Brandin Cooks and Pats couldn’t agree on extension last year

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The Patriots traded for receiver Brandin Cooks last year. New England had hoped to extend his contract, but it didn’t happen.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cooks and the Patriots were too far apart. Cooks decided that he’s comfortable finishing his rookie contract and potentially becoming a free agent at the age of 25. Already, he has three straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons in four career years.

Most importantly, Cooks instantly had a 1,000-yard year in New England’s offense, which isn’t always the easiest system for an outside receiver to come in and master. In L.A., Cooks could explode.

As to the concussion Cooks suffered in Super Bowl LII, we’re told that Cooks has no lingering issues, and that he actually was symptom-free later that night. He has no other concussion history.

As to a potential new contract with the Rams, a league source tells PFT that there’s no timetable for getting something done. Cooks will make $8.459 million this year, absent a new deal.

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    This trade was similar to the Chandler Jones deal. The Patriots traded a quality player for draft picks, not because of dissatisfaction with the personnel, but more so because they were due weighty contracts. They knew that they were not going to sign either, so they made the best deal they could muster up.

  2. will get paid but probably has to buy super bowl tickets from now on. players play for belichick to win championships.

  3. Brandon is a good #2 outside WR. Dude lacked discipline in an offense that requires it. Pats got what they could, which I hope is a stud. Preferably on Defense!

  4. Cooks is a 1B receiver. If he is your primary guy, you are weak at #1, but he is also better than a #2. The Patriots figured that a Cooks/Edelman combination would have been great last year and it could have been this year. Cooks, as a #1B, might be worth $10 million, but he sees lesser players like Sammy Watkins get $16 million. That’s the real problem here. The Patriots might have gone 3 years at $10 million a year and he wouldn’t go for it. He’s a good guy and will probably get paid by LA. Nobody really knows what Belichick will do with that #1 pick.

  5. Hilarious! The double standard in the eyes of a Pats fan. The Dolphins ship Jarvis Landry off for what ever they can get to avoid his $15M+ upcoming contract demand and the Dolphins are fools, tanking it and a dumpster fire. Cooks was far more important in TDs and cost less, but now he is suddenly a #2 and Belichik is a genius. Trolling the AFC East is one thing, but at least keep your contridictions to a minimum.

  6. If you think that cooks is a number 1 receiver than you maybe need to watch football.He wasn’t one in New Orleans or New England.If you are going to pay big money at the very least you need to get your moneys worth.He is a good receiver not great.Amendola stepped up more than he did.

  7. Hey john this is bill,how that jimmy trade work for you…good to hear.Hey look we maybe want to trade up to number 9 later this month..i’ll let you know..thanks.

  8. He’ll get a well deserved payday. Good for him. As for New England, they should have no drop off at WR if Edelman or Mitchell can play a full season.

    On a side note, why on earth did Cooks try to leapfrog the defender in the super bowl? Oh well, on to 2018.

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