NFL investigating leak of new Titans jersey

The NFL has a brand new whodunit on its hands.

According to the Tennessean, the NFL is investigating the source of a photo that purports to show the jerseys to be unveiled Wednesday night by the Titans.

Both the league and the team declined comment on the photo, which seems to be an inevitable development when an effort is made to generate thousands of jerseys for immediate sale to willing consumers but to keep them secret for as long as possible.

It looks like the photo comes from a retailer that is in the process of getting the jerseys ready to be made available to fans who will feel compelled to replace the outdated uniform with the new one.

The best news is that the new jersey looks good, if it’s indeed the new jersey. And it definitely seems to be.

25 responses to “NFL investigating leak of new Titans jersey

  1. I remember in 1999 when they revealed the new Titans jersey in their inaugural season. My older brother quickly said they looked like an NFL Europe team. Yet those jerseys grew on us over the years. My favorites were the ones that featured mostly the light blue with white pants, or white jerseys over the light blue pants.

    To be positive, I must honestly say this “leaked” jersey is a complete cluster, from the font of the numbers, the weird shoulder coloring, and that light blue on the sides. Stevie Wonder would have done a better job designing these uniforms. Bud Adams probably rolled over in his grave, bless his heart. Hopefully, it’s a sick joke. But seeing what happened to Jacksonville and Cleveland, it may not be.

  2. As a lifelong Oilers/Titans fan, I’m pretty sure I speak for 90% of the fanbase by saying how disappointing these jerseys are, if in fact they are the ones from the leaked photo. They are absolutely horrendous. Major disappointment

  3. magnumpimustache says:
    April 3, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    But yet still no leaks of PSI data.

    It’s hard to leak something that doesn’t exist.

  4. excluding their logo (which should just be a ‘T’ / sword, that circle and flame looks like a middle school doodle on a 3 ring binder if kids still have binders), i’ve always like the titans uniforms and the variety they get from the different combination tops and bottoms

  5. Did it not occur to anyone in Nashville that a jersey consisting of one solid color would be the best possible look? I always thought that Oilers-referencing light blue along the sleeves and shoulders looked amateurish, and now those shoulders look like the Cowboys alternate jerseys.

    There’s a reason people like throwback unis so much. Keep your look clean and bold and try not to add too many unnecessary details.

  6. mmack66 says:
    April 3, 2018 at 12:40 pm
    magnumpimustache says:
    April 3, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    But yet still no leaks of PSI data.

    It’s hard to leak something that doesn’t exist.


    Same with the “walkthrough tape” or coaches that admitted they have never taped their games under current filming rules the way NE always did it.

    The NFL lies and morons come running since 2007.

  7. Anything to misdirect you from the horrible product the Titans have put on the field since 2008…….from the head coaching carousel, multiple starting quarterbacks who can’t play an entire season without injury, currently on the third named sponsor on an aging stadium… the uniforms they wear really matter when they are consistently fighting for fourth place in the AFC South over the last decade????

  8. The best news is that the new jersey looks good, if it’s indeed the new jersey. And it definitely seems to be.

    What jersey are YOU looking at? Because the one in the picture certainly does NOT look good.

  9. That number font looks so tacky. Might be as bad as the Buccaneers alarm clock font. I wish teams would stop trying so hard with their jersey designs.

  10. “The best news is that the new jersey looks good”

    In what world does this look good Mike? The only visible red on the jersey when the players are wearing it will be the red Nike swoosh. There is a big, ugly Titans wordmark above the numbers like they’re some sort of high school football team. The number font doesn’t match the Titans wordmark. They have decided to go with a block of color down their sides which hasn’t been popular since 2005. It looked like garbage then and it looks like garbage now.

    Why hide those stars on the collar? Why not incorporate them into the design of the jersey? Also if you’re going to go with a greek style number font then at least go with greek styling on the uniform.

    It’s awful.

  11. Those are just hideous. And the NFL wonders why TV ratings are down??? Who would want to look at that, much less wear one or buy one?

    If you’re going to go all “uniform crazy,” at least do it with some color and style. I liked the World League of American Football’s Orlando Thunder jersery with the bright colors. Not everyone’s taste, but those had complementary colors and some pop.

  12. Not a Titans fan but their classic uniforms are some of the best in the biz, IMO. Fans go to the games in droves. Typical “it’s working so let’s change it” approach from the NFL.

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