Browns bringing Lamar Jackson in for a visit as well


Before the Browns use another first-round pick on a quarterback, they’re going to do the legwork on all the top prospects, including one guy outside the conventional-wisdom top four.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Browns will bring Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson in for a visit next week.

The Browns are also having the usual suspects — Southern Cal’s Sam Darnold, Wyoming’s Josh Allen, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield and UCLA’s Josh Rosen — to their facility this week and next.

While most put Jackson at the top of the next tier of quarterbacks behind those four, the Browns want to get a thorough evaluation on Jackson as well.

“I’m going to do my due diligence on him,” coach Hue Jackson said. “I mean, we have to. The guy had a tremendous career at Louisville, so we’ll know about him as well.”

While it would be a surprise for Jackson to be the Browns’ pick, it’s also smart to do the preparation, if only to make sure they feel strongly about the one they ultimately choose.

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  1. Browns go Barkley then trade pick 4 to the Bills who take Jackson. Rosen falls to the Browns at 12 who can’t be stimulated by the real people of Cleveland.

    Rosen takes up tennis. Taylor plays all world and everyone is happy.

  2. They could stand to take Jackson at #33 overall if he lasts that long. Even if they draft QB #1 or #4. Or, if they think Jackson is the best QB in the class, then they should not hesitate to take him at #1 overall.

    You don’t risk missing out on drafting your favorite QB: you can’t take a franchise QB too high, and boggle what everyone else thinks. It’s awesome that Seattle found Wilson in Rd. 3. You bet they’d gamble missing him now? No. Hindsight is 20/20 and any team would take him No. 1 overall. Same story with TB in NE.

    If they take Jackson at No. 1 overall there will be jeers on draft night, but if he plays lights out (as you surely must believe he will in order to have taken him that high) there will be sweet chirping of crickets.

    The crowd clamored for Manziel at No. 4 overall. They erupted when he went later in the round. Two years later we were the laughing stock of the league for having drafted him at all.

    What the crowd and pundits say doesn’t matter, and they won’t remember.

  3. I’ve heard some teams have Jackson as the #2 QB in the draft. Of course all of this stuff needs to be taken with a shaker of salt.

    I don’t feel convinced that Darnell or Rosen are really the future of the Browns. I’d rather they took Mayfield, or even Jackson later in the first round, or maybe at 33 if he’s still there.

    If finding a QB was easy then half the teams wouldn’t need one. Look at how many come into the league every year and never do anything. Is this the NFL doing a poor job of developing young QBs, or is it really just that difficult to find a guy who can hack it?

  4. “The Browns are also having the usual suspects — Southern Cal’s Sam Darnold, Wyoming’s Josh Allen, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield and UCLA’s Josh Rosen — to their facility this week and next.

    While most put Jackson at the top of the next tier of quarterbacks behind those four…”

    What have I missed? I am so confused…

    What in Josh Allen’s Collegiate career made him a top tier QB? He’s only a 2 year starter who barely threw for 2000 yards last year and was terrible against bad Division 1A schools when he played them. His completion percentage was curiously low and he didn’t do anything to stand out against 2nd tier defensive talent? But because he has a big arm?!!

    Shouldn’t a player actually have to have a prolific NCAA career to be considered a potential top pick?

    How does a guy with such a mediocre career get thrown into the conversation for potential #1 pick?! Is this all because he had a good week at the Senior bowl playing against vanilla defenses that aren’t allowed to blitz? How’s that going to work when he has to play in a “real” game against NFL level talent??

    It’s no wonder that teams miss on QBs so often, because they overlook/ignore actual game performance (i.e. Mayfield, Jackson) for factors that really have nothing to do with how good a guy plays – re: height. I get it’s not easy to play QB at 5′ 2″, but ignoring an athlete’s outstanding game performance due to him being an inch or two under some imaginary benchmark is insanity, IMO.

    Based on actual game performance, Mayfield should be the #1 pick and it’s not even close!

  5. The poster that said “If finding a QB was [so] easy then half the teams wouldn’t need one” – Amen. Despite all the pundits – professionals and posters – the draft is far from a guarantee. While it’s bad optics to lose out on Wentz and Watson, neither one of them was a sure thing either. I feel even less confident about the “Top 5” in the 2018 draft.

    Browns need a QB – no question. Pats found their QB in Round 6. While I don’t suggest that Dorsey try THAT, I think they can stick to a best player on the board draft methodology and do really well. Plus, I think Taylor is going to surprise some people.

  6. One would think that it’s not a stretch that both Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Jackson could practice and run the same plays from the same play book. For me Taylor’s presents would also legitimize Cleveland’s interest in Jackson.

  7. Cleveland Browns is a death trap for QBs! If I’m a top 5 QB, I am telling my agent to stay the hell away from Cleveland. Look what they did to Kizer! Kizer has more upside than Rosen, Darnold, and Allen and yet the Hue Jackson and the Browns ditch him after one year. That would have cut Peyton Manning who stat line was that of Kizers. Manning stat line his rookie stat has to be one of the worst for a rookie starting QB; 3-13-0 – QBrec – 56.7% CMP% – 26 TD – 28 INT – 6.6 Y/A – 71.1 QB Rating compared to Kizer rookie stat line; 0-15-0 QBrec – 53.65 CMP% – 11 TD – 22 INT – 6.1 Y/A – 60.5 QB Rating.

    Look you don’t get the big money contract the like Stafford so why get tied down for 4 years and an option 5th year. Hue Jackson tries to come off as a great QB developer and offensive guru but can’t manage but one win in two seasons and Hue still has a job.

  8. Wow, the narrative is so disturbing surrounding a black QB. This guy is DeShaun Watson only quicker and faster! He also played against much tougher competition in college, with lesser talented teammates than Watson. Every team that passes on this guy will regret it in 2 years.

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