Report: Russell Wilson’s “camp” interested in Seahawks’ interest in Josh Allen

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The Seahawks need a backup quarterback, but a team drafting Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen isn’t selecting him as a long-term backup. That’s why Russell Wilson‘s “camp” took notice when General Manager John Schneider attended Allen’s Pro Day.

According to Jim Trotter of NFL Media, agent Mark Rodgers or someone else representing Wilson called the Seahawks to ask “if there is anything we need to know” about the team’s scouting of Allen.

Trotter said it means nothing for this season.

But Wilson has two years left on a four-year deal worth up to $87.5 million deal he signed before the 2015 season, and the sides are expected to begin discussing an extension after this season. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times speculated that the Seahawks’ interest in Allen and the reaction to it by Wilson’s camp could mean both are casting an eye toward future contract talks, which could become contentious.

Whatever the reason, no one has to speculate about what a big year this is for coach Pete Carroll, Wilson and the Seahawks. Seattle has made changes to its offensive coaching staff, with Wilson getting a new offensive coordinator and a new position coach.

Carroll said at the owners meetings last week that the hope is new coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and quarterbacks coach Dave Canales help Wilson become even better.

“He is still in the middle of his formative years, and he’s got improvement ahead of him,’’ Carroll said, via Condotta. “I know he sees it that way as well, and we’re pushing to keep finding that. The new relationship with Brian is going to be really important to him. Brian is going to challenge him in many ways, and Russell will challenge Brian in many ways. It’ll be really good for both guys, and we’re all looking forward to it. We’re just trying to get a little bit better.”

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  1. A little off the beaten path, but not a bad idea to get a starting caliber QB to develop cheaply before you have to re-sign Wilson to a $150 mil contract next year.

  2. It makes sense for every GM to scout a QB who is likely to be selected by the Browns, because it means that QB will likely be cut by the Browns.

  3. Seahawks fan here. Wilson is a great player with an quietly large ego. That said, last year was a good year for him because the defense didn’t prop him up for the first time in his career he had to do it on his own all game. The team didn’t make the playoffs but it was maybe his best year development wise into a pro, as odd as that sounds. But as all teams with emerging qbs go to, the window shortens when you have to pay him after the rookie deal. Loss of Lynch a couple years back set him back.

    Seattle could get a Kings ransom right now for Wilson since he is signed two more years. He’ll be getting $30m a year as Rodgers will sign his deal before that and so will others.

    All this with the scorched earth mentality Carroll is showing means anything is possible.

    Cleveland and their two early pick first rounders from this year for Wilson?

  4. Perhaps the Seahawks took notice Wilson has serious accuracy issues unless he’s improvising on the run. He’s screwed if they ever got a good O Line.

  5. They told Russell… “You should have seen this kid, tall as an oak, good athlete, great arm! I guess that comes from being so TALL. Scored at 37 on the Wonderlic, what did you get Russ? But my God, he was so TALL!”.

  6. Do it, Seattle…put a cherry on top of this implosion of an off-season by second guessing the only bright spot on the team 😂

  7. Well Schneider is from the Wolf-school, he knew how to pick ’em (Favre, Brunell, Hasselbeck..)

    .. and doesn’t this seems like something the Seahawks would do at this point?!

  8. Wilson has a history of taking breaks from football to try (unsuccessfully) to play baseball, so why wouldn’t Seattle start grooming an eventual replacement?

  9. No chance in hell they draft him , they don’t have the draft capital to trade up from 18 . He’ll be gone way before then .

  10. And I’m sure Seattle’s “camp” is interested why Wilson is so interested in playing baseball.

    I’m sure the Seahawks are looking for a QB who doesn’t need an all time great defense to help them get to the playoffs. Defensive players have been leaving and the record has been getting worse.

  11. Russ threw some high balls to start last year but anyone talking about his “accuracy” issues is way off base. Dude is 64% career completion % (just a smidge higher than the GOAT Brady)and a 98.8 career passer rating (just a smidge higher than the GOAT Brady).

  12. They’re just doing their due diligence at Wyoming’s pro day. Wyoming has like 5 players with draftable grades. Especially OT Ryan Cummings. What are they supposed to do when Josh Allen is working out? Not watch or leave?

  13. Owner Paul Allen wants a QB with the same last name. Should probably get someone in the pipeline since backups haven’t panned out there in a while.

  14. Seattle trades Wilson to New England for 1 1st round pick & 3 2nd round picks. One day later Seattle trades 2 1st round picks and 2 2nd rounders for the Giants No. 2 overall. Tom Brady announces retirement.

  15. Wilson can’t read a defense, he doesn’t go thru his progressions, one read and run

  16. Russell Wilson is not going anywhere. The Seahawks DO need a viable back up QB. One that won’t cost much and one who may be used for significant trade value in 2-3 years (See Jimmy Garoppolo). And also, Russell has had no more involvement or interest in baseball this year than he has the past several years, other than one unsuccessful at-bat in an exhibition game. This is a meaningless story. Russell is the guy in Seattle.

  17. We don’t know what Schneider is thinking, but it’s his job to evaluate all players. Some of the great QBs in history became available after striking out with the team that drafted them. Favre, Steve Young,
    Brees, Plunkett. Its a good idea to be prepared, when that happens. A guy like Allen might need specific coaching, and he may or may not get that by the team that drafts him. They might give up on him. Usually the teams picking early dont have the best environment for a young raw QB to thrive.

  18. Why pay $20 million a year for a quarterback if he cannot take you to the playoffs? Wait. Teams like the Redskins and the Ravens have been doing just that. Seattle therefore will join these teams and struggle with the salary cap year after year.

  19. Penny-pinching Mode does not really need a backup qb that will cost them a first round pick. The reason is that even a healthy Russell Wilson cannot get the team to the playoffs because the rest of the team is simply mediocre. If he is injured, what is the chance that a rookie qb can get the team to the playoffs? If they draft a QB in the first round, then Petey and Snide are pushing the Reset button on the qb position.

  20. How come when a guy has 2 years left on a contract, we start playing the deserve game. How about stick to the Aaron Donald best defensive player in the league on his last year being woefully underpaid not trying to add 5 million on Wilson’s contract.

  21. Just a thought, but if Cleveland gave up their first two picks and say a second or third next year…I might be okay with trading Wilson. Then it makes sense to be scouting quarterbacks.

  22. When will Seahawks fans admit Wilson sucks???????HE CAN’T READ A DEFENSE, ONE READ AND RUN ….CLOWN SHOES

  23. Fact: Settle was second in the league in passing yards in the middle of the 2017 season, and Seattle was in contention for a playoff spot. Wilson was leading his team in rushing and he was being talked about as an MVP candidate.

    Fact: Seattle ranked 12th in the league in passing yards for 2017. That means Seattle was worse than 12th in the league in passing during the second half of the season.

    conclusion: Russell Wilson had a terrible slump to end the season, even though many fans bury their heads in the sand and blame the kicker Blair Walsh for the team missing the playoffs.

  24. Seahawks have only one QB under contract for 2018. It would be unconscionable if they didn’t look at possible QBs in the upcoming draft as part of their overall due diligence.

    Also, I have heard for the past 8 years that there is competition at every position, all the time. That helps keep the starters sharp and allows for players like Russell to beat a veteran for a spot on the team or to start. Getting a quality backup that in a few years can have significant trade value, or assume the helm, is good business practice. I, for one, want Schneider to aggressively try to find better players for each and every position on the team. If that isn’t every GM’s goal, they are inept.

  25. jackedupboonie says:
    April 6, 2018 at 10:51 am
    How come when a guy has 2 years left on a contract, we start playing the deserve game. How about stick to the Aaron Donald best defensive player in the league on his last year being woefully underpaid not trying to add 5 million on Wilson’s contract.


    Well, it’s the way the business side of the game works. Teams ask players to renegotiate/restructure or cut players still under contract all the time. Players don’t always have any kind of leverage, so when they do they try to take advantage of it.

  26. Does anybody not comprehend that teams try to workout players they think may enter their division as well? Allen fits the prototype QB mold that the Cardinals are interested in and he could be the top QB on their board. Bringing him in and working him out gives them a chance to get familiar with him ahead of time.

    Not that hard of a correlation to make

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