DeMarcus Ware was just joking about a return but would like to coach

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DeMarcus Ware did take some calls early this offseason, inquiring whether he was interested in a comeback. So it figures that the pass-rusher would field a phone call or two if he really was considering a return. Alas, Ware said Tuesday his tweet about a comeback was an April Fool’s joke.

“I was playing around, April Fool’s,” Ware said of his tweet. “I got some old workouts [and posted them on social media] and told everybody I was going to come back. And then last night, Jerry Jones and his jet were out there at an event. He said, ‘Hey, why don’t you finish that April Fool’s and come off the jet,’ so I ended up walking out and was like, ‘Hey, he came and got me.’ I was like maybe that isn’t going to go off right with a lot of guys, but I’m a funny guy, and it’s about having fun. That’s what I did. I’m not coming back. I’m not coming back. That’s for sure.”

Ware, 35, retired after the 2016 season, walking away with 138.5 sacks in his 12-year career.

“I miss the game, but I’ve hung my cleats up and put a suit on, so I’ve got a new uniform,” said Ware, who is representing the Cowboys as a NFL Draft Community Ambassador.

Ware, though, does want to coach. He has worked with some of the Cowboys’ pass-rushers in the past and hopes to continue in that role.

“I’m going to really give back now, helping out the guys and mentoring guys,” Ware said. “If they want to work on pass rush, breaking down film and really work on how to be a champion, so working with guys any way that I can. If there’s a job out there, if anybody’s watching, holler at me or let me know.”