Dez Bryant’s future remains in doubt but decision could come sooner than later

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When asked about Dez Bryant on Sunday night, Jason Garrett, La'el Collins and Travis Frederick all had the same line: “He’s on our football team.”

Yes, he is, but for how long? That remains a question that perhaps only Jerry Jones can answer.

Garrett said he has not met with the receiver and doesn’t know if Jones has. But it sounds as if a decision is coming and soon.

The Cowboys begin their offseason program April 16, and that seems a logical deadline considering any season-ending injury occurring on team premises would guarantee his $12.5 million salary. It also makes sense that Bryant would want to know his status sooner than later.

The Cowboys are expected to ask Bryant to reduce his base salary to lower his salary cap number of $16.5 million for 2018. Bryant, 29, has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and his last 100-yard game was November 13, 2016.

Dallas signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson in free agency and still could draft a receiver. The Cowboys have shown interest in Alabama’s Calvin Ridley and SMU’s Courtland Sutton among others.

“I have not met with Dez,” Garrett said at the Cowboys’ Taste of the NFL event. “Dez is on our football team, and again, we talked about some of the moves we made at the receiver position, and they’re designed to create competition there. We think that’s going to help everybody on our team.”

Bryant’s teammates have heard the talk about his future being in doubt, but they haven’t listened.

“I stay out of it,” Frederick said. “I don’t know anything about it. I don’t think anybody knows anything about it. We just go on like things are, and that’s what we do. Whatever happens happens obviously. I love Dez. I love him as a teammate, and I love him as a person. I wish him the best, and I just hope everything gets settled.”

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  1. Jerry will wait til Dez has zero options and can’t sign anywhere else for more than he’s willing to pay with his salary cut. It’s the Cowboy way.

  2. jackedupboonie says:
    April 8, 2018 at 10:13 pm
    Jerry will wait til Dez has zero options and can’t sign anywhere else for more than he’s willing to pay with his salary cut. It’s the Cowboy way.

    If they force him to go on the market cheap thats something a few gm would snatch up. Hes declining, but if he can be had for cheap thats still a good deal. I can see Belichick grabbing that and milking whats left.

  3. @jackedupboonie,

    It is very obvious you know nothing about Jerry and his way of doing things, but haters are gonna hate.

    Dez needs to take a pay cut or get cut. He isn’t producing anywhere near commensurate with his contract. He knows it, the Cowboys know it, the fans know it.

    Things will likely be handled in the next 7 days, and if Dez goes, so be it. He will have plenty of time to sign elsewhere if cut (or if traded) and he will have many teams interested in his services.

    The Cowboys will do what is best for the team, but will also be sensitive to Dez’s situation. THAT is the Cowboy way, bro. But you keep on hatin’. It allows the rest of us to see how inept your statements really are.

  4. On this very site back on 2/27, Ms. Williams posted an article that the “Cowboys will meet with Dez Bryant’s representation “sooner than later”.

    This is NOT a knock on her as other sports sites wrote articles that very same day about this.

    My point is that the Cowboys have been saying that they’d meet with Dez “sooner than later” many times, for the past month and a half and yet they haven’t.

    If I heard either Jerry or Stephen Jones tell me that they would meet with someone “sooner than later” I’d ask them so that means they’ll speak with them several months from now right?

    When Mr. Jones calls for an order of more Johnny Walker, I’d tell him I’m going to get it to him “sooner than later”… about 6 to 8 weeks from now.

  5. Jerry Jones wants Dez on the team. Stephen, maybe not. Articles are floating around about Linehan not saying very nice things about Dez 🙁 Imagine that, the OC, who calls 3 pass plays on 3rd and goal, with a struggling q/b, while Zeke is on the field twiddling his thumbs….smh I hope Dez stays with the team! He hasn’t been the same, since our “Patty-Cake” HC, kicked Tony out the door, and his injuries last season! He & Dak have zero chemistry, and Dez sure can’t catch a pass 10 feet over his head or 5 feet sideways…..

  6. The Cowboy way just like with Romo, is to not allow the player to hit the market when teams are flush with free agent money, forcing their guy who they are pinching, to take whatever offer they are giving or in Romo’s case…retire.

  7. There’s not a better option on the team right now, so just keep Dez. Hurns was a good signing, but c’mon the Jaguars cut him for a reason. The draft doesn’t hold out much hope of getting someone that will just step right in and take his place, not even Ridley if he was available.

  8. Jerry is more sold on Dez than Stephen is, I think. The impasse is not whether Dez needs to be convinced to take a pay cut, it’s whether or not Stephen will get his way or whether Jerry will. This isn’t a judgment on whether or not Dez is worth a specific amount of money, it just seems that Jerry and Stephen are the two who are in disagreement, not Dez and the Cowboys as a whole.

  9. jackedupboonie says:
    April 8, 2018 at 10:55 pm
    The Cowboy way just like with Romo, is to not allow the player to hit the market when teams are flush with free agent money, forcing their guy who they are pinching, to take whatever offer they are giving or in Romo’s case…retire.

    Right. Romo not getting a big deal had nothing to do with a mid 30’s QB who had back surgery 3 times in the previous 3 seasons. But go on with your insight.

  10. ONCE AGAIN: I am NOT a Dez Bryant fan

    Dez Bryant “lost a step” when Tony Romo retired.

  11. great idea garrett bring in some competition. Now do the same at qb where you have a 200yds per game passer who tosses record breaking amount of pick sixes and didn’t beat one decent team all yr ( unless you want to count that 7-6 barn burner against the eagles 4th string)

  12. “Haters gonna hate”

    Can we please retire this, along with “they are playing checkers while he’s playing chess…”

    They need to go wherever it is that “don’t go there” lives now.

  13. The “Cowboy way” has resulted in zero super bowl appearance since the 1996 season. LOL If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result (i.e. winning the SB) then that is, according to many people, the definition of insanity.

  14. A player with some market demand is a great thing to have on draft day and even better if you are prepared to move on from them. He might very well be part of a trade to move up in the draft or get a different player and some extra picks. The wheeling and dealing on draft day under Tight time limits often causes people to make quick decisions. That would work in the Cowboys favor.

  15. when you have attitude and results its called swagger. When you have attitude and the results are much less …. What’s that called?

  16. Looks like Des is on his way to Cleveland.


    Browns have Landry and Gordon…why would they want Dez ‘Alligator Arms’ Bryant?

  17. The Cowboys have not even brought Courtland Sutton in for a visit. Sure, it’s possible they’re interested in him, but no meaningful paper trail other than the guy could be a first round pick.

    If Dez doesn’t take a pay cut, look for the Cowboys to try to trade him on draft day. It’s easy to think that teams wouldn’t take on his salary, but when player like Sammy Watkins get 16 million per year, and he’s NEVER had a 1,000 yd season- then Dez’s contract doesn’t look too bad to inherit.

    A post June-first designation trade saves Dallas 12.5 Million. There are 10-12 teams that could easily take on his contract as-is today. Most are bad teams with a plethora of draft picks and a need at the WR position. For instance, with 71 million in cap space and 6 picks in the first 4 rounds. I could easily see them sending one to Dallas by taking a flier on Dez. Other teams with plenty of cap room and a WR need: SF, Colts, Titans, Bears, Jets and othes.

  18. I wouldnt mind seeing Dez paired up with Larry Fitzgerald if the price is right. Dez would make for a solid #2 at this point in his career, question is, is Dez ok with being paid like a #2?

  19. About 3 seasons ago the Cowboys wanted cornerback Brandon Carr to take a paycut but he held his ground and refused and they backed off. He eventually agreed to take a cut a season later but the point is players or better yet player’s agents should be working the market to determine if there’s a team out there willing to pay at least what the Cowboys are demanding Dez cut his salary to. If there is then Dez should hold his ground and call the team’s bluff. When it comes to NFL salaries the only things that matter are the guarantees and leverage.

    Honestly Dez may have lost a step but I believe his decline in production is tied more towards Dak being a young QB still learning the position and the Cowboys offensive philosophy titling more towards the run game, which is their strength. Every Dallas receiver seemingly regressed last year which tells me Dez probably still has a few pro bowl years left if he were to play with a more experienced, established QB.

  20. Exactly why should Dez or any player take a pay cut? When a team signs you to a contract, you are expected to play. Reverse it….if Dez out performed his contract, would the Cowboys voluntarily tear up the contract and give him a bigger one? NO….they would not. Is Dez declining….yeah, probably is…but lets also realize that since his last 1000 yard season he has missed 11 games due to injury. Since the end of 2014, Dez has played 38 games, here are his QB’s:
    – Tony Romo (3 games)
    – Matt Cassel
    – Kellen Moore
    – Brandon Weeden
    – Dak Prescott as a rookie and by all accounts had a very disappointing 2nd year.

    I’m not saying that Dez is the player he was 4 years ago, but I dont believe he is ready for the trash heap either. Dez’s career production earned him the $70 million contract he signed in 2015 now pay him or cut him, but dont ask him to give money back.

  21. At this point it does not matter if Dez is a part of the team or not. The fact of the matters remains the same. The O-coordinator does not know how to use Dez talents… and the offensive system the Cowboys have is not WR friendly. The scheme is dry and outdated for any WR to have success. Dez are running the routes they’re giving him to run. They just take to long to develop when your QB have the entire defense looking down his throat. Dez is in a win, win situation. Either way he’ll benefit.

  22. It’s a run-first offense in Dallas. To the comments complaining about QB play, great WR’s make sub-par Quarterbacks look great. You realize Moss played with Daunte Culpepper, right? O’Dell plays with Manning. Dez was formerly a WR that, if you simply threw it up in his general area, he’s bringing the ball down. Facts are, he’s lost inches off his vertical. He’s never been the same after the foot injury. But it’s the QB’s fault?

    I distinctly remember last season vs. the Seahawks Dez begging for the ball. Once he finally created enough separation to get it, the defender promptly punched the ball out of his hands. Dez looked like a fool. Unfortunately, that’s the Dez of today. His attitude is firing on all cylinders, but his talent is stuck in 3rd gear.

  23. Dez needs to take a pay cut or get cut. He isn’t producing anywhere near commensurate with his contract. He knows it, the Cowboys know it, the fans know it.
    Someone keeps writing the above garbage like they want to help Jerry Jones’ wallet. There are more players in the NFL who are in this SAME category than you think! Every NFL team has 6-7 players who “aren’t producing anywhere near commensurate with his contract.” Why people target Dez is just stupid. In the last two seasons, the Cowboys are 22-10 and 6 of those 10 losses occurred due to the absence of Zeke Elliot. Remember Zeke?….the guy who the offense is now geared to because he’s a great running back. The Dallas offense now features Zeke Elliot–not Dez Bryant. That isn’t the fault of Dez Bryant. For comparison Dez Bryant is significantly better than Sammy Watkins who just got a $17 mil contract. What has Watkins done? In view of that, why pick on Dez? Because you don’t like him? In reality the Cowboys are a 25-7 team over the last two seasons. Why the acrimony toward Dez? Is everyone on your favorite team “performing at a level commensurate with his contract?” No.

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