Josh Rosen will play for whoever drafts him

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The recent comments from former UCLA coach Jim Mora regarding former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen has invited speculation that Mora possibly is trying to help Rosen implement a strategy to avoid the Cleveland Browns. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that’s not the case.

Mora was expressing his own opinions when commenting about Rosen, and in no way sending any messages directly or indirectly on Rosen’s behalf.

Here’s the most important point: Rosen will sign with and play for whichever team signs him, whether it’s the Browns or anyone else.

That said, it’s possible he’ll eventually decide that the Browns aren’t a good fit. While he has yet to accumulate sufficient information to reach that conclusion (he’ll visit Cleveland this week), Rosen would find a way to make his concerns known discreetly, if he ultimately has concerns. For now, he doesn’t.

Consider this much-scrutinized quote from Mora to Peter King of regarding Rosen: “He needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn’t get bored. He’s a millennial. He wants to know why. Millennials, once they know why, they’re good. Josh has a lot of interests in life. If you can hold his concentration level and focus only on football for a few years, he will set the world on fire. He has so much ability, and he’s a really good kid.”

Apart from the fact that a healthy amount of curiosity should be regarded as a positive (for some reason, plenty don’t see it that way), Rosen’s propensity to ask questions and to seek information makes the report from late December that he was considering staying in school another year in order to avoid the Browns even more nonsensical. Rosen didn’t have any information about the Browns at that point and he still doesn’t have enough to allow himself to determine whether it’s a good fit. Again, even if he concludes that the fit isn’t good — and even if the Browns draft him anyway — Rosen will welcome the challenge, embrace the city, and join the team.

So where did that report come from? The answer may be lurking somewhere in the reality that, only two days before, Rosen told a major agency that he’d eventually be hiring another agency, and that the agency Rosen didn’t select represents the reporter who first pushed the notion that Rosen doesn’t want to play for the Browns.

32 responses to “Josh Rosen will play for whoever drafts him

  1. I think the tide is turning on the Browns. The sheer number of good players and draft picks are going to make them a contender. Maybe they need a coaching change, but it’s going to be inevitable if the QB ends up being good.

  2. Jim Mora said “Josh, I think, without a doubt, is the number one quarterback in the draft. He’s a franchise-changer. He’s got the ability to have an immediate impact. His arm talent, intelligence, and his ability to see the game and diagnose the game is rare.” what scaaaathing criticism from Mora. The dinosaurs in the front offices are going to overthink this like they did Aaron Rodgers and use the “injury history” card with Rosen and draft Josh Allen who injured his shoulder and broke his clavicle in 5 places leading him to take out an insurance policy on it, which is the same injury that ended Romo’s career or take Mayfield who had more concussions in college than Rosen did. It’s either a huge smoke screen or some of these teams are going to literally hand the Jets their first franchise QB since the 60’s.

  3. I can’t swear that he’ll “play” for whomever drafts him. But I can guarantee he’ll get paid by the team that drafts him.

  4. I hear what you’re saying but the Browns’ history speaks for itself, it’s not like Rosen needs to hire Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of whether it’s a crappy organization or not

  5. So hard to be motivated to watch sports news the month of the draft. Every article is “this team will draft this person unless they won’t”. This player definitely wants to play for this team unless they don’t”.

    I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore.

  6. Considering rookie salary scale, he SHOULD try to get away from terrible teams as the difference in money is not that great on a first contract.

  7. I’m pretty sure we all have at least SOME information about the Browns..

  8. Do it Brownies … draft a guy #1 who doesn’t want to play for you. That would be so Brownies.

  9. The Browns have an obviously well deserved rep for the past
    Rookie QBs could do a lot worse than having Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman, and a David Njoku who impressed last year as a rookie TE to throw to.

    Maybe throwing Barkley in the mix too, they might be on to something

  10. I’m a Browns fan and I get it – the main issue is we’ve had terrible ownership since ’99 – probably the worst in pro sports.

    Hopefully Haslam will stay out of the way and let the football people do their jobs (and not get trigger happy with firing people every 1.5-2 years like he and the Lerners have done in the past). That’s the only way things will turn around.

    Things are looking up, but Haslam hasn’t shown he’s capable of being a good owner yet.

  11. What more information does he need about the Browns than we all don’t already know? Specifically that they can’t get out of their own way.

  12. Why are people still bashing Elway and Eli for making business decisions to avoid franchises that ended up relocating within the time frame of their careers?

    In retrospect, those seem like smart moves on their parts.

  13. kd75 says:
    April 2, 2018 at 3:15 pm
    Why are people still bashing Elway and Eli for making business decisions to avoid franchises that ended up relocating within the time frame of their careers?

    In retrospect, those seem like smart moves on their parts.


    Doesn’t matter whether the franchises relocated or not. The most basic means to provide parity in the league is allowing worse teams to draft before better teams. When a player refuses to play for the team that drafts him, it destroys this paradigm.

    IMO if a player refuses to play for the team that drafts him, that player should be ineligible to play for another team. Simple solution to the problem.

  14. Hasn’t he said on multiple occasions he won’t play for the Browns? He’s only saying this now because he realizes the higher he gets drafted the more money he makes. I wouldn’t trust this guy enough to draft him. He’s immature and injury-prone. We saw how Ryan Leaf’s immaturity surfaced. Rosen will be the same way.

  15. That’s how it usually works unless you’re a whimp like Elway or Manning.

  16. Yes; i want all these QB’s to go high in the draft. Because we know that at least half will bust and set those franchises back 5+ years. Yeeees…less competition for my beloved Steelers. Please….allow all six QB’s to go in the first round.

  17. Rosen screams BUST. His own UCLA teammates reportedly don’t like him? And his former head coach is on the record saying Josh is a Millennial and may have trouble concentrating in the NF? Any team in the top 10 should pass. I am a Vikings fan and this is my unbiased opinion.

  18. EVERYBODY should WANT to be intellectually challenged. How can that statement be construed as anything close to a negative? A good coach will have to do a lot of explaining to any QB when they’re coming into a new system … and a good QB will have tons of “WHYs”. If he didn’t, he’ll wash out.

    Mora’s comments have ZERO to do with Cleveland. I seriously cannot wait until the draft is over.

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