Report: Broncos expected to shop Riley Dixon

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Now that the Broncos have signed veteran punter Marquette King, they are expected to shop Riley Dixon, Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News reports. However, since everyone knows Denver isn’t keeping Dixon, the chances of a team actually trading even a seventh-round pick are slim.

Few punters are drafted, much less traded, though Dixon was a seventh-round pick in 2016.

Dixon, 24, averaged 45.6 yards per punt last season with a 40.2-yard net. He had 23 punts downed inside the 20, three touchbacks and allowed one touchdown return.

In his rookie season of 2016, Dixon averaged 45.7 yards per punt with a 41.3-yard net. He had 28 punts downed inside the 20 and six touchbacks.

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  1. The cheap contract makes him someone to take a serious look into before he hits the marketplace. For instance; He is 12 years younger than Seahawk’s-Jon Ryan and 4M cheaper the next 2 years. Dixon’s contract is about 1.7M total for next 2 years. That makes him somewhat interesting. I would review stats and film, but believe His average punting away from Denver verses Ryan’s average is not as good. Hence, how valuable are those few yards per game as opposed to putting that savings into other areas? A few times the past season Ryan had moments that he looked average and that also needs review.

    Don’t get me wrong. Ryan has been great for Seahawks for awhile now. I just point out that perhaps bringing into camp this young fellow might be a good thing to consider.

  2. King is a damned good punter.
    A damned good punter is still the most replaceable guy on a team.
    A pretty good punter that doesn’t get 15 yard penalties and isn’t a distraction is way more valuable than a damned good punter that’s a headache.

  3. Broncos can hold on to him through TC if they don’t get an offer they like. Or he could be part of a draft trade deal.

    Kid is young, cheap, with a good leg. They weren’t getting rid of him until Chuckles surprisingly let King go.

    Someone will likely need a punter in the next few months, and will like his price and age. What unsigned vet out there is any better?

  4. Riley Dixon’s Stats for 2017:

    Punts Yards LG AVG NET
    Home 31 1418 60 45.7 43.0
    Away 42 1913 58 45.5 40.0

  5. Headline: “Elway shops punter”

    Reaction: “Elway’s arrogance knows no bounds!”

    Headline: “Elway breathes”

    Reaction: “What kind of god does he think he is? What a terrible GM, the nerve.”

    Let it go, guys. The guy is just shopping a punter, sheesh.

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