Sam Darnold to work out for the Broncos this week


The Broncos have made it clear they’re willing to use the fifth pick in the draft on a quarterback, despite signing Case Keenum in free agency.

And they’re going to take a look at one candidate for that spot this week.

According to Albert Breer of, Southern Cal quarterback Sam Darnold will work out for the Broncos Friday in Los Angeles.

The Broncos are in an interesting spot, with at least two if not three quarterbacks expected to be off the board by the time they choose. They’re also on the Baker Mayfield world tour, and should be looking at all the top prospects so they’re prepared for anything when the first round starts.

11 responses to “Sam Darnold to work out for the Broncos this week

  1. Smokescreen to get more value for their pick. The team needs offensive line, TE and defensive line help. With the right picks they can be in the playoffs this year.

    If Denver takes a QB at 5, it should just admit it is not interested in winning now and trade Von Miller and Keenum and start the QB they draft.

  2. Only makes sense to draft a QB at #5, it’s not very often you get a chance to draft in the top 5 (other than Cleveland). They NEED to find a franchise QB, not a bridge QB or a prove it deal QB. You don’t stop swinging and missing after Osweiler, Siemian, and Lynch…

  3. amaf21 says:
    April 3, 2018 at 2:13 pm
    elway thinks he’s sooo cool…
    umm no. he is confident. he has been a winner all his life. and you?

  4. Unless Elway is convinced one or more of these QB’s are top end franchise QB’s he should look hard at Barkley, Chubb or milk the Bills to overpay to move up to #5. Many options for Elway and he should wait until the last possible moment to make the move he feels is best.

  5. Denver is doing everything they can to get teams in position at picks 1-4 to take QB’s. That way they will have their pick of non-QB’s at 5…Like Barkley.

  6. This team has regressed faster than the Seahawks, which is saying something. Trade the pick to Buffalo for a kings ransom and rebuild so that within 3-5 years you may be relevant again.

  7. Elway is licking his wounds after looking so average on his quarterback pick from last year’s draft. He looked rather silly trading up to take Lynch and now Lynch is in jeopardy of being cut.

  8. Should have signed McCarron instead of Keenum. Now the Bills have found the answer at QB while the Broncos are once again looking to draft a QB.


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