Titans think uniform unveiling event shows that Nashville should host the draft

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When the Titans unveiled their new uniforms at an event in Nashville on Wednesday night, a huge crowd estimated at 20,000 people showed up. And the Titans think that bodes well for the way the city would support the NFL draft coming to town.

Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk told the crowd at the event, which also included a free concert and fireworks, that she believed they had proven that Nashville is a city that would turn out in large numbers for the draft.

“Wow! I am just blown away by this,” Strunk said. “I think Nashville needs to host the NFL draft! What do you think?”

Nashville is one of five finalists for the 2019 and 2020 drafts, along with Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Cleveland/Canton.

The NFL is trying to turn the draft into a major offseason event that brings out huge crowds and keeps the league in the national sports conversation year-round, and so the league would be very pleased to see that Nashville could turn out such a crowd. If 20,000 people will turn out to see a redesigned jersey, a whole lot more than that would attend the draft.

34 responses to “Titans think uniform unveiling event shows that Nashville should host the draft

  1. Those uniforms are garbage. Looks like the Titans, Jags and Bucs jerseys all in one. I liked their old jerseys. They should give Houston the Oilers colors and name back if they wanted their own identity. I just can’t get behind the Houston Texans. It should be the Houston Oilers.

  2. Without a doubt, it should be in Kansas City. It aligns perfectly with a dominating, championship caliber team that is being assembled there. 2020 is going to be special in KC with a Super Bowl title, then the Draft. Oh Yea !!!

  3. My daughter’s last birthday party was a great success; doesn’t mean I’m ready to host the Oscars…

  4. Ugly uniforms. Sick of teams going to navy and black. Nike uniforms are a disgrace!!!! When will they got out of the uniform design business???? It won’t be soon enough!!!

  5. Has anyone thought of the fact that these uniforms are very similar to the Texans, and they will have to play eachother 2 times a year? Everyone on the field has a navy helmet and navy pants… Could that get hard to watch or cause more int’s?

  6. Georgia Florida Line, one of the most popular acts in country music performs a free concert in it’s capital that draws 20k and that indicates Nashville should host the draft?? Just curious, if the Rolling Stones did a free concert in London how many people do you think would show up?

  7. I really do not understand the pageantry required today. Everything has to be some stupid celebration so that dumb people will show up and spend their money. It’s like the everybody is special and gets a trophy mentality has morphed into this kind of thing. New shirts?…woohoo, let’s throw a party. Wife knocked up?…gotta do some sort of stupid reveal. Kid passed 3rd grade?…graduation ceremony! Coming out of the closet?… Press conference to announce your personal preferences to the world. Surprise! Look at us! Don’t forget to like our facebook post, tweet, instagram, etc.

  8. Kansas City and Denver are both AFL originals (KC as the Texans for a year in Dallas). If Vegas were to get to hold the draft over them, even though the Raiders were also an AFL original, I’d be flipping tables. Vegas should be at the back of the line. Quite honestly, while they and Nashville are both fun cities, the older francises deserve to be rewarded. Kansas City and Denver will likely never see a Super Bowl b/c of weather, and should be next in line.

  9. Lets host a free concert and also show off our slightly altered ‘new’ unis, then shout from the hills we can draw fans….come on Nashville….know what you are great at.

  10. @finfan68 What’s wrong with throwing a party just to throw a party? You really don’t think people should be allowed to party unless there is a hard defined national holiday? That must be a miserable way to live. I agree with the participation trophy mentality thing in general but that has no connection here. Just an FYI, if you’re this grumpy and upset about people partying in the middle of the week, I’d suggest you never visit Nashville or Vegas, you’re going to have a bad time there with that mentality.

  11. Oh Nashville, only cities in Texas have a higher opinions of themselves (looking especially at you, Austin). You know you will complain about outsiders coming to your draft party. Why invite them?

  12. Exactly as stated above. Florida Georgia Line would draw 20k plus with a free concert in any major city in the South. I would actually call 20K in the country music capital a disappointment.

  13. The Colts are now off the hook for raising a second place banner. Throwing a freaking party to unveil a uni change reeks of desperation. How bout you hold off the parties until you win a Lombardi, no?

  14. Michael LaRocca, Business Editor says:
    April 7, 2018 at 11:01 am
    Just imagine how much better the turnout would be if the uniforms looked halfway decent.
    How could the reveal be any better or worse based on the design of the uniform. If better meant a better turnout, then that assumes people know what it looks like, and there fore it is not a “reveal”…

  15. Getting a crowd for Florida Georgia Line is not really something to brag about. Some other city could throw a free concert for the reunion of One Direction or something, and get a huge turnout, but you don’t want that associated with the NFL.

  16. As much as I dislike the Titans, I don’t think there’s much doubt that Nashville could pull off the event.

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