Titans unveil new uniforms, helmets

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The jersey that recently made its way to social media is indeed the new home jersey of the Titans. The team unveiled the uniforms before a massive, outdoor Nashville crowd on Wednesday night.

The new look also includes a new helmet, with dark blue becoming the base color. The “T” logo appears to be the same.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota, tight end Delanie Walker, and safety Kevin Byard, along with several other Titans players, modeled the different variations — home, away, alternative home, alternative away, and of course Color Rush.

All three jerseys presumably will be available for sale soon, along with the new helmets.

27 responses to “Titans unveil new uniforms, helmets

  1. Now that the humor us out of my system I think the new uniforms stink.

    I always loved the sword logo, and we’ve ditched that from the sleeve for the nike logo. Great. How original. NO other team has that. Yeesh.

    Everyone ridicules the flaming thumbtack. So let’s keep it.

    The double stripe off the white helmets is gone, which was different and cool from most.

    The color rush jerseys are an abomination, then again most of them are.

    Very disappointed guess I’ll have some extra bucks in the pocket.

  2. Looked them up. They’re not bad I guess, at least as far as recent uniform changes go (Browns, Bucs, Jaguars). Have a hard time seeing them as an upgrade though.

  3. As a season ticket holder I hate the changes. We’ve always been the two tone blue, but not anymore. Nike has got to stop screwing up every team’s uniforms.

  4. That they kept that powder blue Color Rush onesie is proof how stupefyingly blind these uniform designers are. They aren’t good, but they’re new, so you’ve got to buy ’em! Let the rationalizations begin!

  5. i will always like the throwbacks even ordered a couple custom made recently…but they did well with thede the gray is sharp the navy blue helmets r sharp and they do look futuristic…looks like we just had to Titan Up! literally

  6. They had a chance to get rid of the flaming thumbtacks, and they chose not to???

  7. kohila79 says:
    April 4, 2018 at 10:07 pm
    They look like the Toronto Argonaut uniforms of the CFL.

    That’s and insult to the Argonauts’ uniforms.

  8. Not bad! The sword on the shoulders is pretty slick.

    The Titans old uniforms were horrible, likely because they came after the Oilers, who had one of the best uniforms ever.

    Still an upgrade, people will get used to them in time, definitely miles above the Bucs uniforms!

  9. Not as bad as some of Nike’s recent designs (Cleveland, Jax & TB) but still a big step backward. It looks like something a college team might wear.

    How much longer do we have to put up with Nike and their crappy designs?

  10. “Hey we aren’t selling enough merchandise. Change the unis a little so the fans will buy the same thing they already have all over again”

    That’s always the main reason any NFL team changes their uniforms

  11. Well played Titans management, you’ve diverted people’s attention away from the fact you’ll be below .500 again. Look at the shiny things Titan fan.

  12. One thing i love about the NFL is the lack of uniform changes, go back to the 70’s and you can obviously see the same classic uniforms.

    Its turning into the premiership (soccer) with all these uniform changes. The Buc’s have changed a few times (Granted i can see why they switched from those orange original ones) but the Titans – another new team are now switching once again. Just mostly to sell merchandise

    Shame the NFL allows this. Talking of uniforms how the NFL approved the Bucs and those ‘numbers’ on their shirts in that style, crazy

  13. I’m so glad I’m a Raider fan and don’t have to worry about changing uniforms!!!

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