Draft will give fans of each team their own section

Getty Images

In 17 days, the draft does Dallas — and Dallas will do the draft like no other city ever has.

“This is going to be the most talked-about draft in history,” NFL draft historian and custodian Gil Brandt tells Peter King of SI.com. “And not just because quarterbacks could go one through four, or four of the top five picks. But this will be an incredible extravaganza. For years to come, people will compare every draft to Dallas. The saying, Everything’s bigger in Texas, will definitely apply.”

Here’s a new twist that has never been done before, in part because the draft has never been held in a football stadium. “We’ll have sections all over the stadium for all 32 teams, and it’ll be like a competition between all the teams and their fans,” Brandt said.

The competition will be rigged, because it will essentially be a home game for Cowboys fans. But the fans of the 32 teams surely will have one thing on which that can all agree: Every time the Commissioner walks to the podium, they’ll be speaking with one, unified voice.