken”

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The NFL’s $1 billion settlement with players suing over brain injuries has allowed 156 former players to receive payments, averaging about $1 million each. But there are questions surrounding the thousands of remaining claimants.

Attorney Peter Shahriari’s firm represents about 250 former players, and he accuses the NFL of dragging its feet to such an extent that the settlement itself may have to be rejected.

“The settlement is broken’’ and “on the brink of collapse,’’ Shahriari said in a court document.

The NFL says there’s nothing broken about the settlement, but that the league needs to ensure that every player filing claims actually deserves the payments he has requested.

“We are ensuring that legitimate claims are processed and paid in a timely way to those individuals and families who deserve these benefits,’’ NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Boston Globe. “We believe that it is entirely appropriate to continue to oppose fraudulent and unsupported claims. No legitimate claim has been rejected.’’

A total of 214 former players had their claims denied.

22 responses to “Concussion lawyer says “the settlement is broken”

  1. This is what will destroy the game. Broke ex-players and lawyers whispering promises of riches in their ears.

  2. cometkazie says:
    April 1, 2018 at 11:07 am
    I think the NFL is up a creek without a paddle.
    That 14 billion dollar a year revenue paddle.

  3. NFL owners are well aware that this is one of those… cost of doing business, yes, they are going to want to administrate it, yes they are going to want to try and defer as much cost/profit loss as long as possible, yes there are WAY to many lawyers involved.

  4. What makes me laugh are guys in their 60s and 70s complaining they would have never played if they had known about the physical effects. Guys that have been famous 40-50 years because they played. Spare me. And the broker they are the louder they complain.

  5. How could anyone possibly believe that high speed collisions WEREN’T a long term health risk? I played HS football in the 60’s, and everyone knew you could get hurt. If you want to fix football, change the culture of trying to obliterate someone on every tackle.

  6. 700levelvet says:
    April 1, 2018 at 12:03 pm
    NFL owners are well aware that this is one of those… cost of doing business, yes, they are going to want to administrate it, yes they are going to want to try and defer as much cost/profit loss as long as possible, yes there are WAY to many lawyers involved.

    They are currently trying to rule out of the game any risk for injury or more specifically setting stage to not be liable for it. Until they do that they cannot be sure what future luabilities might amount to. So to that end they need to defer addressing any past or existing damage because they dont want the precedent of being held responsible until they can put a cap on the price tag.

  7. Attorneys! The NFL wants to make sure it’s a legitimate claim especially because the attorneys filing claims don’t even know if the claimant played NFL football. How many claims have already been turned down because of this? Trust those attorneys especially the ones stating settlement has been broken.

  8. Of course there are some false claims, people are involved. Maybe some kind of blood test. Willing to bet that all the players have this thing and not only nfl players, but college as well. There are plenty of dangerous professions such as military, construction, 7 eleven, etc. Now we know, nfl player. The union should negotiate larger slice of pie and forget about this changing rules stuff –maybe better helmets, but you cannot take violence out the game unless you put flags on player. Not sure that I would watch that.

  9. It’s called ‘Deny ’till you die’. Like the World Trade Center. Anyone thinks those of us severely affected were paid, are dead wrong. Most of those with treatable cancer got rich while the rest of us with lung disorders got screwed.

    And now suing Saudi Arabia. LOL. Like they will ever pay a dime. If they did, it will be after 7 years of litigation and 7 more of appeals. Those people (yeah I called them ‘those people’) would rather spend 10 billion dollars defending their name/country/religion then dole out a nickel and admit compliance. If they are ever forced to pay, everyone will be dead by then.

    Goodell makes what, 40 to 50 million a year? That’s the biggest joke of a salary in the HISTORY of salaries. He should be forced to give 90% of it to those he helped victimize. And if Tagliabue ever gets in the HOF I will officially become a college Pitt/Syracuse fan.

  10. Cell phones and other wireless devices are supposedly causing brain tumors, etc. We don’t know everything, but the warnings are out there. I even had a cancer research scientist send me a lot of legit studies showing how harmful these wireless devices can be, and they’re discovering more problems every day. I know this stuff, but I’m choosing to ignore it because they’re just so darn convenient. What would I do without my phone? So I’ll just continue to put my phone up to my ear, and wait for a letter from an attorney who’s starting a class action suit against phone manufacturers. Of course, I’ll say I had no idea. Nobody warned me.

  11. Never should have settled. Players’ brains are typically developed by the time they enter the league, and most injuries likely originated during the formative years of high school and college. But Goodell gonna Goodell.

  12. Goodell is going to be the death of the NFL maybe in part to the concussions.

    Goodell only cares about Goodell and making money. He doesn’t care about the game, the players or the fans. The resulting product and how he does business proves that.

    Goodell is good for the bottom line and nothing else and there are enough owners now that only care about the money or are weak in general to stand up and say something. Hopefully down the road the fans will stick together and boycott until Goodell is remove before he destroys the game.

  13. There is a underlying narrative on a lot of these comment boards that makes me feel a lot of fans could care less about the players the second they start expressing themselves or start caring about their health. I wonder if most fans even consider these players humans. Its like, I could care less about you, just go out and block or catch or throw. You are here for my entertainment, nothing else. Anything more than that insults me, for reasons I can’t fathom. It feels like jealously. Its ugly.

  14. lol at all the misinformation in the comments. It’s not that players didn’t know they would get hurt, it’s that the NFL doctors KNEW the effects of concussions, but cleared players to play.

    I’d suggest watching “League of Denial” it’s a much more informative version of “Concussion”, pretty eye opening as well.

  15. Let’s play ball, literally. The settlement had been agreed…not that I care if goodell loses any respect…but, ya snooze ya lose. Anymore and your just looking for a hand-out.

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