Mike Shula: Odell “obviously a vital part of our offense”

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Tuesday’s trade of Brandin Cooks to the Rams may not put an end to all speculation about a trade involving Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, but the Rams had been the team most often linked to such a deal and Cooks’ arrival would seem to make their future involvement unlikely at best.

If Beckham does remain with the Giants, it’s not much of a mystery what kind of role he’ll be playing. He’s been the focal point of their passing game for most of his NFL career and offensive coordinator Mike Shula said that will remain the case as he and head coach Pat Shurmur build this year’s offense.

“He’s obviously a vital part of our offense,” Shula said, via Newsday. “When you have guys who can make plays and put points on the board you want to try to feature them as much as you can. You also have to realize you have other components and hopefully some more as we move forward through the offseason and the draft where we can put players on the field and we’re not going to be predictable. If teams want to try to take Odell away, then we’ve got other answers and good answers.”

There was a report that Beckham will not get on the field with the Giants or anyone else without a new contract, which will make his presence at the start of voluntary work next week something those around the team will be watching. Shula passed on any questions about Beckham’s status, saying he’s “learned over the years to avoid the swirls” while also figuring out that making Beckham the go-to guy on offense makes the most sense if he does show up for work.

14 responses to “Mike Shula: Odell “obviously a vital part of our offense”

  1. Obviously! Clearly! Don’t be silly, how could we ever think of parting with such a vital player? We never wanted him to go.

    (Silent cursing under breath)

  2. If Kawhi can basically sit and get paid a whole season because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his upcoming 1/4 billion extension……what’s OBJ gonna do prior to signing his next contract??

  3. You know how during the draft process they go into a ton of specifics when deciding on who to draft and what the risks are? Why would anyone trade for this guy and give him a monster contract? 20 million a year to make a fool of himself and make his team look bad? I hope he stays in New York and doesn’t get on the field. Then the Giants can suspend him for the season.

  4. Can’t blame him for holding out. He’s the best WR in the league and has been grossly underpaid for years. Sorry grocery baggers. This is big boy talk now.

  5. Amazing how many people think that OBJ is some goof-ball who the Giants should trade. Either Giants haters or simply not very smart.

  6. He isn’t lying, but it’s worth noting that when you have a player like beckham, a good portion of your office’s energy needs to constantly be dedicated toward supporting his ridiculous ego and sensitivity. Otherwise you are totally screwed as he blows up and ultimately costs the team wins. Screwed either way if you ask me.

  7. justintuckrule says:
    April 4, 2018 at 4:56 pm
    Can’t blame him for holding out. He’s the best WR in the league and has been grossly underpaid for years. Sorry grocery baggers. This is big boy talk now.

    So how many wins does that translate into? 18m worth?

  8. @justintuckoff

    Bro, homer much?

    AB, Julio and AJ Green come to mind when talking about the “Best” WR’s in the league and 2 of 3 of those guys don’t carry any haughty diva baggage that Odella Douche Bag drags with him, everywhere he goes.
    Thanks but no thanks

  9. Sounds like the Rams Beckum trade didnt work out so well so now they can come out and say how important he is to the team. Gee thanks. I would be kind of pee off too if I were him. They sure as heck didnt squash any rumors of a trade and come out and praise this guy as a fixture of the team going forward.

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