Could Pats now make a move for OBJ?

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With the Patriots trading receiver Brandin Cooks to the Rams, how will the Patriots replace him?

Here’s an intriguing possibility: The Pats could trade for Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Chris Simms selected the Patriots in last week’s PFT Live draft of ideal destinations for Beckham, and Belichick now has the draft capital to get Beckham, if Belichick wants him.

In one career regular-season game against New England, Beckham caught four passes for 104 yards and a touchdown. The Patriots beat the Giants, 27-26.

The bigger question is whether the Patriots would pay Beckham anything remotely close to what Beckham wants — and he supposedly wants something in the range of $20 million per year. Then there’s the question of whether Beckham would fit with the Patriot Way, which requires players to surrender most traces of individuality to a bigger picture that emphasizes team over self. Seven years ago, Chad Johnson never really meshed with the Patriots, possibly due to the fact that he felt compelled to be something other than who he is.

Beckham may not be interested in that. Of course, if the Patriots are willing to pay him what he wants, Beckham may be willing to give it a try.

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  1. I’m just fine if the Pats don’t go after OBJ…. I actually pray they don’t…..why waste those draft picks on some DIVA that will cost a ton of money & put a major crimp in the Pats Salary cap!!!
    I see the Pats either combining their 2 first rounders to move up to the 12-15 spot & getting a stud player that they covet OR TRADING PICK 31 for a 1st rounder next year ( from a team they think will net them a 12-16 place next year) & a 3rd this year….

  2. My first reaction was no way Bill would want to deal with OBJ. Then I remember that they took Randy Moss who wore out his welcome everywhere he went before the Pats. Still, the Patriots are too cheap to pay OBJ AND trade for him. I can’t envision this happening.

  3. .
    Historically, Belichick has never invested heavily in high priced, high maintenance receivers. Plus, WR is one of the positions where the Patriots have depth. It would be more like Belichick to address multiple needs at QB, LT, LB and CB with an influx of young talent than to put all his eggs into Odell Beckham’s basket.

  4. I sure hope so. This would be the beginning of the end. Then it’s back to the Patsies playing for nothing but pride.

  5. “Chad Johnson never really meshed with the Patriots, possibly due to the fact that he felt compelled to be something other than who he is.”

    Johnson was a character. OBJ lacks character.

    There’s a difference.

  6. Patriots are preparing for life after Brady. They’re not gonna trade away two first round picks for Beckham.

  7. Ha, yeah they’re going to trade for OBJ and pay him more than Tom Brady? Probably not…

  8. No Chance on many levels, but let’s just stay on Postion/Money dynamics.

    Bill B. understands that WR is one of the easiest positions to fill in the NFL, and he would not positively value the cost in draft picks, and a long term contract for Odell.

    Bill would not make any WR the highest paid WR in Football. He is going to put the money in other places on the team.

    I think Bill wants to make sure he has a Left Tackle in Round 1 of this draft and will use the Rams pick to grab either Kolton Miller or Mike McGlinchey.

    He will also use picks on DL and CB, which this draft has some depth at.

    Maybe he grabs a young WR like Christian Kirk or DJ Chark to fill the Cooks role.

  9. This has gotten out of control.

    He is not going anywhere, and definitely not to a team where the coach/personnel chief does not value WRs, with a WR demanding — and will receive — top dollar.


  10. 315judman says:
    April 4, 2018 at 5:44 am
    His chance of getting a ring might be better if he stayed with the Giants… if they faced the pats in a super bowl.


    Giants will be right back in contention in 2018.

  11. I hope the Patriots do make a move for OBJ. Watching Bill Bellichick trying to relate to OBJ will be pure comedy gold!

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