Josh Rosen addresses Mora’s “opinions”

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With the comments of his former head coach taking center stage throughout most of the day on Monday, quarterback Josh Rosen has chimed in with a couple of tweets.

Opinions,” Rosen said, followed by the hashtag “ThingsPeopleTakeTooSeriously.”

Earlier in the day, Rosen went with “Why?” followed by #why.

Though it’s possible, in theory, that Rosen was referring to other things, Rosen doesn’t tweet all that heavily, and he’s smart enough to know that anything he says today will be viewed through the prism of Mora’s remarks.

As we explained earlier in the day, Mora’s comments indeed represent his own opinions. He’s not carrying out any sort of anti-Cleveland agenda for Rosen, who will (we’re told) play for the Browns, if the Browns draft him.

12 responses to “Josh Rosen addresses Mora’s “opinions”

  1. I think Darnold is younger than Rosen. They both come from the same part of the country and from similar backgrounds. Why would there be a difference in “fit”?

  2. Mora is terrible. He ruins everything he touches. #1 Pick in the draft QB:check. Atalanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks:check. UCLA:check. Everything he touches gets worse over time quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy THRIVES away from Mora’s incompetence.

  3. We don’t want you Rosen. So feel free to just admit that the feeling’s mutual instead of trying to backtrack now. Enjoy NY (but not Buffalo–I’m sure that town’s not sophisticated enough for your oh-so-eclectic tastes either.)

    I’d take Mike White over you, dude.

  4. Mora’s Twitter account was dormant for months. Then Mora gets a media job. Suddenly, his account is altered and he starts tweeting up a storm. Of course, Mora needs a hot take to draw attention to himself. What’s hotter than going after your former QB?

  5. Any QB coming out of college into the NFL better have a lot “WHY’s” stored up. Any NFL coach who gets a college kid better be prepared to answer those “WHY’s” in detail. Anything less than that going into the QB room will result in a QB washout.

    Coaches are teachers … anyway, the better coaches are teachers. Good teachers answer “WHY” to lay the groundwork for the coming “broader base of knowledge”. “WHY” is NOT a negative.

  6. Yeah I don’t even understand how what Mora said is insulting. I read it as he was complimenting his intelligence.

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