Commissioner will still call names on first night of the draft

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As the draft continues to make major changes, one key aspect will stay the same: The assembled crowd will have the ability to boo the Commissioner, loudly.

Per the league office, Roger Goodell will continue to stride to and from the podium, calling out the names of each of the players taken in the first round of the draft on Thursday night, April 26 in Arlington, Texas. He’ll adhere to the ritual despite concerns among some within the league’s power structure that it’s not good for The Shield when Goodell feels like he should be hiding behind one in such a public setting.

As the draft becomes even more of a spectacle (this year, the first two nights will be broadcast by FOX, NFL Network, and ESPN), the crowds get larger and the boos necessarily become louder. With the draft happening this year at the Cowboys’ home stadium, and in light of the league’s decision to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games last season, the locals in attendance will feel even more compelled to make plenty of noise each time the Commissioner makes an appearance.

Last year, the league tried on the second night of the draft in Philadelphia to use fan favorites like Ron Jaworski to serve as a buffer for Goodell. It didn’t work; Jaworski was cheered, and Goodell was booed. By day three, Goodell was no longer to be seen.

For his part, Goodell seems to not be bothered by the booing. (At times, he welcomes it.) Still, the league needs to ask itself whether it makes sense to essentially embrace such hostility on one of the biggest nights of the year. Others could easily be found who would be greeted by the crowd with praise and adulation. At some point, someone may need to persuade Goodell that this would be a much better look (and sound) for the NFL.

86 responses to “Commissioner will still call names on first night of the draft

  1. Goodell will call out names and the fans will call him names. Seems like a fair exchange.

  2. Awww man, Goodell sucks, he’s a criminal and he’s ruining the league. Let’s boo every time he makes a pick!
    Ok, that’s out of the way so the rest of you can skip the commentary.

  3. By day 3, Goodell was nowhere to be seen? When has the commissioner EVER announced every pick from round 1-7? I don’t remember that ever being the case, so why are you trying to make it sound like he was “hiding from boos” last year? They’ve NEVER done Day 3 drafting like round 1.

    But booing and negativity is exactly what people will do whether he’s up there or not. Just like Kristaps Porzingis being booed by NY fans when he was drafted because they wanted Emmanuel Mudiay so badly lol, now he’s their idol.

    People will boo and be negative no matter what you do. You could draft a guy who will go on to be a franchise changing talent, and if it’s not the guy that some random know nothing fan read wrote in his mock draft, he’ll boo. Who cares.

  4. It’s a lose lose situation for him. If he doesn’t show his face, the media and fans will tear him apart for breaking tradition and hiding for fear of being booed.

  5. With the second pick in the 2018 draft the New York Football Giants select ,,,,,,,,,,Shaquon Barkley,,,running back Penn State !

  6. “Still, the league needs to ask itself whether it makes sense to essentially embrace such hostility on one of the biggest nights of the year.”

    And if Goodell were to take this advice and not appear, he’d be accused of hiding from the negativity. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  7. Goodell may be calling names at the podium, but the crowd will be calling HIM names when he makes an appearance. He is, by far, the most reviled sports commissioner I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  8. Pretty sure it doesn’t bother him especially when last year he came out the first time and said “C’mon Philly. Is that all you got?”

  9. That is the best laugh in Kevin Costner’s Draft Day movie when Roger Goodell goes out to call the draft picks to cheers and applause.

  10. Everyone attending the draft should wear the Matt Patricia shirt that shows Goodell with the clown nose. Goodell the clown !

  11. As much as many of us dislike Goodell, he seems to be having fun with the booing and so do the fans. It could become a thing. “Here he comes – get ready to pop up your middle finger.” That would add a little life to the party and we can have a laugh before NFL Network, Fox and BSPN proceed to bore us to death with all their talking heads yakking.

  12. I like it when former players call the named especially when they butcher it! Lol plus if I was a kid who got drafted I would want my draft pic with the legendary player instead of Goodell.

  13. Just another rich, egotistical jerk who knows that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    Now, had he been a man of integrity, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

  14. Edward Halverson says:
    April 6, 2018 at 7:35 pm
    The draft is right up there with watching grass grow.

    Hehe. I have been watching for over two decades. It’s a cerebral part of the game featuring team building and strategy. I can see how some people might not be interested, much in the same way they choose to read comic books over classical literature.

  15. Yes, yes, yes. Goodell needs to be arrested, walk the plank, give him the guillotine. There you go pat fan, no need for any of you to respond. It’s getting really old anyways.

  16. Loathe him as I do, announcing the picks in the first round is the ONE thing he does that he SHOULD be doing.

  17. tylawspick6 says:
    April 6, 2018 at 7:58 pm
    the only cheating commissioner in sports history, caught numerous times only to still remain employed


    Kinda like Belichick

  18. He is being a stubborn jerk. The focus should be on the draftees who have waited their whole lives for that moment. Instead, he’ll be stubborn and keep marching his dumb behind up there and take the focus off the players and put it on him.

  19. Cheering is for winners. Booing losers is for fun. It’s like bullying, but it isn’t called bullying when it’s Roger.

  20. Watching Goodell get booed at the draft, and seeing Gary Bettman booed during the Stanley Cup presentation: two of the annual highlights of spring for me.

  21. The NFL should not be pumping the Sunshine in. This is a game of conflict. These are big boys. They can take it. It’s healthy. Let them boo. They boo during games too. Gonna ban that?

  22. You are all being played. You always need a bad guy to concentrate on. Goodell is a bargain for the owners to keep him out front and hated. That way they don’t concentrate on the other issues. You know, like head injuries or something!

  23. I attended the The NFL Draft for 16 years, 98-2014 and every year regardless of who was up at the podium they got booed….if you were not a Giant or Jet you got booed…..Tagliabue was booed just as bad as Goodell , the idea that he should let someone else do it is ridiculous….Your favorite player/team/coach got suspended,fined or was on the receiving end of bad officiating ? You Boo, it’s an opportunity to let it out as we have no say in anything else….it’s a right of passage to have him available to be booed…..The idea that it’s not a good look for the league is agenda driven…..I only wish they had officials announcing some picks or Chris Collinsworth and is utter ignoring of atrocious officiating and bias play by play that takes place during games up there, so he could get some of the boo’s . Tradition is paramount.

  24. The joke of booing Goodell is getting old. He’s done nothing wrong and just about everything right. A lot of fans aren’t old enough to remember the player strikes . That right there puts him at the top as one of the best commissioners ever.

  25. oh thank you lord jesus. i was worried for a second that my son and i wouldnt get to share in our anual tradition of watching his hero mr goodell call out the draft picks. im so grateful that isnt the case. bless u roger!

  26. Do people still watch the draft? It must be the fanboys. Sorry, got a job, kids, family and the internet that I can catch up on the results at night. Gessh, get a life!

  27. The NFL is a business, so what other business has their president or CEO hug new employees?
    Goodell is creepier than Harvey Weinstein.

  28. If they boo him, he should be like, “With the 19th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select…no one, because I just forfeited that. Goodell out.”

  29. The league should be embarrassed. It isn’t. The league should care that 90% of NFL fans despise Goodell and the state of the league over the last 5 to 10 years. They don’t. More reasons for me to continue not to watch.

  30. As disappointing as it is, the visceral voices of the fans just don’t hold water with the owners. Despite what they would have us believe, Goodell’s measure comes with their balance sheets, and he’s pumped a ton of cash into the league. I think he’s a bum, but clearly his bumbling, scheming and lying ways just don’t phase the 32 billionaires he answers to. Hope the boos are strong this year. Give him hell, Dallas.

  31. Booing the commissioner is every American’s God given right, and he knows this. It’s when football officially begins for me!

  32. “If he thinks the Philly fans booed him, wait until the Dallas fans get through with him!”

    I realize the Cowboy fans are staunch and prideful when it comes to their booing, but you have to put together a concerted effort to top the Philly fans. Those guys can really let you have it. Man.

  33. How about NFL Acknowledge that Goodell is a Public Nuisance and is an Absolute P.R Nightmare. Although he has needed to be FIRED for years, the Owners Love him. It’s BEYOND time for a New Face of the League.

  34. v2787 says:
    April 6, 2018 at 7:29 pm
    Goodell may be calling names at the podium, but the crowd will be calling HIM names when he makes an appearance. He is, by far, the most reviled sports commissioner I’ve seen in my lifetime.


    Not necessarily—Fans of small market NBA teams HATED David Stern, he liked only the Lakers and Boston (big TV markets only). We Spur’s fans booed him when he presented the Spurs Championship Trophy 5 times!

  35. Since this is getting to be a much bigger TV event now, the NFL is going to move to make it more of an entertainment spectacle. I predict within the next three years Rob Riggle will be announcing the picks and he’ll probably have a bit worked up for each one. We’ll probably be missing Goodell then.

  36. I am but one fan out of millions so nobody cares about what I think. So for what it’s worth I don’t want him on stage. He is an embarrassment!

  37. Goodel has increased the value of the NFL tenfold since he took over, the owners are making more money than they know what to do with, the TV contracts are now in the billions with a B, and you guys think the owners are worried that some fans who shell money to watch the draft live are booing him?

    Small minds. The owners just renewed his contract for almost 40 million a year because it’s all about the money.

  38. filthymcnasty3 says:
    April 7, 2018 at 10:28 am
    Hey Rog, the Vikings pick is pronounced -B-U-S-T-.


    Packers traded their first round pick to the Browns so the could pick King, who? Hurt most of the year and biegel, who? OLB who recorded 7 tackles last year .45 tackles per game. Those guys aren’t busts in packer world. In fact both will be in the HOF just ask any pack fan.

  39. Whoever is up there the fans will boo. Why?
    Because they have been drinking. It gets kind of old.

  40. He is the leader of the protests against our great country for his company. I’m guessing that will help out his bonus.

  41. Goodell hates football and constantly works to ruin it. Enjoy your crashed ratings, anthem protests, and endless concussion lawsuits. It’s all part of whatever his plan is.

  42. We’re taking about PROFESSIONAL sports entertainment, right? OK then, the boos are just part of the fun. We boo the “bad guy”, it’s part of the “script”.

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