Ozzie Newsome: Robert Griffin III had a good workout, will sign next week

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Robert Griffin III is coming back to the NFL.

Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome confirmed today that Griffin worked out in Baltimore, impressed the team, and is ready to become a Raven.

“He came in last week, worked out, had a real good workout, and we were able to come to an agreement late yesterday,” Newsome said. “He will probably be here early next week to sign the deal.”

Griffin had one of the most precipitous falls in NFL history: In 2012 he won the rookie of the year award, led Washington to the playoffs, and was hailed as the NFL’s brightest young star. But he suffered a serious knee injury in that playoff game after the 2012 season and was never the same player again. After the Browns released him after one year in 2016, he was out of football for the entire 2017 season.

Now he’ll get another chance to show that he can at least make an NFL roster, although in Baltimore he’s slated to compete for a backup spot behind Joe Flacco. At age 28, he’s getting a shot at proving he still has something left.

80 responses to “Ozzie Newsome: Robert Griffin III had a good workout, will sign next week

  1. Good for RGIII. He finally accepted he is a backup and got a job. Hint, hint Colin Kaepernick…

  2. Not exactly the young gun I was hoping they would bring in to challenge complacent Flacco.

  3. Great tactical decision to nip the Kaepernick fiasco with Steve Bisciotti and Ray Lewis
    They can sell it to the community that they made a football decision

  4. Great news RG3! I’ve always thought he was a better QB than most give him credit. If he can get some real coaching on doing actual QBing stuff he can be a good one at least. Less legs, more arm/brains.

  5. “I need to know what physical Ryan Grant failed that RG3 passed somehow.”

    Really? Ryan Grant only “failed” his physical based on the 14 million guaranteed for injury in this preliminary negotiated contract. Based on his physical the Ravens wanted to renegotiate the contract and Grant declined.

    Its really kind of simple….try and keep up.

  6. From being the 2nd overall pick in the draft to backing up Joe Flacco. Just wow!

  7. hope he can make it back. I think his humble fall and wake up will help him going forward.

  8. I never really thought he was as bad as his haters claimed or as good as his fans claimed. This is probably going to be a pretty good, low pressure fit for him and the Ravens.

  9. I still can’t get the image of him in his first Browns game out of my head.

    3rd & 19 or something like that, he takes the snap and bypasses a wide open read underneath to improve field position (you know, because he’s “the best and just has to prove it”). He takes off scrambling with nowhere to go, and gets near the sidelines and can’t get rid of the ball (well, he could have but just didn’t realize it). Instead of just gaining his few yards and getting out of bounds to avoid a hit, or throwing the ball away and living to fight another drive, he decides to try and truck a defender on the sideline. Not even exaggerating, he literally jumps forward into the air and launches himself chest first into a defender who was standing right on the sideline. The guy wasn’t even trying to hit him, Bob just decided it was the thing to do for some reason. Gets injured on the play, hobbles off the field, and is out for weeks.

    That is the kind of sense and awareness Bob the 3rd plays the game with. He is just clueless.

    Good luck with that Ozzie.

  10. If Cody Kessler who was 0-8 with Browns was good enough to get a backup slot than RG3 1-4 with the exact same team is definitely good enough for another shot

  11. I don’t have a Dog in this fight, but; An injury can take a few years to completely heal. Going back too soon kept him from healing. Another year off may have helped.
    I wish him luck.. But for the haters, if someone praised you so much, threw Millions at you at 22 years old, you just might have a little attitude too.
    He WAS damn fun to watch.

  12. halfcentaur says:
    That is the kind of sense and awareness Bob the 3rd plays the game with. He is just clueless.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Bob the 3rd! hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Thank you for that gem.

  13. Why is it, when a man is down, all these bloggers pile on with terrible remarks? He hasn’t hurt any of them!

  14. RG3 is automatically one of the best backups in the league. His on field play was never an issue and as other people pointed out he’s the last QB to know what it’s like to win a game with a Browns uniform on.

    The fact that he’ll make dumb decisions to make plays that make him injury prone is what prevents him from being a starter level QB. He’ll get you to the endzone. His body parts will just be spread all over the field at the end of the play.

  15. Sign or draft whoever you want at QB. Joe is still the starter. Ozzie locked him in as soon as he came up with that cap friendly contract lol. No pressure on Joe cause he knows with that contract he can’t be moved

  16. Nobody here seriously expects RGIII to make the 52-man roster, do they? Please tell me you’re all smarter than that.

    If RGIII lasts more than two weeks into training camp, I’ll be very surprised.

  17. wtfru22, now you see the nature of people that can say things anonymously. I also wish him the best and I hope that he will keep his ego in check, listen to what his coaches and staff say and say very little to the media.

  18. Leave it to the Ravens to make controversial moves like this to get the fans all riled up.

    Well played Ozzie. Well played.

  19. “rexdarteskimospy says:
    April 4, 2018 at 12:56 pm
    Nobody here seriously expects RGIII to make the 52-man roster, do they? Please tell me you’re all smarter than that.”

    No I don’t, but when the 53 roster man is released – I expect him to be on it

  20. braddavery says:
    April 4, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    Meanwhile the NFL collusion against Colin Kaepernick is going strong. I hope he wins a billion dollars from these criminals.
    You sound like more of an expert in DELUSION than COLLUSION.
    Take a seat with Kaep. Thanks.

  21. mlhigh says:
    April 4, 2018 at 12:26 pm
    FlakeO and RGME on the same team? Man, that’s sad. Good luck.
    Your team trotted out Siemian and Lynch last year…shhhhhhh!

  22. If he can learn to protect himself, and to find open receivers, and improve his accuracy… He could be a decent QB.

  23. Washington deserves a ton of flack for what they did to RGIII. I don’t care if he wanted to play, he had no business being on the field wearing a knee brace in that playoff game his rookie season. That was stupid and short-sighted. And when he REALLY screwed his knee up and his speed was seriously compromised – well, we’ve seen the results.

  24. He would have been a damn good QB if it wasn’t for the knee injury.

    It’s not like they signed him for big money to take over the starting job.

    He could be a camp arm or a guy they may want to see what he looks like in case of injury at some point in the season.

    Good for him. Best of luck.

  25. wheywheyprotein says:
    April 4, 2018 at 12:16 pm
    Shanahan owes RG3 an apology


    LMAO you can’t be serious?? More like he owes Shanahan a thank you for dumbing his defense down so RG could even compete in the league….He also owes Shanahan an apology for being a diva and getting Shanahan and son ridden out of town

  26. He tried out last week and he will sign next week…

    Who is stalling, the team or the player. I wouldnt be surprised if rgme thinks he might get a better offer so he is dragging his feet. Or knee.

    Whole thing seems odd.

  27. Ozzie…really? RG3 backing up Flacco? Might be the worst qb room ravens had in a while…and it was flacco/mallett last year.

    Ravens fans had hope that Ozzie stepping down and Decosta taking over would bring us up to speed in today’s nfl, but it doesn’t look like the cheap, bad moves will stop.

  28. And people down vote me when I say the Ravens offense is a never-ending nightmare? Just look at who they sign folks. It’s been a rolling train wreck for 2 decades, albeit interspersed with 2 world championships. (And the first one was almost all defense and STs.) The rest has been a highlight reel in how NOT to design an offense.

  29. Kaepernick is better than RGIII, period. Is Kaep’s sentence about up? As desperate as Denver was for a signal caller, signing this dude was pigeon-holed immediately. He could pass the physical too.

  30. I don’t really think RG3 has what it takes to be an NFL QB.

    Having said that, he has only had a chance in Washington and Cleveland, 2 organizations with the most starting QBs in the last 20 years. No one has a chance in either of those cities as a QB. (Which makes what Cousins did even more impressive)

    So….good luck Robert and Baltimore.

  31. Haters are gonna hate and as a Skins fan I don’t like the Ravens but Griffin should be starting for an NFL team. I’m glad for and rooting for him as long as it’s not against the Redskins lol. This guy is just too talented not to be playing.

  32. @defscottyb:

    He couldn’t start for the Cleveland Browns. Do you seriously not get that?

  33. He took $1m for 1 year, better him than a $600k camp arm. Maybe he can recapture the magic.

  34. As a skins fan, as a human being, I hope this guy has a awesome redemption story. I can only imagine how tough the last few years were, and good for him for persevering! A lesser man would have quit.

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