Huge PFT Live coming Wednesday

PFT Live

It’s a non-Simms edition of PFT Live, so we’ve loaded the cannon with guests.

Wednesday’s show includes visits with Texans coach Bill O’Brien, Peter King of, and Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston.

Most of the show will focus on the news of the day, which continues to be the aftermath of the latest stunning NFL trade: Receiver Brandin Cooks, traded for the second time in little more than a year, this time from the Patriots to the Rams.

So dial us up at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio (SiriusXM 205), and then slide over to NBCSN for the final two hours of the show. Or keep listening to the radio broadcast. Or both.

And if you miss it, you can always catch the PFT Live podcast, which is available wherever podcasts can be found. Or something.