Giants ready to work with Eli Apple’s “God-given ability most people don’t have”

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It wasn’t so long ago that Eli Apple‘s days with the Giants appeared numbered, but changes to the coaching staff have provided the cornerback with a new start in New York.

“Day one is Monday and every guy that walks in that room, day one is Monday,” Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher said, via quotes distributed by the team. “So, whatever happened before, whether it was here or whether it was with a different team, guys that we draft, whether it was in college, whatever it was that has happened with guys, day one is Monday. Day one is the first day those guys walk in the building, and we’re going to build from there.”

The Giants drafted Apple with the 10th overall pick in 2016 for a reason. He has not lived up to his draft status in two seasons, but the new staff seems to believe they can get the most out of him.

“He’s a big guy; he can run; he’ll tackle and that’s the thing it takes to be a good corner, if you can get close in coverage,” assistant defensive backs coach Deshea Townsend said. “Everybody, every day, the one thing you can always control is your technique. We’ll work that daily. Tackling, you’ll work that. But he has God-given ability that most people don’t have. He’s 6-1, runs a 4.4, and he’ll hit you. So, that’s something good to work with.”

The Giants are leaving all the things that happened in the past in the past, with Apple getting a chance to move forward.

13 responses to “Giants ready to work with Eli Apple’s “God-given ability most people don’t have”

  1. If he doesn’t change his ways now, he will never get another chance, regardless of attributes. Bettcher is truly giving him a clean slate. He BETTER make the most of it.

  2. Elvis Patterson was supposed to be ‘that good’ and earned the nickname “Toast” for how often he got burned. Apple shouldn’t need coaching – he needs to get his head right, or else he’ll be the next overcooked-slice-of-bread CB for the Giants.

  3. bradygirl12 says:
    April 4, 2018 at 3:24 pm
    Between Apple and Beckham, that’s a lot of “God-given” talent that went to waste.\

    At least Beckham produces when he is on the field so its unfair to put them in the same category.

  4. Bust… I’m surprised that he’s coming back to the Giants. Sometimes you just have to admit that the player drafted isn’t that good and then cut your losses.

  5. Maybe you should ask the guys in the locker room if they want Mr Softee back on the field. I got no time for him unless he can check his fragile ego at the door and be able to take constructive criticism. Put his locker next to the kickers and punters until he shows he can play with the big boys.

  6. He’s right. It’s never been a problem getting Apple to hit people. Just have to teach him to stop doing it in coverage.

  7. I think he is one of the best tackling corners in the NFL. But he needs to learn to wait until the receiver has the ball.

  8. Giants ready to work with Apple’s god-given talent most people don’t have. Most people don’t play football. However, most every NFL DB has more god-given talent than Apple does.

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