Bill O’Brien thinks Deshaun Watson’s instincts will keep him “out of harm’s way”

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The Texans’ 2017 season went down the drain when quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL, so keeping him healthy once he’s back on the field is sure to be a top priority in Houston this season.

Adding three new offensive linemen in free agency is part of that plan and coach Bill O’Brien thinks that Watson can also contribute to the effort. O’Brien said that he believes Watson’s ability to avoid “unnecessary” hits will help on the health front.

“He has a really good instinct for maybe gaining the 5 or 6 yards and then going down before he takes the shot,” O’Brien said, via “That’s a big thing that young quarterbacks usually have a problem with. He seems to have an instinct for being able to stay out of harm’s way.”

O’Brien admitted that it’s hard to coach a quarterback to give up on making a big play, but that it’s essential to have “a silent alarm” for when things are going to get hairy. O’Brien thinks Watson can strike that balance, but there is sure to be some trepidation when Watson is on the move this season.

17 responses to “Bill O’Brien thinks Deshaun Watson’s instincts will keep him “out of harm’s way”

  1. I love watching Deshaun Watson play football. That being said I believe there is a factual inaccuracy in coach’s statement given the way his season ended. He has to learn that in the pros even the second stringers can bang. His instinct is fight till the end. Sometimes you gotta give up a couple yards in order to reduce damage to your body.

  2. That knee was a freak non-contact injury. As long as he recovers fully (and he has had the time to do so) he should be fine. He wasn’t taking big hits on the field. That wasn’t the issue.

  3. I feel like Houston has a shot to win the AFC with Watson. Suddenly the AFC South may have two great teams and 1 good team and none of them will be Indy.

  4. DeShaun is one of the few “mobile” QB’s who is really a QB first and not a running back in a QB Halloween Costume like the Danish Ham in Dallas.

  5. That has to be the silliest thought process ever. Watson needs a line to A. keep growing in the pocket and B. To not have to fear for his life ( career ) each snap. He’ll end up without knees and on IR again if they don’t fix that horrible line. Oh but wait, they have Weeden as a back up. They’re fine.

  6. Oh Really..Just like last year????? The guys “Instincts” tell him to roll out and run. Those Mobile QBs never stay healthy. Watson needs to be Coached Bill.

  7. This guy was must watch football while he played. I had Fuller and Hopkins in fantasy and I was destroying people with the two of them getting throws form Watson. The Seahawks vs Texans game was the best game of the year last year.

    I hope this guy comes back. He is good for the game of football.

  8. Hopkins AND Fuller are the best wr tandem in the NFL

    It’s nice to say it is all Deshaun Watson… but… Hopkins got 1521 yards with Hoyer/Mallet/Yates/Weeden in 2015.

    1st rounder Fuller is TOO UNDERRATED (when healthy).

  9. “Cleveland should have drafted him”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Non-contact injury victim Deshaun Watson can’t stay healthy in practice in Houston.

    Imagine his injuries in the AFC North.

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