Marquette King visiting Broncos

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The agent for free agent punter Marquette King said this week that his client wanted a chance to visit with the Broncos because playing in Denver’s thin air “is a punter’s dream.”

King is getting that chance to make his case to the Broncos that signing King would work for them as well. According to multiple reports, King is in Denver for a visit with the team on Thursday.

King is fourth among both active and all-time punters with an average of 46.8 yards per kick and had a net average of 41.1 yards over his five years with the Raiders. Those numbers made it a surprise that the Raiders parted ways with King after signing him to a five-year extension in 2016, although reports have indicated that King’s often demonstrative on-field personality rather than his punting rubbed Raiders coach Jon Gruden the wrong way.

Riley Dixon is the incumbent punter in Denver and parting ways with him would have no negative cap implications for the Broncos. The Vikings have also reportedly shown interest in King since he was dropped by the Raiders.

10 responses to “Marquette King visiting Broncos

  1. I dont really want him. The dancing makes me want to punch him in the face. Plus he’ll be more expensive than a normal punter, and Elway is pretty notorious for going cheap on the punter

  2. silvernblacksabbath says:
    April 5, 2018 at 2:27 pm
    Be careful! His ego may not fit in the building!
    It apparently didn’t fit in with the raiders either. Lol.

  3. This would be a great signing! Especially with Mile High altitude. He can become a really threat and help change field position with one kick. This is an absolute still thank you Raiders!!

  4. Again, Marquette King is thinking of 1 thing, himself. His agent said, is client wanted a chance to visit with the Broncos because playing in Denver’s thin air “is a punter’s dream.” Where is, I think I can help them win or they are a great organization. No such words. He doesn’t get it. Yes, I am a Raider fan, but when the game is on the line, like most the time in the AFC WEST, he wants everyone to look at him. Dont get me wrong, he can kick the hell out of the ball, but he can cost you a game with his antics. Wait till decides to call his own fake punt, and doesn’t get the first. Lets see what Elway thinks of him then. He is not win, place, just a show. Good luck Bronco fans. I know you love your team just we love ours.

  5. Great, exactly what I was afraid of but was predictable – one of the league’s best punters strengthening an AFCW rival. All based on a mediocre-at-best HC’s sense of ego.

    On the other hand, I guarantee that if Marshawn Lynch was cut, no other team would even bother to look at him (as was the case when the Raiders signed him last year).

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