Manziel’s allegation of “toxic” quarterback room cries out for response from Brian Hoyer


Quarterback Johnny Manziel’s Wednesday interview on The Dan Patrick Show, part of an obvious effort to parlay lingering media attention into another NFL opportunity, included a misguided attempt to blame the Browns for not realizing that Manziel was conning them in 2014. Manziel also mentioned that, when he arrived as a rookie in Cleveland, no veteran quarterback was there to help him.

Apart from the fact that few veteran quarterbacks who face being supplanted by a rookie are going to willingly share the zealously guarded secrets of the trade like, you know, “watch film” and “work hard” and “pay attention during meetings” and “read the playbook” and “don’t go to a Cavs game during the week when you may be getting your first start,” Manziel separately took aim at the Cleveland quarterback room in a tweet responding to the initial PFT item regarding his comments.

“Draft a QB in the first round and put him into a toxic Quarterback room vs. what it was like my second year with [Josh] McCown,” Manziel said. “COMPLETELY different situation. It’s all about the right fit and mine in Cleveland wasn’t right. That’s just the facts. I also have nobody to blame but myself.”

If he has no one to blame but himself, why is he calling the quarterback room toxic? And what does this say about Brian Hoyer, who was the starter when Manziel arrived?

Hoyer has yet to respond to Manziel’s claim that the quarterback room was “toxic,” but the characterization cries out for a reply. Hoyer has an official, blue-checked Twitter page; he hasn’t posted anything since November.

We’re currently trying to track Hoyer down and get him either on the record or on PFT Live. And we’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears open for anything from Hoyer reacting to the fairly strong allegation made by Manziel.

Given that Hoyer currently plays for the Patriots, chances are that he won’t be saying anything. Or that if he says anything, it ultimately will be nothing.

54 responses to “Manziel’s allegation of “toxic” quarterback room cries out for response from Brian Hoyer

  1. My guess is Hoyer has too much class to respond to some former draft bust who doesn’t know when to stop talking.

  2. Chances are Johnny Boy was the one who turned it toxic.

    I’m all for giving him a second chance but dude needs to zip it.

  3. YOU are trying to make this a story. Hoyer doesn’t have to respond and probably shouldn’t. Manziel is spot on with his assessment of the QB situation in Cleveland back in 2014, today in 2018, back in 2002, etc.

  4. So Maniziel entered the NFL and claims he did not know that to be successful, he would have to watch tape and actually study his playbook? Why would any team sign such an absolute jerk and liar?

  5. Not a Johnny fan, but it was common knowledge Hoyer refused to help/mentor any other QB’s …… ….. Hoyer was the best QB on the team but felt entitled.

  6. I’m sure it was Hoyer that convinced Johnny Foosball to hop on a flight to Vegas instead of preparing for a game THAT Sunday.

    Total sarcasm.

  7. If I was Hoyer I wouldn’t even respond to the media circus Manziel is attempting to create. No doubt he wasn’t happy that Manziel was attempting to take his dream job of QBing his hometown team the Cleveland Browns. But, Manziel is a grown man and attempting to even highlight locker room politics in his misguided attempt to spread the blame for his disasterous decisions, is making him look bad and proving despite his talk that he still blames others and not himself for why he was cut and no other team has shown interest in him since. Just stop trying to talk your way back. Sign with the CFL and play your way back if you’re capable of doing so.

  8. Waynefontes son is right. Hoyer shouldn’t have to respond to questions like that unless he wants. Really would like to see Manziel get another shot.

  9. Obviously Cleveland has had their problems but why would you point fingers at anyone but yourself if you’re looking for another chance. Manziel still hasn’t grown-up. I wouldn’t put him on my team even if he paid me!

  10. “And what does this say about Brian Hoyer, who was the starter when Manziel arrived?”

    It says Manziel is full of it. Hoyer was the last Cleveland QB to have any real success there, with 7 wins. That’s practically like one of the good teams winning 13-15 games in a season.

    And I doubt Hoyer will respond. He will follow the Pats standard of not commenting on things players on other teams say.

  11. Say what you will about Brian Hoyer’s abilities as a starting QB, but the guy was an undrafted rookie who’s worked hard enough to stick around in the league for nearly a decade. Manziel was handed the keys to the kingdom and only made it two seasons.

    Johnny Football was on the four letter network about a week ago and sounded like he had actually learned something and was heading in the right direction. Now… not so much.

  12. I wanted to see him get another shot but holy crap man.. just shut up. Scouts and GM’s don’t care. The only thing they want to see is a quiet, well mannered, hard working, humble Johnny Manziel just man up and play 2 seasons of football without showing this side of him. He can’t even shut up long enough for them to start looking at him..

  13. The situation was soooo much better his second year that he learned to be a successful NFL QB…oh wait, he got worse and washed out of the league. I wouldn’t want to mentor this mental and physical midget either.

  14. It seems like they might have something this year maybe even enough to make it to 6 wins if their players don’t keep getting hurt or in trouble. Then again it’s the browns, who are like the 76ers were, but the 6ers made it through the rebuild, umm, the browns have been rebuilding since they lost kosar and more recently joe jurevicious. So while I wouldn’t have been surprised if the about qb room was toxic, what goes in and doesn’t become toxic either because they can’t draft or the front office is trash.

  15. Wait – so the QB room was toxic in Cleveland because of Brian Hoyer, yet Manziel has been talking to the Patriots about a possible job where he would be in the same QB room as Brian Hoyer once again? This makes zero sense unless he’s just lashing out because the Pats took a pass on him,

  16. Maybe it felt toxic because they called him out for (admittedly) not watching film? It’s like me saying my AP Calculus class was toxic.

  17. Why does this “cries out for a response”? To respond would be a stupid thing to do. Whenever two guys start jawing at each other through the media they both lose.

  18. The only quarterbacks who are going to help him are ones who are brought in specifically to help him… To the other guys, he’s just another arm they have to beat out to make the roster and/or start.

    Brett Favre didn’t embrace Aaron Rodgers. Joe Montana didn’t embrace Steve Young. Tom Brady didn’t embrace Jimmy Garoppolo. If the team wants a veteran QB to help out the rookie, they make that clear when they sign him, like the Bengals did with Kitna during Carson Palmer’s rookie year or Matt Hasselbeck with Andrew Luck in Indy.

  19. Oh man, Johnny might have Kaep’d himself with that interview. Why on this planet would a team even let him in the building to maybe just maybe figure things out on the fly…..he can’t lead grown men even if he does find his game.

  20. “I couldn’t understand why these professional football players didn’t bow down to Johnny Football – so, therefore, it felt “toxic”
    – Johnny Manziel

  21. I can certainly see where a kid who is more focused on partying than football would regard extended hours in meeting rooms as a toxic atmosphere.

    And for the coaches and his veteran teammates whose jobs are riding on wins and losses….I can certainly understand them expressing resentment toward an entitled rookie who doesn’t take the game seriously, who shows up late and hung over for practice and meetings, and who isn’t putting forth the effort to better himself and help the team win.

    Hoyer owes nobody an apology or explanation….nor should anyone expect one.

  22. Funny how in the very next sentence Manziel says “but that wasn’t his job to teach me (as a starting quarterback). Don’t really have much of a story if you report that part of the quote.

  23. People forget, but the Browns were on the verge of making the playoffs when Hoyer was starting. Everything went to hell when they dropped him.

    This “Browns are hopeless and always have been” narrative is a bit insincere since the above was only a few years ago.

    Bad leadership is what keeps sinking the Browns, not any player.

  24. Well Johnny, congratulations you just killed off any slight chance you may have had signing with New England. Some people just never learn when to simply shut up and get on with life. In itself this is not a killer blow to his future opportunities but given his past issues it just makes teams aware that really although things may have changed a little with him it is still not enough.

  25. Maybe Hoyer was simply too busy being the starting QB to waste time on some entitled clown who he perceived to be less than serious about the opportunity in front of him.

  26. Translation…it wasn’t my fault but in an effort to appear mature…I accept full responsibility for the impossible situation someone else put me in.

  27. kwjsb says:
    April 5, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Not a Johnny fan, but it was common knowledge Hoyer refused to help/mentor any other QB’s …… ….. Hoyer was the best QB on the team but felt entitled.
    The organization is responsible for getting a young player ready to play not the aging vet.
    If someone was brought in to take your job how willing would you be to get him up to speed faster?
    The vet shouldn’t sabotage the rook like Farve did to Rogers but help him? Please

  28. This kid ruined himself. Big fish in a little pond and the nfl showed him who’s boss.

  29. Why even respond. As the old adage goes. Don’t argue with a fool because then people won’t be able to tell who’s who.

    Also, Hoyer is under contract in the NFL. Manziel is a loser. Why even bother to care about anything this guy says.

  30. Billy Vegas hasn’t changed at all. Seen this same song and dance in Cleveland with the “I’ve changed” routine.he is right though, that locker room and and QB room were both toxic. They were toxic BECAUSE of Johnny Football. Showing up late, refusing to learn the playbook or practice, back talking the coaches and being more worried about posting drug and alcohol photos on Twitter. JFF created such a toxic environment that both Hoyer and the OC said screw this and left.

    The truth of Johnny Manziel is he is one of the biggest locker room cancers in NFL history. HE is toxic and clearly he HASN’T changed. Any GM that signs this clown is a fool, soon as he is on another team he will be back to posting photos of coke lines in bathrooms, more selfies of he and Justin Beiber drunkenly groping each other and he will yet again start faking concussions to fly to Las Vegas and party halfway through the season. Soon as he arrives and you don’t bow before him and hand him the starting job he checks out and lashes out like an immature child.

    I hope he is permanently blackballed from the NFL and Officially out of chances. He used them all up in Cleveland and doesn’t deserve “one more shot.”

  31. This is exactly why Johnny Footnote is paying for two quarters in a beer league, rather than being paid six figures to prove himself on a consistent basis.

    He won’t have to bother studying film or learning a playbook. Which, by the way, the Footnote has never done, not even at the college level.

  32. JM was saying and doing all the right things…. until now… huge warning flag….this interview exposes the fact he is an entitled little boy… any NFL team that brings him to camp is ignoring the signs… cowards always blame someone else…

  33. Who to blame???…At the end of the day, we must remember that it was Haslam who made the curious decision to install some Homeless guy as the director of their draft war room that year- #draftManziel

  34. smartcollegefootball says:
    April 7, 2018 at 1:58 am
    Who to blame???…At the end of the day, we must remember that it was Haslam who made the curious decision to install some Homeless guy as the director of their draft war room that year- #draftManziel

    Yeah – exactly. Why WOULD Hoyer go out of his way to help the entitled kid who was drafted to replace him, and who was obviously not doing the work.

    Manziel was a toxic choice by a toxic owner – Haslam forced Manziel on them (reports were that the football people wanted either Carr or Bridgewater) and after he turned out to be a disaster he fired Pettine and Farmer. I know some Browns fans call for anyone’s/everyone’s head at the drop of a hat, but Pettine and Farmer were NOT the problem. Haslam is the problem and I don’t have any confidence that he won’t screw things up again. It’s what he does. His ego won’t allow him to keep his nose out of it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the NFL should take the team away from him. Just because a fool is rich doesn’t mean they are capable of being a good owner. Bad ownership is bad for the NFL. Haslam is a fool and he (and the Lerners before him) is responsible for how terrible this organization is at the present.

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