Ravens will soon be signing Robert Griffin

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Last year, the Ravens wanted quarterback Robert Griffin III, but Griffin opted not to sign with the team. This year, the offer apparently stands — and the acceptance could be coming.

We’re told that Griffin will soon be signing with the Ravens.

A league source tells PFT that Griffin recently worked out for the Ravens, as part of a courtship that began last year. A contract was offered near the start of training camp in 2017, at about the same time the Ravens engaged in a public debate over whether to sign Colin Kaepernick.

Griffin spent last year out of football, after his lone season with the Browns. He spent 2012 through 2015 in Washington, a team that ultimately devoted three first-round picks and a second-round pick to acquiring him.

Griffin became the 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year, but a knee injury originally suffered against the Ravens derailed Griffin’s career. He was benched in 2015 for Kirk Cousins.

The Ravens haven’t ruled out selecting a quarterback in the first round of the draft, but Joe Flacco remains entrenched as the starter — in large part because his contract makes it virtually impossible for the Ravens to move on.

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  1. Good! Now we can stop hearing from the Kaepernick fans that it is “racism” keeping him out of the league. I would take RGIII over Kaepernick any day of the week because he is at least dedicated to football not trying to pursue another career on the side like Kaepernick the SJW activist!

  2. And do you think Joe is looking over his shoulder like he is gonna lose his job?? His base salary and cap hit will tell you who will be the starting QB regardless of who the Ravens sign or draft at QB.

  3. Man, this guy goes from a place where Qb’s go to die to a team with a dead Qb. Flacco’s would have been cut or at least have to battle for his job if his cap hit wasn’t so large.

  4. It’s hard for RGme to be picky when nobody else wants him. Highly unlikely he’ll even be on the roster come regular season. Him and Johnny Football will be headliners in the XFL. It still won’t earn them a ticket back into the NFL.

  5. Sure, a camp body – that they have been pursuing for over a year. Because that’s what most teams do.

    Give the guy a a break. He might not be able to ever overcome injury and brittleness but he did have the skills to get ROY honors and he is at least as credible as Osweiler or Glennon – both of whom have jobs.

  6. Joe Flacco is one of the most overrated QBs in the league. I’m surprised RGIII turned down the offer last season but he is wise to accept it now. Flacco has coasted on the Super Bowl win for far too long and he has to be one of the most vulnerable starters even with his insane contract.

  7. “Michael LaRocca, Business Editor says:
    ‘His career is so much more impressive than that of Colin Kaepernick…'”

    Right. Let us know when RGIII quarterbacks a team to the Super Bowl like Kaep did, and then we’ll talk.

  8. I think this adds fuel to the racism argument if you ask me. RGIII is a coverup and a way worse signal-caller than Kap ever was. There’s really no excuse for choosing one over the other if we’re talking from a football standpoint.

  9. culturecesspool says:
    April 4, 2018 at 11:57 am
    you know what I like in employees? Keep your mouth shut, head down and do your job. Thats why he was signed and not kaepernick. Simple

    Yes Massah!

  10. I hope RGIII is ready. I still think Joe is going to be the starter and actually have a better year then the last 2, because he is healthier. But I’m hoping RGIII is ready, so when Joe screws up he knows that his job is on the line. Nothing like that kind of pressure to make you be at your best.

  11. He can join the team as long as he goes by Robert Griffin. If he insists one being called Robert Griffin, III or RG3 then he has to go.

  12. Kap’s case is the way of the world. Have to think about all of the consequences even when you’re doing something for all the right reasons. Even though some of the owners may sympathize with Kap they won’t burn down the stadium for it. Kap could of found another way to fight for his cause outside of work and kept his job.

  13. rkt4mayor says:
    April 4, 2018 at 11:55 am
    Good! Now we can stop hearing from the Kaepernick fans that it is “racism” keeping him out of the league.

    If you’re actually paying attention and not just jumping to the race angle yourself, you would know that the Pro-Kaep folks believe not that he is being kept out of the league because he’s black, but because he refuses to keep his mouth closed like the good little boy people like you want NFL players to be.

    RGIII signing actually bolsters the argument that Kaep is being blackballed. RGIII is basically Colin Kaepernick without the accomplishments. Style wise they are similar, except that Kaep does everything better than RGIII.

  14. Pen to paper. Is there a reason or advantage to announcing a free agent signing a full week ahead of when you actually plan on signing him?

  15. This isn’t a bad signing. Flacco is relatively durable, so it’s not like RG3 will be starting anytime soon. As long as he’s humbled himself and understands his role, RG3 should be a decent backup.

  16. you know what I like in employees? Keep your mouth shut, head down and do your job. Thats why he was signed and not kaepernick. Simple

    Kaepernick kept his mouth shut, it was a silent protest. He kept his knee down and his head held high. He did his job better than RG3 ever did. He wasn’t signed because a bunch of whiny snowflake conservatives would throw a fit if he were.

  17. Flacco is not overrated at all at this point. Everyone is constantly bashing him saying how he blows. You can say he is overrated if everyone is gushing over how good he is. Obviously, this isn’t the case. I personally like Flacco and don’t think we have done him any favors with our signings over the past few years. He is clearly not a top 10 QB, but I think he can be a solid starter if we had any weapons surrounding him. Last year our offense actually starting putting up decent numbers which is mind-boggling considering we had only one legitimate WR that would be a #2 WR at best on other teams and the fact that we used our entire draft on defense.

  18. Good for him! I still wish he was starting for my Skins. He’s a great player and an even better person. Haters gonna hate.

  19. I honestly don’t know, but to me it seemed like he got a raw deal to start with, hope things work out for him

  20. Why is it that people have a problem with KAepernick’s anthem protest, yet they don’t have a problem with Roseanne Barr or her show?

    In case you don’t remember, in the 90s Rosanne sang the national anthem before a Padres game. She purposely sang off-key, spit and grabbed herself as part of the “performance”.

    So why do we give Roseanna a pass (ABC even picked up the Roseanne reboot for a second season), yet NFL owners won’t sign Kap because of the backlash of his protests?

  21. To hire RGIII when Kaep led the ‘49’ers to a Super Bowl, followed a year later by an NFC Conference Final berth, is just abject discrimination of whatever sort: punishing a guy for “taking a knee” when the NFL does the very same thing to conclude a game to acknowledge victory/defeat over an opponent — life’s greatest irony, huh! (…rolling eyes…)

  22. “Griffin became the 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year, but a knee injury originally suffered against the Ravens derailed Griffin’s career. ”

    Lets be real here. He derailed his own career by demanding to play in a system he was not suited for. The results speak for themselves.

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