Brian Urlacher tabs Bob Babich to present him at Hall of Fame

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Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has picked his old position coach to present him at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Hall announced that Urlacher has selected longtime assistant Bob Babich as his presenter.

Babich was Urlacher’s coach for nine seasons (2004-2012), as linebackers coach, assistant head coach and defensive coordinator. Urlacher won a defensive player of the year award under his tutelage (2005).

“I am so humbled by the offer that Brian gave me to present him,” Babich said. “He is such a good guy and was such a good player, but even more so than that, he was a great person to be around.”

Babich is now working as linebackers coach for the Bills.

4 responses to “Brian Urlacher tabs Bob Babich to present him at Hall of Fame

  1. He was a great LB but, I don’t think he should’ve gotten in the HOF on his first try when there is more deserving players still not in. Compare he stats to say Seth Joyner. Joyner should be in the Hall. Urlacher should be in..just maybe 5 years from now..

  2. Better than Ray Lewis in my book and one of the great MLB to ever play…..and I’m a Packers fan.

    Hated the guy because he was unreal.

  3. I would have driven to Canton to watch had he asked his baby momma to present him. . . . .

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