Who are the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL?

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With Robert Griffin III joining the Ravens as a backup quarterback, inspiration arrived quickly and easily for Thursday’s PFT Live draft.

Who are the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL?

The obvious No. 1 pick is the backup who became the Super Bowl LII MVP. And since I always give Simms the first pick in each of these drafts, he pounced. (For a change.)

To hear the rest of the slate, check out the video attached to this post. And drop any comments below regarding whether you agree, disagree, whatever.

PFT Live returns on Friday morning. If there are any specific topics you’d like to suggest (i.e., are willing to let us steal), list them below.

39 responses to “Who are the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL?

  1. Based on value, it has to be Brissett. Cheap young QB who was thrown into the fire behind one of the worse offensive lines, little run game and an even more uncreative offensive coordinator in Rob Chudszinki. He threw 7 int’s in 15 starts and finished as PFF’s 29th best QB last year. For the price some career backup QB’s are signing or mediocre starting QB’s, Brissett is a bargain

  2. it was old big bird himself derek anderson for the carolina panthers.

    when cam would go down in would come an equally freakish but mechanically inconsistent gunslinger. but andersons starting to show some rust.

  3. vargavarga says:
    April 5, 2018 at 6:49 pm
    Hands down Brett Hundley!!
    Deshone Kizer!!

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  4. I think the serious answer is Nick Foles. He will go back to being a backup when Wentz comes on board – yet was the SB MVP in February. Other than that, unfortunately the backups could be competing with the starters on about half of the teams in the league.

  5. Why in the world would the signing of RG3 make your brain go to the best backup QB?

    Remember when the Skins were down by one score and he deliberately threw the ball over everyones heads out of the end zone on the last play of the game…then said he did it because nobody was open?

  6. Why aren’t there many good back ups in the league?
    1. NFL teams don’t want to pay a talented QB2 because they see it as a luxury and not a necessity. How many Dallas seasons were ruined by their lack of a back up? How badly did the Raiders season end two years ago because of Carr’s injury?
    2. In many cases the ego of a failed/aging starter makes them bad back ups. A guy like Jay Cutler would rather retire than be a back up, and as much as everyone loves to make fun of Jay, he would be a fine back up now at the end of his career.
    3. Starters pay days. A former starter really doesn’t need the money because they cashed in already. As easy of a life that a QB2 has, playing golf everyday and taking the dog for a walk on the beach is easier.

  7. Nick Foles is far and away the best backup in the NFL and all you homers know it! So why name anyone else?

  8. It’s Foles, but he’s probably starting the season for Philly and will get a huge payday somewhere. He’d be a perfect fit in AZ. Too bad the Cards couldn’t pull that off. I wouldn’t feel bad about trotting Josh McCown or Trevor Simeon out there if I was a HC. Cassell or D. Anderson could win you a game or two. Drew Stanton is an underrated player. Tough dude.

  9. Considering the Vikings only hired their starter recently, I think any of the Pro-Bowl caliber quarterbacks they had under center for the last three years would qualify as best back-up. We’ll see how smart their all-in decision turns out to be, compared to the 98.3/3:1 guy they sent packing.

  10. Keenum and Foles are the best backups. Everyone gives Foles more credit because he won a Superbowl. But how long did he actually have to hold the fort down? 4 games against pretty bad teams? He finished the Rams game, but they had the game I hand already pretty well, he played the Gians, the Cowboys, really nobody good. Keenum, was the backup and Played……..ALL YEAR! He was in 15 games and brought the Vikings to the NFC championship. He had to beat really good teams. It’s hard to even think if the Eagles would have made the playoffs if Foles had to play all year. We’ll never know. Foles was clutch when it counted thou.

  11. For my top five current I’d go:

    Matt Moore would be 3rd on the list if he was on a roster.

  12. Great story. Funny video.

    “That is why they (the Packers) don’t have a back up worth a crap.”

    “He (Aaron Rodgers) is so sensitive he is sensitive if you call him sensitive.”

  13. cheeseisfattening says:
    April 6, 2018 at 2:08 pm
    Great story. Funny video.

    β€œThat is why they (the Packers) don’t have a back up worth a crap.”

    β€œHe (Aaron Rodgers) is so sensitive he is sensitive if you call him sensitive.”

    It’s a great story……..if you tell the entire story. “Aaron Rodgers is greatest I have ever seen play the game. It’s impossible for him to feel threatened by any back-up.” The quote you provided came from a Viking homer talking head. The quote I provided came from an ex-NFL quarterback.

    Call me shocked that’s what you went with.

    I call it Fake News, from the Fake News king. Some things never change.

  14. Clearly half of you don’t understand what a backup is and the other half are trying to make jokes. Keenum was not signed to be a back up, he was signed to be a starter. A quality backup is a guy that isn’t good enough to be a franchise QB or starter on most teams. They are vets that have starting experience. They are guys that can go in an not lose the game for you.

    Obviously Nick Foles tops this list. After that there are a few solid choices. Brisset, Fitzpatrick, either of the Jets QBs (healthy Teddy or McCown,) Colt McCoy, Trevor Siemian. I also liked McCarron last year, but like Keenum, he may have made that jump to starter. Also, you want a guy that can run the same system. RG3 to the Ravens makes 0 sense. RG3 to the Panthers or Texans would make a lot more sense.

  15. The quote you provided came from a Viking homer talking head.
    Both people in the video would be considered talking heads since, well, they are heads talking. Another Packer fan not using a term exactaly. I am not shocked.
    More accurately would be one of the talking heads was an NFL QB and the other talking head was a lawyer turned journalist.

  16. All jokes aside, Foles is the best right now due to his recent performance. Brissett is a goo backup, and he’s been effectively the starter for the Colts lately. Derek Anderson in Carolina and Matt Moore in Miami have good the last couple of years, but showed a little rust in their last performances. Colt McCoy in Washington has also had some success coming into games, though it’s been a while since we’ve seen him and he’s a bit older.

    What you want from a good backup is someone that you can trust to handle the game in a pinch. Solid, if not spectacular, performance. If my guy went down, I’d trust these current backups the most to come in for my starter:

    1. Foles
    2. Fitzpatrick
    3. Hoyer
    4. Siemian
    5. Glennon

    McCarron and Keenum are starters right now, and Brissett may as well be considered one at this point. All of the above guys have experience in starting games, and experience in winning them. Remember, this is not a list of good starters (though Fitzpatrick in particular has had a few great performances as a starter, if you actually bother to look), it’s a list of good backups.

  17. whatjusthapped says:
    April 8, 2018 at 2:50 pm
    Kurt Cousins


    That’s funny, how about Aaron Rodgers, you cheeseheads need to work on your humor.

  18. I don’t think Mike’s original question (differentiating the best back-up QB from the QB you’d like on your team) was a a dumb question. I can think of several reasons why a coach or GM might not want a good player. For example, 1) legal problems, 2) team chemistry.

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