Steve Spurrier to coach Orlando team in Alliance of American Football

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Steve Spurrier, the College Football Hall of Fame coach who was decidedly less successful in the NFL, is giving pro football another go.

Spurrier announced this morning that he has accepted a job as head coach of the new Orlando franchise in the Alliance of American Football, a rival league that will begin play in February of 2019.

The announcement was carried live on CBS, which will televise AAF games starting the week after next year’s Super Bowl.

The 72-year-old Spurrier brings instant credibility in Florida, where he was first a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and later a national championship-winning coach for the Florida Gators. Although Spurrier had a disappointing 12-20 record in two seasons in Washington in the NFL, he said he’s eager to help develop young players in a minor league.

“If a player is in our Alliance and he gets to go to the NFL, we’re going to shake his hand and say good going because he can make a lot more money in the NFL,” Spurrier said.

Also promoting the league on CBS this morning were Charlie Ebersol, the founder of the league, and Hines Ward, who is serving as a consultant.

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  1. I hope this league provides good exposure for some of the QB’s who otherwise would not have been able to get onto a football field. I don’t even look at it as a need to develop QB’s as much as is will be an opportunity for QB’s to actually play, and be evaluated. So they need to keep the rules and everything else as close to the NFL as possible. If a small group of “fans” wants to watch fighting or wrestling, they already have that. Signing Spurrier is a great move. That will get a lot of football fans’ attention. Also, I don’t consider Spurrier a failure in the NFL. He worked for a franchise where any HOFer would have failed. That’s not on Spurrier. This guy was as good a coach as anyone, college or pro.

  2. He’s getting a paycheck and access to many golf courses… For a 72 year old retired guy, this is the best of both worlds.

  3. I think it is more than just developing QBs – there are 21 other positions on the field that win football games, and no QB wins (read that, NONE) without most if not all of those 21 other positions doing their job and doing it well. I see this league as a developmental one for all of them. If these athletes can develop skills that eventually launch them into NFL careers I’ll take it. It’d be a better proving ground than the combine or artificial “pro days.”

  4. Competition is always good when the only product available has gone stale. Between the AAF and XFL, it should push the NFL to get back to quality football

  5. So, how many new leagues are there going to be? AAF, Spring League, XFL? I don’t see any of them making any real money.

  6. 23 skidoo, and a downfield wedge, and a Statue of Liberty play………coming right up!

  7. Michael LaRocca, Business Editor says:
    April 7, 2018 at 8:26 am
    Bandit Ball!
    Clicked on the article to post that exact phrase and there it was on the first comment. Kudos.

  8. They didn’t let, The Donald, have a team did they? If they did will they wear orange?

    Nah, they didn’t want the league to go bankrupt.

  9. This is going to be a very interesting league. I will watch it for sure. This will be a feeder league for the NFL, but the NFL should have done this very same thing years ago. Their are so many soccer clubs out there in Europe that basically all you have to do is walk out onto the field to play. Taking away ‘leading with the helmet” was/is a great move by the NFL. Football can be played without leading with your head. When I was playing Pee Wee football back in the 70’ we were taught to lead with our heads and “STICK EM”. I got knocked out cold at a practice and was later sent back on the field when I didn’t even know what planet I was on. I didn’t remember going home, I didn’t remember throwing up in my family toilet, nothing. And it was just “time to go to practice” the next day. I can’t wait till football is a safer sport. Why they don’t put padding on the outside of the helmet (which has PROVEN to reduce impact dispersion by their own data). Then we can see some hitting again!

  10. Ok, i just googled it. I’m not the bill belichick of football knowledge but I’m almost certain you need more than one team to hold a game?

  11. Spurrier was actually a very successful professional coach in the USFL and had the second-highest number of wins in that league’s history behind Jim Mora. People always say he was an unsuccessful Pro coach because of his tenure with the Redskins, but never point out that a slew of other coaches had losing records under the ownership of “Danny Boy” Snyder including Hall of Farmer Joe Gibbs in his return after Spurrier left.

    This should be fun to watch!!!

  12. Important questions –

    1. Will they know what a catch is ?

    2. Will the allow actual tackling or if a player “lowers their head” will said player be ejected?

  13. I never quite understand why these rival leagues or a D-League don’t make it. They say the top 1% of NCAA players play in the NFL….if you had a league of guys from the 97th-98th percentile of the NCAA, wouldn’t that still be a pretty good level of talent? I mean, simple mathematics say that should be a better product than college ball….yet it never seems to be, and I’m not even a huge NCAA guy. Blows my mind.

  14. I saw the announcement and was surprised they didn’t tell us the name of the team – like the Orlando Ocelots or whatever. Or are they not going to have names besides there city name?

    (Please name them the Ocelots – that would be original, and comedy gold.)

  15. I wonder if the Vikings could finally win a championship in that league.


    I wonder with your management if the Rodgers will ever win another championship in this league.

  16. The old ball coach will back sure he gets more ink than his his players. Sickening. Give a young coach an opportunity, you had your day in the sun.

  17. Well, that confirms my theory that the NFL is funneling money to this league to stop the XFL. When that’s complete, the Alliance league will dissolve. Apparently the NFL is the only monopoly allowed in the USA.

  18. I’m very happy to learn that they are not going to play at Camping World Stadium (in the middle of crack town). Games will be played at Spectrum Stadium. Home of my UCF Knights (and just minutes away from my house). Maybe I can get my same seats!

  19. truevision21 says:
    April 7, 2018 at 9:08 am
    They didn’t let, The Donald, have a team did they? If they did will they wear orange?

    77 158 Rate Thi

    …It must be tough having Trump live in your head 24-7

  20. forever disgraced himself by quitting on his sc team mid-season to run from a losing record. arrogant wise guy who couldn’t back it up.

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