Report: Saints signing Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

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Restricted free agent wide receiver Cameron Meredith visited with several teams recently and one of them is making a bid to sign him away from the Bears.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Saints will sign Meredith to an offer sheet. The Bears will have a chance to match the offer, but will not be due any compensation if they opt to let him go after tendering Meredith at the lowest level this offseason.

Schefter reports it is a two-year deal worth around $10 million.

Meredith missed all of last season with a torn ACL, but had 66 catches for 888 yards and four touchdowns during the 2016 season. Chicago’s wide receivers coach that year was Curtis Johnson, who now has the same job with the Saints and likely put in a few good words about his former charge as the Saints plotted their course.

The Bears were faced with a similar decision earlier this offseason when the Packers signed cornerback Kyle Fuller to an offer sheet after the Bears used a transition tag on him. The Bears chose to match that offer and we’ll have to wait to see what choice they make this time.

21 responses to “Report: Saints signing Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

  1. Where the heck is Kevin White? If White can produce at even 50% the level expected from a top 7 draft pick, then a WR group of Robinson, Gabriel, Meredith, White would be respectable.

  2. I’d match it, he’s an intriguing guy. He was a QB in college and put up over 800 yards in only his second year as a WR with guys like Hoyer and Matt Barkley throwing to him and Dowell Loggains calling plays. There is a lot of upside, seems worth the risk

  3. vicnocal says:
    April 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Where the heck is Kevin White?


    I think he’s working on his own line of walking boots.

  4. Ravens FO=SLACKERS
    They do more harm doing nothing than their latest moves and that’s scary.

  5. Actually, If you know the story, Meredith was UNBELIEVABLE for a FIRST TIME former QB playing WR in the NFL (AS A #1 WR – vs #1 corners – & thrown to by crap QB’s) There have been some great all time WRs who were converted QBs.

    They should keep him. There’s no WR free agent left with his potential upside. And, there are more valuable positions to draft IF they get Meredith back.

  6. Less than the deal they gave Markus Wheaton last year. Pace needs to match this immediately. Not a bad price tag for a guy that showed a ton of potential pre knee injury. Bears should know medical on him better than anyone. Hope he sticks.

  7. if he down to be a big dawg and play a little split end ill take him. michael thomas is th eonly guy we got who can catch a 50/50 ball ANYWHERE on the field

  8. I hope the Bears match. I like Cameron and want to see him have a chance to come back from his injury and wear the navy blue and orange again.

  9. vicnocal says:
    April 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Where the heck is Kevin White? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

    Probably on IR.

  10. Second nice contract someone else worked on for the Bears this off season. They should immediately match and send the Aints a nice gift basket.

  11. For those that wonder where Kevin White is; He is working out and getting ready for his last year on the IR.
    Major bust!!!!

  12. I’m picking the Saints going to the Super Bowl this year with or without this guy. It’s a no-brainer for him to want to be part of that and having his numbers go up with Brees putting the ball right in his hands. But… it’s all in the Bears hands for now.

  13. The Saints lack draft capital this year and the bears have 7 picks but do not have a 3rd round pick. New Orleans should have negotiated and offered a 3rd rounder and/or swap other picks for this guy, and they may have had a shot at getting him.

    Instead, Pace is allowing Meredith to set his market to ensure he doesn’t over pay him.

    No chance the Bears allow a receiver that hasn’t hit his prime, if he stays healthy, walk, without compensation.

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