John Lynch leans on former teammate Martin Mayhew

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John Lynch admits he didn’t know what he was doing when the 49ers first hired him as General Manager. So one of the people he leaned on to learn the job was former Buccaneers teammate Martin Mayhew, who spent 15 years in the Lions’ front office, including parts of eight seasons as G.M.

“He’s been of tremendous value to me,” Lynch told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Elephant in the room, I hadn’t done this before, and I know what I know and I felt like I had some strengths and my experiences would come in handy, both as a player and as a broadcaster you get exposed to a lot. But there were some things that I just didn’t know, hadn’t been exposed to, so I knew I had to surround myself with good people.

“And one of the things we first talked about with [49ers CEO Jed York] was finding a guy who’s been a General Manager who’s sat in that seat, and it took me about 10 minutes to, ‘I’ve got the guy, if I can get him.’ I played with him and so I trust him implicitly.”

Lynch, who played in the secondary with Mayhew from 1993-96 in Tampa Bay, hired his friend as the 49ers’ senior personnel executive. Lynch has used Mayhew as his sounding board and mentor.

“He was one of the guys that I tried to pattern the way I went about my work,” Lynch said.

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  1. “He was one of the guys that I tried to pattern the way I went about my work,”

    –Just don’t pattern your Drafting after him.

  2. LOL

    I wouldn’t lean on him for anything based on his awful track record of overpaying and drafting poorly in Detroit.

    I cannot figure out how these people get jobs in the first place and then get some kind of bizarre reputation of having some succcess on their resumes, when they were essentially failures.

    Absolutely bizarre. It’s one thing if your time ran its course, you had your team in a SB or something, but to not have even hosted a postseason game and clearly showed you didn’t get how to boild a team properly?

    There are so many of these people running around the NFL right now. They’re very mediocre or substandard.

  3. I’ll preface by saying I’ve loved what Lynch has accomplished so far as GM. Rebuilding this roster from the ashes Baalke had left behind has been nothing short of amazing.

    However only someone like Jed York could hear a guy say “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” and go “That’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for!”

  4. So far so good John. Definitely a riverboat gambler with some of your choices, but if they pay off, no worries (and besides it’s Jed’s money anyway).

  5. Why is Lynch always in the news..Giving interviews ect. How many other GM’s do we hear giving interviews and articles being written about. Lynch hasn’t done anything yet. Maybe the Niners do win some games but, they have to get by Philly, Rams, Vikings, Green Bay, the Saints to be even relevant….

  6. Mayhew took over an 0-16 roster and had them in the playoffs in 3 years. He also had his hands tied by an inept team president (Tom Lewand) that bungled the cap so badly they had to let multiple good players walk (Suh and Avril were Pro Bowlers.)

    Mayhew also signed Golden Tate and Glover Quin to reasonable deals that they ridiculously outperformed.

    Sure, some of his drafts weren’t the best, but look at 2013 and the Lions had arguably the best draft in the league that year. Pro Bowl DE in round 1, Pro Bowl BB round 2, top 5 G round 3, solid rotational DE in round 4, 2nd best P in the league in the 5th and the best receiving RB in the league in round 7.

  7. Yes Martin wasn’t great GM,but he did get them there first qb ever,and a top WR but with that said ya all know a GM doesn’t actually see every player that’s impossible they have to trust there scouts and so he could of easily had that problem his scouts were bad,but whatever and for those of you that say lynch didn’t know what he was doing doesn’t know his history. For the record he said there was some things and I that can be interpreted he may of meant I’m not sure how to set a board up or how to extend players or fill out a release form,just some stuff to chew on. But lynch had worked I think he said 3 times right next to elway,learning from him seeing how they set there board seeing how he picked his guys etc. plus 1 final thing not knowing how to be a GM is way different then not being able to identify talent,which lets be honest is the most important spot. So we can laugh that York hired a guy that says he doesn’t know everything but I find that courageous! You millennials all think you can’t say you don’t know,but that’s wrong. Knowing your strength and weaknesses is actually a wonderful thing,first off you know you have to work on something and secondly you know your not perfect.

  8. Whatever SF is doing, you cannot knock them so far. The Lynch/Shanny pairing looks really good moving forward. In a single year they had a really, really good 2017 draft (top 3) and found their franchise QB for minimal compensation all things considered. SF has turned back into a FA destination and this very young team looks good moving forward.

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