Manziel blames Browns for not realizing that he may be lazy

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Every time I think I’ve heard it all, I hear something else.

Quarterback Johnny Manziel, a failed first-round pick of the Browns in 2014, is now blaming the Browns for not realizing that they were drafting a guy who prefers to wing it.

“If Cleveland did any of their homework they would have known I wasn’t a guy who came in every day and watched film,” Manziel said in a visit to The Dan Patrick Show. “I wasn’t a guy who really knew the X’s and O’s of football.”

He’s right, but at the time the Browns supposedly should have been doing their homework, Manziel was doing everything he could to create the impression that he was fully committed to football. Manziel was so focused on football that a decision to visit the Nike factory in Oregon in February 2014 actually made waves.

So it’s now Cleveland’s fault for not realizing he was pretending to be something he isn’t?

America loves a good redemption story, and I personally hope Manziel rips it up in the Spring League and gets another chance to return to the NFL. However, for a guy who only has himself to blame for the various problems that have plagued him over the last four years, accuse the Browns of not seeing through his BS is a bad, bad look.

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  1. Kevin Sumlin enabled him at A&M.. he would’ve never gotten off the bench under some other coaches, never mind win a Heisman

  2. Saying that isn’t going to endear him to other teams, but he is right. Aren’t there a lot of players that act like they’re hard working and love football to get drafted high and sign a big contract and then once they get drafted, they are lazy? Of course, they want to make as much money as they can while they have the hype.

  3. When will you ever just let this loser ride off into the sunset. Nobody cares. he’s about as relevant to pro football as Ryan Leaf. Unless you have a Canadian edition why not just forget this delinquent exists?

  4. For a split second I thought Johnny was coming around.

    Fooled me once. Almost fooled me twice. Mr. Manziel looks like he’ll truly be a turd for life. I almost bought the act this time around.

  5. Its now his college coach’s fault? Go away! He was a good college player just hasnt been able to make the transition. Too bad for him that he’s still not focused.

  6. johnny is being a phony again. His PMT interview a few weeks ago was very telling in my opinion. Jounny’s got the stoolies all believing he’s turned his life around because he’s saying all the right things. For example telling mike rapaport to ‘quit being an a** all the time and turn his life around like he did’. PMT asked him one question that I thought was very telling. Essentially Johnny thought he was too good to play in Cleveland (when they drafted him) so they asked him if he’d be willing to go back. Johnny of course said no (ship has sailed etc.) But the way he said just screamed like he was still too good for Cleveland. Even though he set the team back another half decade and owes that franchise at least a little respect.

  7. Without listening to the whole interview and just reading the excerpt, I think Manziel is just letting everyone know what most already about Manziel and that was he has skills yes but he didn’t have the work ethic of a franchise QB, or a backup QB.

    So, yes he is taking a shot at the Browns but he also taking a shot at himself. I see no issue with what he is doing here. He was simply stating the obvious about himself and the Browns.

    I remember watching NFL network a few years back and I don’t remember who but a member of the Colts was discussing how Manning became their guy. He said they interviewed both Manning and Leaf. During their interviews they asked both guys the same question. I am paraphrasing but the question was, “what will you do if we pick you?” Manning said, “Lets get to work coach.” Leaf said, “I am going to Vegas.”

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize Manziel loved to party and he got in trouble a few times in College Station because of his wild ways. Leave it to the Browns to think that guy works hard in the film room. Half the things he did on the field was him improvising.

  8. Johnny Maziel Combine Statistics:

    4.68 sec. – 40 yard dash

    31.5 inches – vertical jump

    6.75 sec. – 3 cone drill

    4.03 sec. – 20 yard shuttle

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Deshaun Watson Combine Statistics:

    4.66 sec. – 40 yard dash

    32.5 inches – vertical jump

    6.95 sec. – 3 cone drill

    4.31 sec. – 20 yard shuttle

    I’ve never been a fan of johnny… but… his college talent was undeniable.

    Watson – 157.5 rating

    Manziel – 164.1 rating

    In two seasons… Manziel totaled more rushing yards than Watson’s three seasons.

  9. See even if that’s true (which it probably is) you never want to hear that from players, especially players who are trying to make a comeback into the league. It’s nobody else’s fault that he messed up, just him, and humility isn’t supposed to be half-assed. If you’re trying to show teams you have changed you don’t throw anyone or any team under the bus. You accept full responsibility for any mistakes or failures, even when it’s not your fault (which in this case it is).

  10. – NFL teams never take the word of a QB prospect, they always talk to the HC.
    – Simple questions: “How was Johnny’s work ethic? Does he know the whole playbook?”
    – There’s no real gray area for QBs here. Any negative answer is a huge red flag.
    – So basically, along with Manziel, Sumlin lied to the Cleveland brass.

  11. Dennis Carson says:
    April 4, 2018 at 10:25 am
    Saying that isn’t going to endear him to other teams, but he is right.


    No he isn’t “right,’ and the rest of your statement shows why. End of day plenty of players in the history of league put on airs to get that contract or in his case, a higher draft pick. He was totally enabled by his parents, his coaches, and others, and I would bet that they weren’t forthcoming when asked about his habits. Take Mora out of the equation and it is rare for a coach or former coach to be truthful in those situations, because that reflects poorly on them.

    Of course he wings it. But he is also a master manipulator. No, he is NOT right.

    That said, I don’t root against anyone. Like Florio, I hope he can make a comeback. But I also don’t think his skillset is a good NFL match.

  12. Good. A comment like this all but ensures he will never be on an NFL roster again and then we can all stop hearing about him for good.

  13. “they would have known I wasn’t a guy who came in every day and watched film,” Manziel said in a visit to The Dan Patrick Show. “I wasn’t a guy who really knew the X’s and O’s of football.”

    And this was the guy that was rumored to have a shot on the Patriots?
    Belichick: “How are you on watching film?”
    JM: “I aint really into that man, Im not a guy who really knows x’s and o’s.”
    Belichick: “ok then. Thanks for coming in”
    JM: “Thats it? Aint I supposed to work out or something?”
    Belichick: “Nah, we’re good”

  14. One would think this flake who claims he wants to restart his career would profusely apologize to the Browns, the city of Cleveland and the NFL for being a lazy, drug-addicted SOB, and certify that he’s gone through rehab and turned over a new leaf (NOT RYAN!!!)

    But no, he blames the team for not understanding he was a loser.

    That explosion you just heard was Manziel blowing up any chance of a career in anything, ever!

  15. You can’t choose who you love and Cleveland was blinded by that.

    So…DON’T fall in love with the player.

    It’s REALLY easy to see if someone is lazy or not. Last on line, last on the field, first off. Not to mentinon private investigators. You have a MULTI BILLION dollar business. Pay some schmoe $150 and hour to do HIS his job. Not to mention X’s and O’s.

    I think the whole world knew he wasn’t going to be the first one in last one out. Partiers are not that way.

  16. Context to the entire conversation is required to really understand how he meant it and where the entire conversation was at. With that said though even in the right light this still comes across as not being accountable for his own actions. As long as he blames others or says stuff like this teams will shy away.

  17. The Browns are well known for picking the best QBs…oh wait…I was so happy when the Browns grabbed him, so then I knew my team wouldn’t take him. Naturally Browns fans were pumped and told me I was clueless and clearly hadn’t watched him on tape. Good luck with Josh Allen…

  18. It was also his girlfriends fault for not knowing he was a drugged up psycho who somehow can lead police on a chase to where helicopters are called but not see a second of jail time.

  19. I’ve never been a fan of johnny… but… his college talent was undeniable.

    Johnny’s “college talent” was running around in circles and throwing a jump ball to Mike Evans. Gimmie a break. Mike Evans single handedly got Johnny drafted in the 1st rd and has the media believing that Winston is a quality starting QB.

  20. In a weird way he is right, they knew what he was when they picked him up. Nobody forced them to, and they even had NE’s leaked scouting report confirming it. Reminds me of Farbe laughing about not knowing what a nickel defense was after years as a starter in the league, although of course he also had talent.

  21. LOL at at all the fans who said “give him a shot. Low risk, high reward”. He’s a textbook case of a narcissist and an addict who lies so much he actually believes his lies and and good at convincing those around him to get what he wants. The truly gullible are the fans who are so desperate for a “feel good story” that they’ll whine to their teams to sign him.

    Besides his d-bag Texan affluenza attitude, he’s just not that good of a QB. How pissed will his receivers be when a play is called for him only to see Johnny running around “winging it”. That works against college players, but not in the pros.

  22. Instead of finding a way to blame it on the Browns maybe he should have just said he was lazy and worthless. That would have at least made him look better than blaming his total lack of maturity and laziness on someone else.

    His very slim chance of EVER making it back onto an NFL roster probably just went up in smoke. No team will EVER trust him again EVER. Who believes anything this guy says? Who believes this guy has changed? Who believes he only wants another chance because he’s broke? He just needs more money to get high and party like it’s 1999.

  23. I listened to that interview and if you hear the whole context of what he was talking about it wasn’t that bad. He does take responsibility and sounds like he’s thinking clearly and ready to go all out. He will get another chance with somebody.

  24. Really Johnny? You want to start blaming your former team for stupidly drafting you? Is that how you plan on getting back into the NFL? No team should take a chance on him until he proves himself in the CFL. I thought he was sounding all the right notes of contrition but this just strikes me as him not taking responsibility and not appreciating the trust the Browns placed in him.

  25. More than twenty teams passed on him. Of course Cleveland should have known who they’re drafting. ALL teams should know who they’re drafting. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incompetence in the league which is why the same handful of teams are always good, the same handful are always bad, and the rest are always shuffling around in the middle.

  26. I just saw a replay of Manziel’s interview on the DP show. He said he’s been sober four months…and had to think about it a long time. Wouldn’t you think someone who is truly serious about it wouldn’t have to think for five seconds about how long they’re sober? I was shocked that he said four months. Only four? I don’t believe him. He’s only saying what people want to hear so some team can give him a big contract. NOT going to happen. Even if he gets a contract it will have ZERO guaranteed money and the league minimum with most of the money coming in the form of roster bonuses so any team can dump him at any minute and owe him ZERO. Which is what he’s worth.

  27. Seems like the only thing this guy tries really hard at is giving people reasons not to like him.

  28. There are a lot of guys like him out there, in the private sector too. You know who the workers are and who the pretenders are…….sometimes too late.

  29. doctorrustbelt says:
    April 4, 2018 at 10:47 am
    Johnny Maziel Combine Statistics:

    4.68 sec. – 40 yard dash
    31.5 inches – vertical jump
    6.75 sec. – 3 cone drill
    4.03 sec. – 20 yard shuttle
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Deshaun Watson Combine Statistics:
    4.66 sec. – 40 yard dash
    32.5 inches – vertical jump
    6.95 sec. – 3 cone drill
    4.31 sec. – 20 yard shuttle

    I’ve never been a fan of johnny… but… his college talent was undeniable.

    Watson – 157.5 rating

    Manziel – 164.1 rating

    In two seasons… Manziel totaled more rushing yards than Watson’s three seasons.

    I guess I don’t get the point here. Johnny had the luxury of Sumlin/Kingsbury, offenses any decent QB would thrive in. He ran all over the place just to make a play. Works in college, not the NFL.

    Watson only ran (runs) when needed and has shown in the NFL his ability to make plays from the pocket.

    Johnny’s best bet now is to stop doing interviews and play football. If he’s good enough, he’ll make it back.

  30. It’s Manziel’s fault that Manziel sucked, drank, and drugged himself out of the league.

    It’s the Browns fault that they took him.

    Yes, the Browns paid 100k+ for a report on him, and it had plenty of red flags in it.

    He was a KNOWN knucklehead and put it on social media. He would party with anyone. He was chugging Fireball during bowl games and snorting cocaine with random people.

    Everyone knew he was a bum.

    Also if you looked at him on the field, YOU COULD TELL he was winging it. How? Let’s see… he was behind an all world line where 4 of his linemen ended up being 1st round picks. Yet he was running around behind it like a chicken with its head cut off. He had all day, but he was being an idiot, and then just chucking it up for Evans or Swope to catch. Evans of course, was the 7th overall pick.

    Fact is, Johnny’s right on this, you had to be Forrest Gump to not see what a trainwreck Johnny was.

  31. More than twenty teams passed on him. Of course Cleveland should have known who they’re drafting.

    More than 20 teams passed on Brett Farve, Aaron Rodgers, Dan Marino, Tom Brady among others. At some point the responsibility falls on the player to do his job and take it seriously.

  32. Just when He had People thinking he had changed, Johnny Football comes out and KILLS any chance he had of coming back. Couldn’t keep His mouth shut!

  33. Misleading headline. From that excerpt it doesn’t sound like hes blaming the Brown’s. Johnny has his part and the Browns have their part.

  34. And just when you thought Manziel had learned his lesson, he shows that he hasn’t learned the most important lesson in sports: shut up and let your play do the talking.

  35. Wasn’t this guy showing up Pro Days and trying to create the impression that he wants back as recently as a week ago? Does he think saying stuff like this is going to make a team want to pick him up?

  36. Johnny Football proving once again that he’s a self entitled little prick. It’s probably the Browns fault that he’s a drunk too.

  37. Yes Manziel has learned a lot sitting at home. His Pro days did nothing for his attitude.

  38. I would suspect every NFL organization has now done their homework on Johnny M. and have him pegged as a great burger flipper. NFL QB, no.

  39. Since he is on his comeback tour, I hope any team would ask him, “since he has admitted to being lazy and not working hard at all with the Browns, why should any team expect that he would work hard and do the homework required to be a good NFL quarterback in the future?”. His past actions have shown that he is lazy and will not work hard.

  40. Take no responsibility. Blame others. Lie about everything. Say so many dumb things, people think you’re nuts. Keep it up Manziel, and you could be our next president.

  41. People like to talk about distractions and lack of love for football when it comes to players with philanthropic interests and beliefs that differ from a significant part of the fan base, but those guys have never been considered lazy or not put in the work getting prepared to play. To me, this is a much more egregious example of someone who feels entitled and wants acomodation for a lifestyle that does not prioritize football, and it’s sad that a guy who obviously doesn’t love the game and doesn’t put in the work to maximize his talents will likely get another chance before a guy who works hard but is outspoken on substantive matters.

  42. After con men are busted, they blame the people they scammed for being stupid. Moral of the story: Don’t deal with a con man, once a con man, always a con man.

  43. Johnny BiPolar just blew any piece of a chance he had at a NFL return
    Probably won’t be invited to any other pro Days either

  44. If you listen to the interview the headline doesn’t tell the story. Sounds like he’s on the right path but needs a mentor. Could be the backup that saves a season

  45. Boys be boys – just attaining a particular age doesn’t make them men.

    It is possible Johnny Football may have become a man – possible but not likely!

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