Jaguars had the best April Fool’s gag of the year

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Every day, we’re on the lookout for news. Every April 1, we’re one the lookout for the deliberately fake news that comes from the inevitable April Fool’s Day gags.

Fortunately, the fact that April 1 this year fell on a Sunday — and that it was Easter Sunday — resulted in fewer gags than usual. The best one came from the Jacksonville Jaguars, who pretended to accidentally tweet an image of new uniforms that won’t be unveiled until later in the month.

Making it even better and smarter is the fact that leaked images of the new uniforms already have emerged. Also, the fake new uniforms, while not as good as the leaked new uniforms, are still better than the current uniforms.

An uniform gags on April 1 go, the Colts had the best one ever. Three years ago yesterday, Indy debuted all-white uniforms. Literally, all white. White on white. On White. Everything white. Helmets, logos, letters, numbers.

“From a strategic, football standpoint, how can they scout us?” former Colts tight end Dwayne Allen said in the video, which is still available. “They can’t see our numbers.”

On the other end of the 4/1 spectrum was the “joke” from that same year by Bruce Irvin that he’d been arrested for drunk driving.

This year, Easter saved us from more of the same. Next year, when April 1 lands on a Monday, get ready to be on the lookout for more hijinks.

14 responses to “Jaguars had the best April Fool’s gag of the year

  1. not sure why exactly this qualifies as a good April Fool’s gag, about as funny and clever as me calling my wife and telling her I got my haircut and then showing up at the house without one.

  2. How do you know the link to the “real” leaked jerseys are legit? I thought that was just a fan’s rendering and not the new jerseys…

  3. Should have done a fake leaked evaluation of a London move – but maybe to close to the truth?

  4. 21st in NFL attendance last year, boys; all decent seats for season tickets are sold; we have the NFL’s best owner; plenty of parking, great food, nice stadium,great weather…maybe you should seriously consider the Bengals or the Buccaneers for your London cracks lol.

  5. Actually, the fake new uniforms ARE better than the leaked new uniforms, so I can’t wrap my head around why this is a great gag. If you want to see what a good Jags uniform would be, look at their original 1995 unis. That was a nice, classy look.

  6. Like a lot of other people, I think this “joke” uniform looks better than either their current one or the leaked “real” one.

    This is going to backfire when they release the official new look and they hear a chorus of, “no, give us the fake one!”

    If the leaked uni design is real, I just don’t get it. It’s impossibly boring and bland. All black and all white, how interesting! It’s Florida, for Pete’s sake. Use some color and lighten up. Whichever consultant told them people will think Jacksonville is cooler if they’re wearing black should be kicked out.

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