Eric Decker visits the Ravens

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Free agent wide receiver Eric Decker has been linked to a few teams this offseason but has yet to strike a deal. The latest report is that he’s heading to Baltimore.

Decker is visiting the Ravens today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

This week Decker said he’d be interested in a return to the Broncos, where he played the first four years of his NFL career. He then played three years for the Jets and last year for the Titans.

In 2017, Decker caught 54 passes for 563 yards and one touchdown. If he were to sign with Baltimore, he’d be joining a revamped wide receiving corps that has also added Michael Crabtree and John Brown this offseason.

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  1. While it’s cheapest to build through the draft good teams need good veteran leadership to help rookies learn how to be professionals and keep their eye on the end game. Decker would be a great asset to a team like the Cardinals who is seeking to find a new identity, has little money, and only a few Veterans left on the roster to help with the transition and be on field mentors/coaches.

  2. I can see him being a very good producer for Flacco, probably be a good reliable 3rd down option.

    -Steeler fan

  3. Can’t be mad at that. Decker is a red zone threat, Crabtree is a chain mover and Brown is the deep threat. If they can stay healthy that would definitely be an upgrade from what they’ve had over the past few years.

  4. This is all well and good if he sings, but if Ozzy and Co. do not learn to start drafting at certain positions better (WR, Safety)…well….UGH!!!!!

  5. I hardly think Decker is on “the FA trash heap.” Injuries aside this guy is still a 1000 yard receiver. Even last year when he only played 8 games he had 563.

  6. This guy has been cooked for years. Ever since he raided the Jets and dropped so many balls.

    He was more into attention in NY than playing.

    A complete tool.

  7. I kind of wish Decker game to the Vikings (my team). He’s a MN hometown guy. He’s very good. He was good in Denver, and for the Jets. I think his dip in play is more because of the Titan’s offense. The Titans are more of a run first, mobile QB type offense. Less opportunities for him.

  8. Will always remember Geno (Smith)’s “Brees-style, over-the-shoulder, breadbasket” throw to Eric Decker versus the Cheeseheads (Packers). Yes, peeps, Geno can throw nicely with good-to-better receivers like Decker. Best of luck, bruh.

  9. Jman is correct-we are the worst at drafting WR’s – and it can often be a “trash heap” in Free Agency – but I would do Mason, Bolden & Steve Smith all over again – they worked out very good for very modest money

  10. I don’t mind this at all. Redzone and 3rd down target to match with Crabtree. They need to draft a WR or 2 as well. No matter how good a WR is that is drafted it takes a year or 2 to really develop. Antonio Brown came into the league in 2010 and didn’t become who he is consistently until 2013. Decker, Crabtree, Brown, Perriman/Moore and then whoever they draft should work. (Hopefully they draft either Moore, Sutton, Kirk, or Ridley.)

  11. This guy has been cooked for years. Ever since he raided the Jets and dropped so many balls.

    He was more into attention in NY than playing.

    A complete tool.

    Another immature comment by the “fools” tool. Decker is still better than ht the ratbirds had lst yer.

  12. Since PI is still a spot foul I would like to see us draft a tall basketball player who can run really fast in a straight line.

    Joe Flacco

  13. For anyone who actually watched him last year, does he have anything left? From what I see, he played in all 16 last year but only started 8. Was this just game plan from Titans or is he cooked?

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