Mason Rudolph has busy pre-draft schedule

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Most conversations about quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft generally cover the first four, and then Lamar Jackson, and then the rest.

But Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph could have something to say about that conventional wisdom, based on his travel schedule.

Per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Rudolph has a busy slate of visits or workouts without nearly as much attention.

He’s visiting the Bills (who pick 12th and 22nd) this weekend. He has also either met with or had workouts for the Chargers (17th), Saints (27th), Giants (second and 34th, unless they trade), Steelers (28th), Patriots (23rd and 31st) and Bengals (21st).

The presence of so many teams looking for an eventual replacement rather than an immediate starter is interesting, since Philip Rivers and Drew Brees and Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady aren’t getting any younger. The Bengals can’t be so in love with Andy Dalton that they can’t think about a future without him, while the need in Buffalo is probably more immediate.

Rudolph has prototypical pocket quarterback size and was certainly productive in college, and might be drafted much higher than anyone anticipates simply because of the law of supply and demand.

12 responses to “Mason Rudolph has busy pre-draft schedule

  1. I saw a couple reports where they thought he was the best of this bunch. This is the guy I worry about missing out on – him going to the bills or dolphins or any other team and being the stud of the class. Time will tell

  2. IMO, he’s more Day 1 ready than any of the QBs ranked ahead of him. Someone’s gonna get a steal later in Round One or early in Round Two….

  3. I really really hope that he is available in round 2 for my Cardinals.. Won’t be mad if we take him in round 1 to be honest… I watched him play against my Ole Miss Rebels at the Sugar Bowl. Was impressed then. Followed him a bit after that. He is legit… Please Keim, don’t miss out on him…

  4. He’ll end up climbing higher than expected. I think (and hope) Buffalo takes him at 12.

  5. This guy is better than Josh Allen, yet Kiper, Mayock and the rest of the so-called “analysts” would have you believe otherwise.

  6. I see him having a similar path in the NFL as Kirk Cousins. Big names like Luck Griffin III, Tannehill, Weeden, Osweiler, Wilson, and Foles all go ahead of him, but who’s laughing his way to the bank today?

  7. I would rather the Bills take him or Jackson at 12 instead of trading away a plethora of draft picks for the next Tim Couch,JaMarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf etc. Build other positions such as the Oline and give the QB more time and support him with a running game or get some Dline help and get him more turnovers and a shorter field to work.

  8. further f he is a stud…we could have had him at 6 and prolly even traded down and still got him and saved all the 2’s 🙁

  9. Please let 5 or more QBs go in the top 13 picks that would make me very happy.

  10. Buyer beware. This happens every year. All of the film is reviewed, combines are done, pro days are done, and a general sorting out occurs. Then, the rumors and PR starts, and some players formerly thought to be day 2 or 3 players, are suddenly the new hotness. Fearing they will miss out or that they overlooked something, or just trying to outsmart everyone, teams outsmart themselves. That initial determination of a players worth is usually the correct one because it is based on evidence, not feelings. But hey, some teams can’t get enough of these kinds of picks in an effort to raise flagging ticket sales. The results speak for themselves. I’m talking to you Jets, Bills, Browns, etc The difference in most of these players will be in their development and coaching. And for QB’s, a lot will depend on the big uglies up front. An average NFL QB with a great o-line can look great, and a great QB with an average o-line can look like a bust. You guys load up on QB’s. I’ll be hoping my team loads up on big uglies on both sides of the line. It makes the QB choice a lot less risky, and gives whatever choice you make a lot better chance to work out.

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