Jerry Hughes “liking” changes Bills have had this offseason

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Jerry Hughes spent some time around his former college teammate, Andy Dalton, last week. The Bills defensive end had a lot to talk to the Bengals quarterback about.

First, Hughes thanked Dalton for beating the Ravens in Week 17 to secure the Bills a playoff berth. Then, he began asking Dalton about his new teammate, AJ McCarron. McCarron backed up Dalton in Cincinnati until signing with Buffalo in free agency.

“Andy speaks highly of him,” Hughes said. “He’s a quarterback who likes to show up early, loves to work hard, doesn’t mind putting in the extra work. As a defender, you love that. You love someone who wants to take charge of the offense, wants to be captain of the ship. That’s something that I love to hear and can’t wait to see it and experience it.”

Having spent eight years in the NFL, including the last five in Buffalo, Hughes has played in the postseason three times. But all three ended in losses. He’s ready to get back and stay around longer.

“It was such a fun experience,” Hughes said of the Bills’ trip to the wild-card round, where they lost to Jacksonville 10-3. “I think it ended so shortly, but just to have that taste, that hunger, it certainly gives you that drive in the offseason now. You know that you’re fighting for the Super Bowl, but to actually be in the playoffs and be steps away from reaching that goal, you understand what it takes now in the offseason to kind of push yourself and get yourself ready for the season. So I loved getting there and certainly have the hunger to get back.”

Hughes likes what the Bills have done this offseason in adding Marshall Newhouse, Star Lotulelei, McCarron, Trent Murphy and Vontae Davis, among others.

“We’ve been doing a lot, and I’m liking it,” Hughes said. “I think adding the offensive coordinator [Brian Daboll] will be great for us.

“I’m excited to get up there and see how those guys work and start getting down to the nitty-gritty, getting down to our process, getting down to Buffalo Bills football. It’s us outworking each other, but really building up that team chemistry so we’re able to go out there and play fast on Sunday.”

14 responses to “Jerry Hughes “liking” changes Bills have had this offseason

  1. Andy Dalton speaks highly of A.J. McCarron as a teammate/friend/person… not as a quarterback.

    If you think the receivers in Buffalo are gonna make him TOP 15… you are BEYOND delusional.

  2. Jerry, I would make a new end of season award. The MFP award. As in Most Fiery Player. You would capture that award easily. You play with the passion most just can’t do. It gets you penalized but so what. If the whole team played with your passionate fire we would be in SB’s.

  3. I hope Buffalo stays right where they are in the Draft and picks up a later round project type QB, that way they can use rd1 12 & 22, rd2 53 & 56, rd3 65 & 93, rd4 121, rd5 158 & 166 on the several positions they could upgrade. AJ McCarron will be solid, so a late round QB that they could develop like Lauletta, White, Rudolph or Ferguson will do.

  4. pats simply licking their chops

    anyone getting excitee about adding first rd disappointment, star lotulelei
    and broken down old
    man vontae davis, needs their head examined

    then again, hughes himself was a first rd disappointment

  5. To get a project QB is not the smart way to go. Since we have been doing that for years and got nowhere. To settle for a guy like that proves a loser mentality. Be Bold grab a QB who can start soon. This is the year for it. We’ve had no real franchise QB since Jim Kelly. All because we keep drafting projects. Time to stop that foolishness.

  6. I look forward to AJ “proving them wrong”, he deserves this chance, finally. I too would like to see the Bills stay as they are with their wealth of draft picks. Rather see them pick a few QB’s…how about Mason Rudolph at 22 then Mike White at 65 or 93 in round 3? or if they are lucky enough one of the top 4 QB’s will be available at 12? Many possibilities, you never know!!

  7. “I hope Buffalo stays right where they are in the Draft”

    100% agree.
    Bills need starting MLB, impact WRs. C/G type to replace Richie soon, a C if Groy or FA from Bengals cant get it done, OT to replace Mills, LB depth, DE depth.

  8. @Charles Territo

    The Jets trade up threw a wrench in that idea, it set the value of the #1 and #2 pick extremely high. Gettleman and Beane have a connection but it isn’t like the Giants are going to just give the Bills the #2 pick for free. You guys would be better off rolling with McCarron this year and drafting White/Rudolph in hopes of a steal in the later rounds and using the rest of the picks to fill the holes on your offensive line, D-line, and at the WR position.

    I am a Jets fan so I will tell you just from a football fan prospective you don’t want to be that team that trades up to #2 to draft Josh Allen. Let desperate John Elway make himself look like the fool.

  9. I have to disagree. The price to move to 2 was always gonna be high. We have 16 picks between this and next years draft. We can trade both 1’s and a 2nd next year. Of course it will take at least one more pick or a player. But we have 2 very astute men making picks. I believe in both making the proper choices. Which they will. We as fans are just dreamers.

  10. Like Hughes’s optimism. The Bill’s trajectory is on the rise. Coaching, management, and ownership are set. Plenty of draft capital to spend. A.J. an unknown but not green. Has the right attitude and work ethic. Time for the changing of the guard in the AFC East.

  11. It looks the Bills have found the answer at QB. If Calvin Ridley falls to them, they should grab him. The dude put up great numbers against SEC defenses with the likes of Jake Coker and Jalen Hurts throwing to him.

  12. Excited to see what McCarron can do. It’s a great chance for him. He’s played well in the few opportunities he’s been given. Buffalo should pick up a top QB this year and could give him a year to develop and learn. They’re gonna add some offensive weapons in the draft because their only glaring need on defense if MLB. Pick up a couple WRs, a RB, and some OL guys and this team should be rollin next year.

  13. tylawspick6 says:
    April 2, 2018 at 3:29 pm
    pats simply licking their chops

    anyone getting excitee about adding first rd disappointment, star lotulelei
    and broken down old
    man vontae davis, needs their head examined

    then again, hughes himself was a first rd disappointment
    I highly doubt the Pats are concerned with anyone but the Pats right now.

    Don’t be mad Bill’s fans are happy (not content) with the direction the team is moving. We know they aren’t ready to challenge the Pats (few are), but hope springs eternal.

    At least Hughes was someone else’s 1st round disappointment. The Bills and their fans are quite happy with his play considering we swapped him for Kelvin Shephard.

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