Raiders hire Tom Shaw as strength and conditioning coordinator

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The Raiders finalized their coaching staff, announcing 24 coaches. It includes offensive coordinator Greg Olson, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther and special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia.

The Raiders announced they have lured Tom Shaw from Orlando to serve as their strength and conditioning coordinator.

Shaw founded Tom Shaw Performance, where he trained athletes at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando. He has worked with the Patriots and Saints, coaching speed and conditioning.

His four assistants include Jon Gruden’s son, Deuce. Kelsey Martinez, Rick Slate and D’Anthony Batiste are Shaw’s other assistants.

11 responses to “Raiders hire Tom Shaw as strength and conditioning coordinator

  1. I wonder how much more the NFL strength and conditioning coaches make over the college ones. Because if the pay is similar there’s no way I would do it on the NFL level when you’re competing with Brady’s quarterback Guru or every player’s Hometown personal trainer and what not. In college whatever you tell your players at the gospel and they got to do what the hell you say. In the NFL people have their own strength conditioning coaches. But if the pain pension are great I guess you just didn’t do the headache and try to help the ones that want your help!

  2. I don’t know how many times Greg Olson has to fail before the league figures out that he’s a … wait for it… FAILURE as OC. He even failed for US very recently, and we bring him back so he can fail for us again! We did the exact same thing with Greg Knapp (that name is a curse word in the Nation), and it was an unmitigated disaster.

    People will say “Olson’s not critical to success because Gruden will be leading the offense.” My response to that is: “You all said the same thing when Del Rio hired Ken Norton as DC – that Jack would be in charge of the D so Norton didn’t really matter.” So here’s the bottom line. Coordinators matter. Period. No matter what.

    This was the first move that tarnished the Gruden reunion for me. MANY more offseason moves have made the outlook even worse.

    Reggie McKenzie – the former “Executive of the Year” (only proves that sports writers have no idea what they’re talking about) – is going into his SEVENTH season, sporting a horrendous W/L record that would get ANY individual fired from ANY job in the real world, yet somehow still respected both inside and outside of The Nation for some insane, unknown reason…

  3. It’s funny how people always down-vote criticism of Reggie McKenzie.

    To those who down-vote – whether you’re Raiders fans or not – you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re probably myopic enough to look at Carr and Mack and think Reggie’s a genius. What a joke.

    Unfortunately for you, the record speaks for itself, and it condemns Reggie starkly. It cannot be debated in any logical or sane way.

    So continue the down-votes. I will continue to speak the truth nobody wants to hear. Praise for Reggie McKenzie cannot survive the light of day. I only need a single stat to defeat it beyond any and all doubt, and I can provide a LOT more facts than just that one. So don’t bother.

  4. @ringheadcrusher: Nobody will try.

    Debating a hyper caffeinated grom about Raiders football is not tops on my list.

    I’m not stoked with the offseason moves or Reggie’s track record, but I’m smart enough to know that it’s only April and they have yet to have the draft or play a game.

    Those are the facts and that cannot be argued.

    So don’t even bother.

    And relax, bro.

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