Will Giants keep OBJ?

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With the Rams trading for a receiver other than Odell Beckham Jr., the question becomes whether the Giants will trade Beckham elsewhere.

The comments from new offensive coordinator Mike Shula suggest that they’ll move forward with this “vital part” of their offense. But the obvious remarks from Shula don’t really mean anything when it comes to what ownership or the front office will do.

The Giants have only a small handful of options. They can trade him. They can sign him to a long-term contract. Or they can kick the can through the final year of his contract, making a tag-and-sign, tag-and-trade, or tag-and-keep-for-2019 decision after the season. (They also could do it again in 2020, the last year he’d be tagged at non-quarterback money.)

The problem is that Beckham may be committed to staying away from all activities — voluntary and involuntary — until he gets a long-term contract that he deems appropriate. That would mean, at a minimum, no participation in the offseason program (which opens next week). Then the question becomes whether he’d boycott the mandatory minicamp and/or training camp.

However it plays out, it’s time for the Giants and Beckham to get on the same page, even if getting on the same page means agreeing to go their separate ways. That won’t be easy, because Beckham’s next team would have to be willing to give him a huge contract and to give the Giants a pair of first-round draft picks, at a minimum.

Besides, with the Rams out of the mix, who’s really left? The 49ers, maybe. The Chargers, ideally. The Patriots likely won’t be part of the process, despite the speculation and fascination.

Doing nothing may be the least viable option, which perhaps means that the bottom line will be a trade or a long-term deal. The Giants eventually will have to decide which of those two options they’d most willing to accept.

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8 responses to “Will Giants keep OBJ?

  1. With the rumblings that the Rams moved on from Odell because of his lifestyle, rather than the Giants asking price, I doubt anyone will commit that kind of money AND trade pieces that would be required to land him.

  2. I don’t know who is in his ear but they are leading him down a dark road to nowhere. He has no leverage and the people in his camp must be giving him bad information. You are not getting 20 mill and if your agent told you this he must using the same junk you had in that video. You can’t see that the Giants are toying with you. They put a price on your head that no team is gonna touch.

    Holding out is not a option for you. You haven’t made enough money and it only makes the situation worse. Any leverage you thought you had is out the window. Put a smile on your face, find some new friends and stay out of the spot light. After looking at your agents client list he has very little experience in high dollar contract negotiations or damage control. Play out this contract, find a new agent and hope you can get a long term deal.

  3. “The Patriots likely won’t be part of the process, despite the speculation and fascination.”. All the “speculation and fascination” seems to be originating from outside the Patriot’s coaching staff and fan base.

    So I would assume it’s just bored pundits dreaming up sensationalized blips to yell about during the doldrums…

  4. Yes they will keep him.

    He will play on the 5th Year option this year.

    If he behaves and Dave likes what he sees, he’ll Franchise him for the 2019 Season and try to work out a Long-Term deal

    If he doesn’t behave and Dave doesn’t like what he sees, he’ll Franchise him for the 2019 Season and try to trade him.

    WRs will be added to the mix if necessary.

    GIANTS hold all the cards here.

    Odell needs to screw on his head 100%, eliminate the distractions, and then maybe he will get paid.

  5. If Jimmy Garoppolo was only worth a second round pick, and he handles the ball every play, what’s a guy worth that maybe gets targeted seven or eight times a game? Maybe a 4th round pick if you have to give him a monster contract? There’s no way on this Earth that a wide receiver is worth two first-round picks unless it’s Randy Moss early in his career.

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