If starting a franchise, which coach would you want?

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The NFL currently has plenty of great coaches. If currently starting an NFL franchise, which coach would you want?

That was the subject of a PFT Live draft on Monday’s edition of the show. Chris Simms and yours truly took turns, filling out three rounds.

So emerged with the better trio of coaches? Check out the video and share your thoughts below.

You can also cast a ballot in the PFT Twitter poll, where I currently could use all the help I can get. Because, apparently, plenty of the voters want to start a franchise with a couple of coaches who are pushing 70.

73 responses to “If starting a franchise, which coach would you want?

  1. Much rather have Simms 3 of Belichik, Carroll, Payton than Florios 3 of Shanahan, McVay, Pederson. Simms 3 have shown they can build a team and sustain success which when your starting a franchise those are the exact traits you want. Age isn’t a factor because you don’t expect them to be there longer than 5 years anyway and they would have a succession plan.

  2. Jim Harbaugh. He is a good turnaround specialist. He has gone to several different places and drastically improved the team. At Stanford for example, he turned the team into a winner and even ranking in the top 20. He went to the 49ers and turned a 6-10 team into a 13-3 team with basically the same personnel that Mike Singletary had the year before him. He then went to Michigan and turned that program around. He is a good coach to start a team with.

  3. I think they meant active coaches or at the very least ones that are still alive. Vince Lombardi has been departed for a while.

  4. Make of Pete all you want but look at the roster he took over in 2010. He had no pieces in place unless you count lofa tatupu.

  5. Marvin Lewis… if you want the same coach for 50 years, always laughs win or lose, never win a playoff game and hear the same press conference over and over.

  6. Jeff Fisher

    New franchises are going to be bad anyway, and once you inevitably fire Fisher you will immediately get better. Of course, you’ll have to deal with him trying to take credit, but such is life.

  7. That all depends…..do you want a coach known for winning on the “up and up” or a coach known for winning by *cheating…..?

  8. The very first sentence makes clear they are talking about ACTIVE coaches. You guys listing Halas, Al Davis and Lombardi not only prove you are living in the past but also that you lack fundamental reading comprehension skills. Get it together! You’re better than that…

  9. rkt4mayor says:
    April 2, 2018 at 1:01 pm
    I think they meant active coaches or at the very least ones that are still alive. Vince Lombardi has been departed for a while


    Even a Vince Lombardi who has been dead for nearly half a century is still a better choice than Vance Joseph

  10. Bad players make bad coaches, great players make great coaches. It’s all about talent, the greatest coach will lose with low talent. Give me a great GM any day!

  11. The problem with Florio’s picks are they are young and relatively unknown. Their gameplans work because other teams haven’t had time to develop strategies to stop them. They’ll do well for a year or two but the franchise may not have sustained success.

    Some will develop into great long term coaches, but others, just like players,will fade away. On the other side you have Belichick who has won twice as many Superbowls as head coach than the other three coaches have winning seasons combined. He also hasn’t had a losing season since ’00-’01. You know what you’re getting with Belichick, the other two just add on value.

    Simms is typically wrong but in this case he isn’t.

  12. I’d like to direct the person who suggested Ditka to look at his triumphant turn as HC of the Saints, beginning with mortgaging our future for Ricky Williams. Good times, good times

  13. If you want to win 5 Superbowls and go to 8 in a 17 year span you take Belichick. If you don’t care about winning then you can just take the “Field”. Any of the others will return similar results.

  14. Simms obviously believes in the adage “If you ain’t cheat’n, you ain’t try’n” with his picks: Belicheat, Cheat Carroll, and Bountygate Payton.

  15. Belichick only because he is the defacto GM and HC. How many other coaches have that authority now? Reid, Gruden (I assume), Carroll. I think thats all. Give him total power and let him run the team his way. Other coaches are great too but they have a solid GM as well, if I was picking a coach I could get both with Belichick.

  16. Maybe the people voting for Lombardi meant Joe Lombardi, Vince’s grandson and QB coach of the New Orleans Saints, since Vince would probably have a tough time giving one of his famous pregame speeches nowadays.

  17. All time has to be Lombardi, Gibbs, or Belichick. No particular order. They share the rank of best for different reasons.

    Current it’s tough to not say Belichick. But, lets assume he’ll retire soon. There are some great young coaches like Pederson and McVay. But time will tell if they can sustain. The guy I would tab is Andy Reid. He’s young enough to be around for another 10 years (maybe) and has a proven track record of building great winning organizations.

  18. “The NFL currently has plenty of great coaches”

    Really? Because I see about 4 or 5 “great coaches” and a whole bunch of lousy ones. There is currently a shortage of competent NFL head coaches.

  19. Belichick’s not retiring….

    Shula had 328 wins, and BB has ‘only’ 278.
    He’ll coach another 5-7 years so he can own that record as well…….

    When he gets to 329, nobody but nobody will be able to deny that he’s the GOAT.

  20. First of all, Bill Walsh > Bill Belichick. Belichick is a good coach but he failed with the Browns and he also took over Parcell’s team. People forget that Belichick wasn’t the GM early one. Bill Walsh changed the game. He invented the west coast offense, and the concept of “going through progressions” based on defensive schemes is all Walsh. Walsh also walked away with the team primed to be good for a while and BB is going to leave the team in bad shape when he walks away. BB didn’t change the way the game was played, but he did cheat and get caught quite a bit.

  21. really only two answers: belichick from those telling the truth, and a list of second bananas from those who absolutely would pick belichick but refuse to admit it when it’s hypothetical and he has been kicking their team forever.

  22. How can anyone here not List Bill Belichick as the number 1 coach to start a team up today?

    He has more HC/GM experience than any coach in history. We are talking free agent era or as far back as Shula or Knoll.

    He knows how to balance the two and has won more super bowl rings than anyone listed in this story or these comments.

    You may hate the man because he has beaten you all…But if you wanted him to take over your team for the next 5 years… you are only fooling your selves if you don’t say he would be the best to do so.

    please…get real.

  23. Never forget to everyone who wrote Belicheck…..he had the worst winning percentage of any full season coach in Brown’s history when he was fired. Anyone could make the argument he was the beginning of the downfall and caused it for the Brown’s whom have never recovered. Also don’t forget his numerous cheating scandals. Good thing Goodell hangs out at Krafts house (see internet) or else he would had been kicked out of league and not received his patriot privilege he has been like the last decade from the refs.

  24. Rideforjesus compare Belichick to Shula. Billy B had 3 losing seasons his first 4 years. Shula had 2 his whole career. Shula is 2-0 vs cheating Billy B. Shula has taken different teams and different and to the super bowl where as Billy has 1. Dont forget one was able to go undegeated and one failed. So pipe down with your Belichick garbage.

  25. 2ruefan says:
    April 2, 2018 at 3:32 pm
    Bud Brant

    Agree , atleast he had his players lined up ,helmet under left arm,an no movement for the NATIONAL ANTHEM.
    Anyone didn’t they got a lil yelling at

  26. “If you want to win 5 Superbowls and go to 8 in a 17 year span you take Belichick. If you don’t care about winning then you can just take the “Field”. Any of the others will return similar results”-Ewhite1065.

    This is about coaches only, not their current QB’s also. Check Belichick’s record prior to lucking into drafting Brady in the 6th round. It’s like Phil Jackson being called the NBA greatest coach ever, but no one mentions he had the best players in the league in their prime with Jordan,Pippen,Shaq & Kobe. Sports is all about talent, coaching is relatively overrated. Erik Spoelstra won 2 NBA titles in 4 seasons, was he all the sudden a great coach or was it that he lucked into having Bron, Wade & Bosh? Do you really think Bellichick would do anything starting a franchise if he didn’t have Tom Brady?

  27. Sean McVay, Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin.

    Belichick would have been first, but if he’s not hanging around a a few years, I’d rather have these guys. And I don’t think he’s hanging around a few years.

  28. Florio is correct,personally I don’t see how you take couches in there mid 60’s plus Kyle,mcvay and Doug our the best young minds in football. Kyle struggled without a qb,but ya know what so would bill or mcvay any of them. So with that said just seems to me,you would take the young inventive minds instead of the coaches who all failed at least 1 time before. And in Pete he failed twice so obvious pete can’t coach unless he has the most talented team in NFL,then he likes to call ridiculous plays instead of an obvious run it in and cost his team. That alone proves the point Pete shouldn’t be coaching.

  29. How could anyone pick Dan Quinn??? Super Bowls are defining moments for coaches. And I recall, 28-3…

    Plus, some of these modern date coaches are backed by a strong front office. They can’t be overlooked!

  30. Why do idiots take mcvay over Pederson? Pederson proved to be the better coach.

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