Ryan Jensen sees Bucs as team ready to win now

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The Buccaneers failed to live up to preseason hype in 2017 as they slumped from 9-7 to 5-11, but a newcomer to the team doesn’t think it will take long for them to swing back in the other direction.

Center Ryan Jensen signed with the Buccaneers as a free agent this month and said during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he thinks the team is positioned to have success in 2018.

“Looking at Tampa Bay’s roster, we’ve got a lot of young talent,” Jensen said. “We just signed Mike Evans back and everything like that, so I just felt Tampa, the way things are going there, that it’s going to be kind of a win-now type of a situation. And I thrive in that kind of situation.”

Jensen also mentioned the style of offense in Tampa as part of the reason he chose them over the Colts and the whole package was likely made more appealing to the former Raven when the Bucs offered him a four-year, $42 million contract. That deal will look like a very good one should Jensen’s presence help push the Bucs to the spot in the standings many thought they’d reach last year.

9 responses to “Ryan Jensen sees Bucs as team ready to win now

  1. He Must not know the Bucs rarely if ever have lived up to that hype…
    One doesn’t have to look any further than their QB {Captain turnover} to see their future is mediocrity…
    division cellar dwellars 7 out of the last 10 years … Browns of the NFC

  2. They can build on their record of 6 last place Division finishes in the past 7 seasons.

  3. They were a trendy playoff pick last year so I would hope they’re ready to win a full season after that disappointing campaign. I’m starting to think Koetter won’t be able to get them over the hump.

  4. The bucs are a team that every year thinks they are a high dollar free agent away from winning it all and it never pans out. Jensen gettin 42 million? Really? Let the guy start for an entire season before you make him the highest paid center in the league huh? This team is so far away every year and it’s so obvious, if you are a bucs fan the annual running joke is who are we gonna overpay for this year? Jensen you are the big winner.

  5. I hope they know Jensen was a one hit wonder. Dude was terrible every other year he played with the Ravens. He is a tremendous run blocker, but really pedestrian at pass blocking. He also gets penalties when he doesn’t control himself. They made him the highest paid center in the league, when he didn’t even break into the starting lineup until Yanda and Lewis went down this past year. He signed with the bucks for a paycheck. If the Colts would have paid him more, he would have signed there.

  6. Hard Knocks.
    Loss of Bye.
    21 of 22 starters injured.
    Starting QB injured most of season.
    Had to replace the kicker during the season.

    Any team going through all of that would under perform, and htat’s not even adding in Chris Baker, who cost them 2-3 games on his own.

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