Eric Decker interested in return to Denver

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Eric Decker has visited the Raiders, but he remains a free agent and wouldn’t mind a return to the Broncos.

“Listen, there’s no holdup on my end,” Decker told Brandon Stokley on 104.3 The Fan, via Nicki Jhabvala. “So whoever you need to call for me, whoever you need to reach out to, please do. Not only is the team one of the greatest organizations in the NFL, but just the community. This is home for us. It’s still a big part of us because, again, we started our lives here. This is where I got drafted. This is where I had both of my kids and going to have my third kid. so it just means a lot to me. So obviously it’s a desirable place, but again, everything’s got to align. The stars have to kind of align for it to all work. But I’m very receptive to make it happen.”

The Broncos made Decker a third-round pick in 2010. He spent four years in Denver before signing with the Jets in free agency.

Decker, 30, spent last season with the Titans. He caught 54 passes for 563 yards and a touchdown in 2017.

In four seasons in Denver, Decker made 222 receptions for 3,070 yards and 33 touchdowns.

12 responses to “Eric Decker interested in return to Denver

  1. If he’s still available after the draft and the need is still there for the Broncos, sign him to something slightly above league minimum. Rotate him and Sanders in and out of the slot.

  2. 2015 Decker was money. At least 15 points in fantasy football every week. Then he got hurt, then he had Mariota throwing to him and he disappeared. Guy has the ability, he just needs a good QB.

  3. Being honest – and I have no problem with Eric Decker – he doesn’t have the leverage to point at doors and make a choice. He thrived in Denver, actually did well with the Jets until he got injured, and didn’t really command the field with the Titans. I do blame some of that on Mariota, who I don’t believe is an elite QB, but Decker didn’t exactly write that resume in TEN.

  4. Sign him cheap with incentives and let him compete for a job. If Decker ends up your 4th or 5th option at wr, you probably have a pretty deep wr corps.

  5. During the glory years he had Peyton Manning throwing to him and DT drawing a double team on the other side. He’ll never come close to that level of productivity again.

  6. “…this is where I tripped over my own feet with nothing but green between me and the end zone more than once, costing Slow Joe several games in fantasy football.”

    ~How his quote should’ve ended

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