Andrew Luck: I’m not a perfect feeling athlete right now

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck hit the podium for a chat with media members at the team’s facility on Monday and the main takeaway was that he still has work to do in his return from missing all of last season due to a right shoulder injury.

Luck said that he’s “not a perfect feeling athlete right now” and continues to have his sights set on being ready for training camp this summer. Luck said he thought he “pushed a little too hard” in his attempt to return to action after having surgery last year and that he’s not going to skip any steps along the way this time as a result.

Luck also updated his progress when it comes to throwing the ball. Colts coach Frank Reich said late last month that Luck is throwing footballs, but Luck said Monday that he has not yet advanced to the point that he’s throwing regulation-size balls.

Given the disparity between the Colts’ promises last year and the reality of Luck’s situation, that admission will serve as fuel to skeptics who think Luck’s return is anything but guaranteed this time around. Luck did say that there’s a timetable in place for him to move to the next step in his throwing program, although he passed on the chance to reveal what it looked like while saying several times that he’s making progress.

“I need to stay this course,” Luck said.

The Colts will hope that Luck comes to the finish line this time, but there’s clearly still some road left to travel before he gets there.

77 responses to “Andrew Luck: I’m not a perfect feeling athlete right now

  1. It must be so frustrating to be a Colts fan and have this happen. Sorry guys.

  2. It’s been well over a year and this guy still can’t throw an NFL pass? No wonder Josh McD got cold feet.

    How is it that Indy isn’t being mentioned among those looking to draft a QB – especially in a draft loaded with them?

  3. I’m an Andrew Luck fan. I want him back in the NFL. Having said that, it seems obvious that his career is over, no?

    Anyone out there in Indy have any confidence he’s coming back? Thumbs up if so. I just don’t see it happening.

  4. Good grief, this must have been some injury. How long since he had surgery? And still not even throwing a regulation football? Colts fans need to be worried….

  5. Not trying to be insensitive, but the Colts should consider using their pick on another QB. I feel bad for Luck, but it just doesn’t seem like this is going to have a good ending.

  6. Jacobey Brissett starts the season. Luck returns before the season is finished.

  7. Sounds like it will be a challenge to get to the point where he can play in a game—-but what about when he starts taking hits in those games considering that he still would be playing behind a questionable o-line?

  8. Just to summarize, his issues began back in early 2015. The guy hasn’t been the same since, and has of course missed meaningful time. He’s barely throwing now, and we’re to believe that by September he’ll be out there putting up 30-35 passes and taking hits, week after week? I understand everyone wanted him to be the second coming of Peyton Manning. But if I’m Andrew- if you can get back to something that resembles “normal” with that shoulder, please don’t let the game of football take that away from you. As they say, the NFL stands for “not for long”. Be well good buddy.

  9. My son had a SLAP tear 3 years ago and has undergone 2 surgeries to repair the injury. He still has pain and has never regained his arm strength. These are very dehabilitating injuries and the odds of coming back at full strength are slim. It’s sadly ruined my son’s athletic career and I would be very surprised to see Luck ever regain his effectiveness. Very tough injury.

  10. My feeling is that he won’t be ready for season opener and will probably be back midpoint or later in the season. I like him a lot but the Colts ruined him for not protecting him all these years — looking at you Ryan Grigson! I hope he will be back to his former self.

  11. “…Luck is throwing footballs, but Luck said Monday that he has not yet advanced to the point that he’s throwing regulation-size balls.”

    Has Irsay seen but not seen Luck throw these not footballs?

  12. Luck seems like a stand-up guy and I really do hope he fully recovers. I also feel for the Colts fans, who are a good, passionate group.

    Having said that, I have a hard time feeling any pity for an organization that purposely tanked a season to get this guy.

  13. “Given the disparity between the Colts’ promises last year and the reality of Luck’s situation, that admission will serve as fuel to skeptics who think Luck’s return is anything but guaranteed this time around.”
    Its not just the disparity from last year, its the continued disparity still evident even now. I hope I’m wrong, but the pattern has been obvious fir some time now so I cant help but to think its more anout ticket sales than whats going on really.

  14. If Luck does not make it back, trading the third pick might get someone fired. Strange situation for sure. Good luck to him.

  15. How is the Luck contract not a big deal in the media? In 2015 he played 7 games. They signed him to a mega deal after that injury laden year. Since then they have already paid him a total of $60,000,000 and he has played a grand total of 15 games in 2016 and 0 in 2017. He is due another $3M roster bonus and $12M salary whether he plays or not in 2018. It is looking like he may not play this year (admitted speculation) and that means the Colts could have paid Luck a total of $75,000,000 through March, 2019 (more if he is on roster at start of season) for a whopping 15 games and the very expensive option to keep him just in case he gets better. If they aren’t considering a replacement this year the Colts are foolish. Maybe this is karma for intentionally tanking to draft this “sure thing”.

  16. It’s hard to imagine Luck coming back with a long sustained health streak ahead of him. His game was based on moving around behind the line and being athletic….seeing him act like Eli and tip toe ballerina style throwing balls in the ground before being touched will be deflating.

  17. The terrible ending to this story is that he gets released and walks off into the sunset, only to return 2 years later for a career revival with the Patriots.

    Seriously though, in a league with a lot of questionable QB talents getting “elite” paydays, it is a shame that a guy with his talent isn’t playing. And speaking of guys not playing, how weird is it that the starting QBs in the NFCCG are not the starters for the Vikings or Eagles going in to the next season? I feel like history will be unkind when looking back on those situations.

  18. I heard there’s a Nerf league opening up soon. Maybe he could still succeed there.

  19. We will burn down irsay’s mansion if his career is over after all the BS he has fed us. I love andrew as a player and a person. Hope he comes back.

  20. I like this kid…but something is wrong here…..Did he get the wrong medical advise and was his surgery botched??

    I fear that he may not ever be the kid he was… sad really.

  21. This is not looking good, Colts fans. Sorry to say it, but Luck’s NFL career may well have come to a halt. His shoulder is not responding well, and that isn’t a good sign at all. I hope he can come back, but I have some serious doubts at this point. Bummer for Indy.

  22. Luck is a talented guy, but injuries have devastated this guys career.
    At this point, over a year from his injury, the rehab he has made is frightening if you are Colts fan.
    Peyton is only 42 or 43, has turned down broadcasting jobs, so maybe give him a call.

  23. Commissioner Cools says:
    April 9, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Ryan Grigson’s gross incompetence ruined Luck’s NFL career.
    Undeniable, but Luck has to take some of the blame for signing an extension rather than insisting on getting out of there.

  24. Wow. He says he’s still not feeling well and it now comes out that those footballs he has been throwing aren’t even regulation sized. I can’t think there’s many Colts fans who actually envision this guy ever playing again. This team needs to draft a QB.

  25. This is looking very, very bad.

    If it truly is the end of Luck’s career, I hope he finds Grigson in a dark alley sometime….he can even bring Bjorn Werner and Trent Richardson to help protect him…they won’t do anything…

    I’ll be paying close attention to the College QB draft class in 2019…..that’s where our soon-to-be number one pick will be used.

  26. This is now an absolute joke. I had a gut feeling he wasn’t going to make it back. If Ballard is unprepared again, he has to go. Brissett is not a long term starter in this league. Maybe trade for Foles.

  27. ExitStrategy says:
    April 9, 2018 at 2:21 pm
    It’s been well over a year and this guy still can’t throw an NFL pass? No wonder Josh McD got cold feet.
    How is it that Indy isn’t being mentioned among those looking to draft a QB – especially in a draft loaded with them?

    Well when you pay your injury prone QB like he won a superbowl after missing the playoffs for the second season in a row and don’t sign a backup until the week before the season starts even though you know your starter is out its safe to say Colts management aren’t exactly rocket scientists when it comes to building a team.

  28. I agree that he is overrated. I do not however believe he is the “most overrated athlete in professional sports.” Far from it.

    I think the Colts did overreach though, and unlike most of the commenters who think everyone is taking, I do think the Colts tanked to get him. I don’t think it was worth it because you gave away half a generation of football to get him. Not worth it. Yes he helped bring you to some big games. So did Mark Sanchez, but no one is confusing the Sanchize with greatness.

    I feel bad for the guy. He isn’t arrogant. He doesn’t smear the shield. But he did get a bad break that I think he may never return from. It’s been almost 2 years.

  29. Something just didn’t sound right in all the comments from Luck & Colts brass when this was addressed around the end of last season (and throughout the McDaniels thing). They all sounded too cavalier and the underlying message seemed to be, “we haven’t really taken care of this but it’s no big deal, really”.

    I think it’s likely that time will make McDaniels’ choices seem more reasonable, and his lack of commentary on this topic more honorable. I only hope that Reich doesn’t end up paying the price for yet another Colts leadership debacle.

  30. The Colts need to draft a QB IN 17 days. If Luck ever does get healthy they can trade him.
    Yah, that will work. I’m sure there are a ton of teams dying for a qb that cant throw the ball.

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  31. There’s a difference between throwing a pass, and consistently throwing passes. Andrew Luck can throw a pass for sure at the moment, 40 passes every few days however he most likely can’t. It doesn’t mean it was some crazy injury as much as it is that the shoulder is very easy to tweak if not completely healed, which he apparently did last year.

  32. well on the upside he can buy his painkillers cheap out of irsay’s car trunk.

  33. No sympathy for Indy, they threw games on purpose to draft him #1 so they deserve what they get. #Integrity

  34. Give Brisette a chance. Seriously the Colts might already have their answer and that QB is not the big hole they have to fill. I think fixation on AL has kept folks from really seeing how much potential Brisette has and that he has been showing steady visible growth. If Indy was to focus on upgrading the team in other areas they might find it all comes together for them with Brisette at the helm.

  35. Luck was beaten and bloodied due to the Colts inability to acquire/develop a competent offensive line. He has been hurt since 2015, and the Colts have STILL not improved the OL.

    Drafting a QB this year or next would continue the insanity. Colts need able bodies on OL and DL. Then they can run the ball, shorten the game, and keep Brissett out of the trauma ward.

    They didn’t get this bad overnight, and there is no hope of becoming competitive in 2018. Draft nasty linemen on both sides of the ball this year and next. They will be frustrating for a year or 2, and then they will take out that frustration on other teams in 2020. I think Colts fans would buy into that approach.

  36. Wow. April and he can’t throw a full sized ball. That is ominous. I feel for him and Colts fans.The guy is a spectacular talent. For all the Pats fans with sore butts, you should grow up. You cheated. You got caught. Own it. Your coach will bend the rules more than any coach in the league. It’s a shame, because outside of his tendency to cheat, he is incredibly good.

  37. Should they find Ryan Grigson ball gagged in the trunk of a car, I’d name Andrew Luck as the main suspect. Grigson allowed him to be used as a crash test/tackling dummy and speed bag combined without a good offensive line to protect him.

  38. What a disgraceful organization. You draft the best young qb of a generation and don’t assemble an O line to protect him. The league is diminished without his talent. Shame on Colts “management”.

  39. Presently a Pats fan, formerly a Baltimore Colts fan. I should be chortling about the curse, but that ended long ago.

    This organization is beyond pathetic. The Indy fans deserve better.

  40. “And speaking of guys not playing, how weird is it that the starting QBs in the NFCCG are not the starters for the Vikings or Eagles going in to the next season?”

    And considering how Luck is turning out, the Eagles better make sure Wentz is absolutely healthy before returning to the field. No rushing him back if he’s not ready, Foles can hold the fort down.

  41. And to everyone calling Luck a bust or overrated: not even Brady nor Manning can win with Pagano as their coach and Grigson building the team. Those 2 (3 if we’re including Irsay) caused this mess.

  42. The season Tankers entire plan Blew up in their face. How may SB’s have the Dolts won since they threw the entire season and cheated everyone remotely associated with the NFL?
    That would be none.

    But at least they’ve mastered the swinging gate play LMFAO. Luck ain’t so Lucky anymore. Poor Kid getting mixed up with such a deplorable organization

  43. Feel bad for Luck, but becuase of the Colts chronic cheating ways, they brought this misfortune upon themselves.

    I hope Luck gets well over time and shines with a more competent organization somewhere else.

  44. truthprofessor says:
    April 9, 2018 at 4:45 pm
    Long live the curse on the deflategate liars

    Ironically, the Colts participating in an attempt to frame the Patriots ended up destroying their QB. Luck’s shoulder issues began in 2015, coincidentally the same year the league began restricting access to game balls and inspecting them to make sure they were at required PSI. Once the Colts were unable to deflate Luck’s footballs, his shoulder couldn’t take the strain. 3 years later and he can’t throw a regulation football without risking injury.

    Irsay and Grigson’s terrible personnel moves have been mentioned, but it really underscores how dumb they are that they opted for a course of action that disabled their own cheating scheme and exposed their best and highest paid player to injury.

  45. 1 – Luck is not a bust nor was he overrated. He was a young qb with a ton of potential who was ruined by the worst GM in Grigson (honorable mention: Phil Emery).

    2 – To the one guy who recommended the colts call Peyton Manning out of retirement I have just one question. Is your name Ryan?

    3 – To anyone defending Mcdaniels about making the right choice being leery about Luck’s shoulder – he should have thought about that before having coaches take jobs in Indy and moving their families.

  46. How they drafted him #1 overall then gave him this enormous contract without ever giving this young mqn an elite LT to protect him is beyound stupid. How do you not protect your investment while also have someone to push the pile in the running game? The Colts line has been a joke since Tarik Glenn retired.They are in a division with JJ Watt, Jadaveon Clowney, Calais Campbell and a few other all star pass rushers and yet have never felt the need to bolster their offensive line. That’s why Luck is hurt and they have no semblance of a consistent running game. You have to win in the trenches first.

  47. I’ve had 2 shoulder surgeries (labrum) on my non-throwing shoulder. I can’t imagine! I think he’s done! Luckily Cam looks like he’ll be ok.

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