Will Browns go Josh Allen at No. 1?

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With all the talk about whether the Browns should want quarterback Sam Darnold or quarterback Josh Rosen, here’s another option: Neither.

Via Peter King of SI.com, an unnamed friend of Browns G.M. John Dorsey believes that Cleveland will take Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen with the first overall pick in the draft.

The unnamed friend of Dorsey also believes that the Browns will take Penn State running back Saquon Barkley at No. 4, resisting the temptation to trade down.

Of course, it’s hard to know whether the Browns will use the pick or trade it without knowing what another team is offering for the fourth pick. But the idea of the Browns choosing not to pass the pick and stockpile more of them makes sense. Teams that have traded up in recent years have done fairly well, for the most part (and with a few significant exceptions, like the trade for RGIII).

With the Browns technically on the clock, there’s no reason for the Browns to be coy about their intentions. But there’s also no real reason to be transparent. Maybe they could still drop a spot or two and still get Allen. Maybe if they drop a spot or two hoping to get Allen but get someone else, maybe they want to be able to say that’s the guy they would have taken at No. 1.

Regardless, Dorsey made it clear last week in a visit to PFT Live that the Browns will keep their cards close to the vest. If only because a team that has been out of control for years finally controls something.

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  1. Prior to seeing the Wonderlic scores I thought the Browns best bet was to take Baker Mayfield at number 1. However, when you see Josh Allen’s Wonderlic score far out pacing the rest and with his unrivaled arm strength combined with Cleveland weather, I think Allen is their best bet. He is raw and will need to sit for at least a full season but that is why they brought in Tyrod Taylor. If I’m the Browns I am taking Josh Allen at number 1 overall.

  2. Hmm, depends on how much the Browns like one specific QB, but I’d take Barkley 1st and a QB 4th. if they go QB 1st Barkley may go 2nd.

    If they don’t like all 3 QB’s then of course my point not worth much.

  3. Barkley to the Browns would be tragic. There’s no way anybody should want to see a player of his caliber go and become part of the trainwreck that is the Browns franchise.

  4. Via Peter King of SI.com, an unnamed friend of………………

    That was enough info.

  5. Darnold at 1 and Bradley Chubb at 4 would be the best thing for the Brownies here. Then go RB at 33, OT at 35 and WR at 64. This leaves no holes honestly.

  6. That would cement it if they did this. Even the smart people who go to Cleveland are doomed. New franchise mantra could be it’s not us, it’s you, Cleveland.

    You would have had these former Green Bay guys, Mike holmgren, Dwight Clark and Carmen Policy from the old 49ers dynasty, and a brief stint by Ron Wolf advising all go there and fail in the last 20 years. Might be time to retract the franchise.

  7. Here is what will happen: Jets trade the #3 to the Browns with a hand full of other picks and possibly a player or two to swap places with the Browns. Browns still get their qb and their running back. Win-Win for the Browns at a cheaper rate for their qb. If their qb is Allen, he is safe through the first two picks because he did not come from a coastal conference, but, a smaller, less media covered conference.

  8. my friend is a friend of the trash guy who collects the trash at the Dorsey residence. Said he saw all kinds of draft papers in the garbage and knows what my browns will do but only after the haslams reached out to him via the homeless guy under the bridge did he decide it best not to sell the junk off to ESPN. Shame, I think he could’ve gotten a nice payday for that insider info..
    See how nuts all the draft rumors sound around now?

  9. They should announce the pick if they know who they’re going with. If the Giants are considering taking Barkley at #2, then this gives them the opportunity to listen to offers for the pick with full knowledge of who the trading team is getting. Giving the Giants the opportunity to get the most attractive offer possible is what your goal should be if you’re the Browns. That way you guarantee you get the top 2 players on your wish list.

    By allowing the Giants plenty of time to trade their pick, there is sure to be a bit more certainty as to who the top 3 QBs coming off the board will be, obviously with one of those 3 being announced by the Browns themselves. With the Jets move up to #3, you’ll solidify the top 3 picks are quarterbacks and in a draft that seems to have 4 top tier QBs in Allen, Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield (I love Lamar but have to admit that the way the draft community has been talking, he’s not in the conversation with the other 4) you make that #4 pick incredibly sexy because it’s the last chance other teams have at getting one of the top QBs. Announce the pick, you gain more than you would lose

  10. A Packer fan here who lived in Canton for three years. I know first hand the pain and suffering of the Cleveland fans, and as a football fan I feel for them mightily. Now has got to be a time of such great hope for them. They can control things with the right moves, and set them up to continue in the years to come. I’d be freaking out right now with all the possibilities.

  11. Allen at 1 lets them get Barkley at 4, barring someone who loves Barkley trading up (Giants being the option at #2, and that’d be an insane trade). Watching Josh Allen’s highlight tapes, he’s hard not to see him as a great QB. He can straight up sling it, is tall, calm, and comfortable in the pocket, can move and keep plays alive, and just makes plays. Hey, he’s used to wearing brown.

  12. I thought at first Barkley was the pick, but after thinking about it I think it is harder to find a DE at the level of Chubb vs finding a RB close to the level of Barkley. I think back to Houston passing on Reggie Bush…a move that ended up being the right call. I think Browns should try to go Chubb/QB I like Allen but that is not pertinent to my point. If the Browns did trade back, if I were them Id target Nelson so I could protect my QB and improve my running game….again independent of original point….and probably a bit hypocritical of the point too. Point is Chubb should be one of their two picks.

  13. Tyrod Taylor himself needs to be mentored so how is he going to mentor Josh Allen? This has a disaster written all over it.

  14. Is it me…or when you haven’t dominated your competition at any level, is that a player worthy of the top overall pick? The measurables are what they are, at some point you have to show dominance.

  15. It’s a given that the Browns take QB Allen at #1. It took years, but someone in the Browns Org decided to sit a rookie QB for a year rather than throw the QB to the Hue’s.

  16. Cleveland has all the “experts” confused.

    Just admit it… you don’t have a clue about Cleveland.

  17. Sure, Allen has a huge arm. Only problem is that he’s inaccurate with it. He may dance around with some new steps in practice and look a bit better, but it’s hard to remember to do that when being chased by fast and athletic NFL defensive players. He’s definitely NOT Wentz, who was very accurate in college in the same conference. The Browns just spent a year with a tall kid with a big arm. He’s now fortunately traded to Green Bay.

    Allen does seem like a nice kid, and does have high Wonderlic scores, but I don’t believe there’s any correlation between those scores and winning Super bowls.

    I still believe accuracy, ball security and winning are the most important criteria for picking our next QB. for me, that still spells Mayfield.

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